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Check out @austinrobey_@twitter.com interview w/ @ntnsndr@twitter.com “...strategies out there for carving out non-economic space in the midst of cryptoeconomics...to help create pathways for well-meaning crypto projects toward more genuine sorts of community ownership.” ff.mirror.xyz/4-CR_n-_GYXKg8Oo

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In this conversation, @austinrobey_@twitter.com talks to @ntnsndr@twitter.com, a proponent and leader of the "Exit to Community" movement to learn more about its background and meaning, as well as its application within crypto networks.


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The future is community owned:

The future of gaming: community owned
The future of finance: community owned
The future of creators: community owned
The future of startups: community owned

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なにか社会変革を起こそうと思って始めたスタートアップを最終的に大企業に売却してしまうことには違和感がある。それに対してExit to Communityは大企業ではなく、Stakeholdersに所有権を移していこうというもの。とても面白い!!!

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Let Users Own the Tech Companies They Help Build, via WIRED

"What if platform companies could instead work toward an eventual “exit to community”? What if co-ownership were what long-term users expect?"


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Exit to Community(いわゆるE2C)っていう、身内のコミュニティに対して株を売却する、海外のスタートアップでみられる動きをやってみた感じです。


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A powerful, beautiful report from our friends at the aspiring community-owned initiative @200MArtisans@twitter.com, supported by @nesta_uk@twitter.com @BritishCouncil@twitter.com @DEEDLab@twitter.com


A powerful new report from our friends at 200 Million Artisans!

Business of Handmade - businessofhandmade.com/

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Our new pamphlet is out today, "Community Rules: Simple Templates for Great Communities"

And our governance app CommunityRule just got a gorgeous facelift! Check em both out here: communityrule.info/book

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Thanks E2C. And the companion piece that explains how to use 1042 if selling over time is linked in the blog. @jasonwienerpc@twitter.com @ntnsndr@twitter.com @daspitzberg@twitter.com twitter.com/exittocommunity/st

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Selling to a Worker Coop Over Time - great schematic by @ldp7744@twitter.com c/o @jwpcPBC@twitter.com jrwiener.com/selling-to-a-work

"VC Investment into Democratic, Worker-Owned PBC" by @jasonwienerpc@twitter.com jrwiener.com/vc-dem-wo-pbc/

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Are you starting a new community, or evolving an existing one? Get a free copy of our new pamphlet, COMMUNITY RULES, with

✔️ simple templates
✔️ real-live examples

that you can adapt to your needs.

Sign up to get yours before Thursday: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2021/0

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When you and your friends organize, don't start from scratch.

Order your free copies of
a new 44-page pamphlet on basic structures for organizing from MEDLab: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2021/0

Offer ends Thursday!

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I'm part of this fascinating cohort of founders navigating an "Exit to Community." Check out new video showing the path for online platforms to be owned and controlled by their users & stakeholders, advancing economic justice as a commons @exittocommunity@twitter.com

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We’ll wait

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@yarobagriy@twitter.com @evanhynes_@twitter.com @ljin18@twitter.com @PlaygroupHQ@twitter.com Do users and workers own >50% of the company? 🤔

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It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

A few groups to watch:
& more at E2C.how💫

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It’s never too late to

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not making creator platforms creator-owned is cheugy

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