Even the optimists have doubts now: Farhad Manjoo feels "the coronavirus and our disastrous national response has smashed optimists like me in the head." Wondering what ... reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

@J12t this is excellent! I'm going to check it out:)

Project Springtime live demonstration at Virtually Maker Faire tomorrow, 4pm pacific. See how we grow delicious veggies in our backyard with a -source system that takes very little room. It's free! makerfaire.com/maker/entry/716

We need to rethink our value systems: Indeed we must, on housing, on food, and many other things thrown into focus by COVID-19 and climate breakdown. It's also the title of a piece by my friends Kaliya Young ... reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

According to this U Chicago working paper, 42% percent of jobs lost in the US due to COVID-19 will not come back. reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

"Trust through transparency for COVID-19 apps". A draft proposal. Would love your feedback. reb00ted.org/tech/20200507-tru

Three Russian doctors fall from hospital windows: Move along, that happens all the time. Civil liberties are fine, what were you thinking? reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

Grassroot contact tracers: While not self-organize "an army of remote contact tracers"? reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

Watch the wrong news host; get sick. Fascinating story that compares COVID-19 cases of listeners to Hannity vs Carlson ... reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

Phone Accelerator Data is all that's needed ... to obtain information about a device holder’s location, activities, health condition... reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

Health surveillance has arrived in the US: Palantir 'has landed a contract with the feds to build a database tracking ... reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

Read how much? Terms of service have not become shorter. Visualizing the length of the fine print, for 14 popular apps. reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

When people are hungry and food gets destroyed: Could the contrast be bigger between these two articles? reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

A centralized COVID-19 datastore run by the government: And built by Palantir, in the UK. I', not feeling so good all of a sudden, and it's not because of the virus. reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200 theguardian.com/world/2020/apr

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