Linda Thurston - Rest in Peace. Radical activist and technologist. You are deeply missed.

If you buy a phone is it yours? Or can Apple use it for other purposes? I like reading about the hacking going in, but it seems like the real story with AirTags is: who can use your phone?
Vice: Hackers Are Having a Field Day With AirTags -

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I just published an interview with Alfredo Lopez, founder and long-time board member of May First, a co-op serving the technology needs of leftist movements. He talks about May First's vision, goals, governance, and more.

Listen or read here:

Basecamp is really stepping in it. Their generous severance package for people who disagree with their politics feels like a real political purge.

Does anyone have experience using with Seems like a well supported cross poster between mastadon and twitter. I'm looking for a way to ween mayfirst from our twitter account but I don't want to run afoul of any rules against bots.

This twitter thread seems to confirm that the header is needed in case your site pulls in any iframes that have FLoC enabled.

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Hmmm. Maybe if your web site has a "like on Facebook" widget which might contain the FLoC business, sending the header would prevent it?

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I'm trying to understand this FLoC business. I'm hearing people say we should set a header indicating that our site does not want to participate. Sounds good! But is that necessary? This site ( suggests that a page will only be included if it has javascript that calls document.interestCohort(). If that is true, why do we need the header?

The campaign is like a game of whackamole. Intercept: LexisNexis to Provide Giant Database of Personal Information to ICE -

Not my most flattering selfie, but thrilled to have my . Hooray!

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Alpha male

He's still in the early stages of development

Maybe wait for the public beta

I'm now running a combo of debian, flatpaks and appimages. Not sure how I feel about this.

To keep sane in January each member of my family drew a picture each night inspired by the previously drawn picture. It makes a story (kinda). I'm now putting it all together into a short movie using pitivi and am impressed with the state of non linear video editing on Linux. In 2003 I dreamed of iMovie for Linux and 18 years later we have it!

Anyone running sway window manager in Linux? I've finally switched and it's mostly ok, but the little Wayland frustrations add up. Today discovered I can't screen share in Zoom and gimp doesn't work. I might give up and go back to my familiar openbox.

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#OtD 27 Feb 1973 armed American Indian activists occupied Wounded Knee, South Dakota, in protest at corruption and appalling treatment of Native Americans. Despite state violence and killings they held out for 71 days and galvanised huge support

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Let's hear it for the regular user! Way too much reverence around software, for the FLOSS geek way of life. We ordinary ppl need great hosting services - under multistakeholder coop governance? Providing livelihood for the skilled sysadmin and account admin workers in the coop, who keep the lights on. "Commons of running code" yay 🔥

After weathering a rough Nextcloud upgrade, I continue to doubt the various projects aimed at allowing "regular" users to install and manage their own web apps. When it works, it's great. When something goes wrong, well... Good luck!

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