Are you a May First member? Now's the time to register for our membership meeting! Please help spread the word!

I just created a form using the new CiviCRM Forms Builder. I was about to report this as a bug, but honestly I think it's an improvement over what I was expecting:

Great advice from Wells Fargo on their "How to detect a phishing attack" page ( Our financial crisis is partly the result of banks, that are supposedly safe guarding our money, trying to make an extra profit as financial advisors. It would be suspicious even if they followed their own advice about links!

I just spent 30 minutes pouring over an article about strict yaml for configuration files like it was a novel. Maybe I need a new hobby?

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“Please help spread the word - rather then just deleting an app, let’s encourage people to join an organization or try out technologies that will serve us now and down the road when we may need it even more then today.” @mayfirst

In the US, the post-Roe techno surveillance hellscape is terrifying, but remember we have built an amazing ecosystem of consentful technologies and communities. Let's support them:

Hi all, please join may first movement technology to discuss the tech movement implications of reversing for v wade on June 21st. Register here:

How many days of searching the jitsi meet issue tracker and community forums does it take to discover if a feature is available? Apparently three days. I almost gave up but finally learned that you can mute all participants *and* keep them from un-muting. I'm very pleased and should probably volunteer to help with jitsi meet documentation.

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Hey previous #RightsCon participants, Access Now is taking money from Amazon, Zoom, Google, and Facebook again for the upcoming conference #rightscon2022.

I think this qualifies as "putting Rightscon's mission at risk" (, since those companies are a major structural reason that privacy is impossible for many whose rights are threatened. What do you think?

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Wow, in case you missed this when it passed a few months ago...
Houston Says Businesses Must Install Surveillance Cameras and Cops Can View Footage Without a Warrant

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Hot off the presses... from The Onion...Google Maps Adds Shortcuts Through Houses Of People Google Knows Aren’t Home Right Now

Compelling argument on the relationship between controlling our bodies and our right to privacy through encryption:
The End of Roe Will Bring About a Sea Change in the Encryption Debate

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Including “And. And. And. And. And.” in a Google doc causes it to crash

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I wonder if Fediverse devs and power users realize there's about to be a massive infusion of capital into ActivityPub projects—and this capital will change everything.

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