To read the licensing terms for Microsoft Word, you need to run Microsoft Word. Hmmm ....

Obviously this is an entirely theoretical question, that would not possibly ever happen to me 👅

Today's developer interview question: You find a file named SCALAR(0x55c30e892cc0) in your home directory. What do you think happened there?

Pondering: has the number of air-gapped systems decreased or increased over time?

Welches Genie hat sich denn diese Formulierung einfallen lassen: "wer eine internetbasierte Leistung, deren Zugang und Erreichbarkeit durch besondere technische Vorkehrungen beschränkt ist, anbietet..."

php segmentation fault. What a way to start the day.

‪Driving through Malibu on Hwy 1 on a beautiful day, listening to Hotel California. Life could be worse. ‬

Excellent talk on security and privacy by @lufthans at SCaLE17x. Are the slides somewhere on-line?

A major presidential candidate is aiming straight at breaking up google, facebook and amazon. Wow.

Do programs these days teach software testing? In some non-superficial way, e.g. hands-on with students systematically testing each others' code?

I'll be talking about user-centric at next Wednesday's Scripts & Things Meetup in Palo Alto, using my pool timer as example, plus the amazing things possible beyond that once we can deploy apps to the whole house! Come by, and chat! Registration:

‪This German woman is attempting to stay her course on sidewalks, not making room for men. Didn’t work too well. I wonder – how would that work out in California or other places? (in German)‬

#SCaLE17x public service announcement

According to some newsite in Arizona, which doesn't participate in the time wrenching shenanigans, Sunday at SCaLE an hour will be stolen from our schedule

"daylight-saving time change at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 10"

Change your clocks or you'll miss the MySQL diaspora keynote

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevents

Taking a quick trip to Pasadena for , the southern California Linux conference. Want to meet up on the weekend? Get in touch.

Sometimes my life seems to consist of waiting for computers. Usually for at least one of several to finish! But there are only so many suspended threads of work that my head can manage to keep open at the same time, so starting another parallel project is counter productive.

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