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#OtD 27 Feb 1973 armed American Indian activists occupied Wounded Knee, South Dakota, in protest at corruption and appalling treatment of Native Americans. Despite state violence and killings they held out for 71 days and galvanised huge support libcom.org/history/1973-siege-

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Let's hear it for the regular user! Way too much reverence around software, for the FLOSS geek way of life. We ordinary ppl need great hosting services - under multistakeholder coop governance? Providing livelihood for the skilled sysadmin and account admin workers in the coop, who keep the lights on. "Commons of running code" yay 🔥

After weathering a rough Nextcloud upgrade, I continue to doubt the various projects aimed at allowing "regular" users to install and manage their own web apps. When it works, it's great. When something goes wrong, well... Good luck!

While some right wing extremists have been kicked off social media recently, this practice has been happening to the left for some time and now seems to be ramping up.

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Element.io is back on Google's playstore. The incident however shows how worried Google c.s. are about the decentralised chat app.

With strong encryption and decentralisee servers, ultimately no government can censor or compromise our communications (massively).

It does require us to be less dependent on the Playstore. This was just one more alarm bell, maybe wakeup call?, to leave


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In "the hidden drawbacks of P2P", I discuss the #privacy implications of #IPFS and #Scuttlebutt, and restate the defense of #Signal I posted here in a thread a few days ago. changelog.complete.org/archive

I made a foray into the recent spate of Signal bashing. My opinion is not exactly original: It's nuanced. current.workingdirectory.net/p

Wow, the speeds of the Link Zone 2 over T Mobile are abysmal (2 mbit down, 200 kbit up). But the free t shirt is cool 😀.

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I just joined Calyx (calyxinstitute.org/). I'm not sure I really need another way to connect to the Internet, but it's a great project to support.

Thanks to everyone who came to the May First session on what to expect from the Biden administration and the resurgent fascist movement. If you missed it, don't fret! The recording is now available:

Wondering what's next in the US after Trump? Come to the May First Need to Know today at 3:00 pm America/New_York time (8:00 pm UTC). Register to get details: outreach.mayfirst.org/civicrm/

This is kinda exactly the opposite of what sudo is supposed to do - lwn.net/Articles/844257

I finally installed the ibus package, ran `ibus-setup` and deleted all keyboards except: US (intl., with AltGr deadkeys). I guess something has to die before I can type an accent mark. There must be an easier way.

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Any tips on getting your US keyboard to make accent marks in linux? US exceptionalism is ingrained in our culture all the way down to the keyboards we use to type!

Is ikiwiki (ikiwiki.info/) dead? Maybe it's time to switch to a modern web site generator for current.workingdirectory.net/.

Thanks social.coop for giving me an account! Here's my . I'm Jamie, organizer and technologists, co-founder of May First Movement Technology and staff at the Progressive Technology Project. I've never been good a micro blogging but giving it another shot :).


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