"On April 14–15, 2018, 1,262 mm of rain was recorded at Waipā Gardens (Kauai), Hawaii, setting a new U.S. record for 24-hour precipitation." climate.gov/news-features/unde

How do VCs manage their deal flow? Spreadsheets? Paper folders? A VC-CRM system? Lots of interns and analysts?

Updated my process model. Next: apply it to my hydroponics system (but not yet) upon2020.com/blog/2019/03/a-pr

E-mail: get your wikipedia page at 70% off. Should I buy?

Cut myself instead of the veggies for the second time this week. There is a difference, Johannes, pay attention!

My approach to algorithm development: ponder (and data structures) until it has become simple in my mind. Do not attempt to implement anything other than play-around-prototypes before that point. Future bug fixers/extenders, me included, appreciate that.

Pollen.com says pollen today at "low to medium" and weather.com says grass pollen is "high" in Sunnyvale CA. Both can't be right. My throat agrees with weather.com. Where do these guys get their data from anyway?

Excellent first meeting in San Francisco this evening. People from lots of countries and background are here. Can we convince that the age of taking our data and doing stuff we don't like and doesn't benefit is is over?

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