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Listening to a session ⁦@_SEWF@twitter.com⁩ on tech in Social enterprise & heard something new to me - ‘Exit to Community’ vs exit through a sale or IPO ⁦- a web 3 social enterprise that helps build community based economies and hands the model to community once capability built

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“first true exit to community -”🤔?
“- a term that has been forgotten” 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔???!

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biased but @AvaStarsNFT@twitter.com still one of the best projects out there for several reasons and y’all keep speculating on bullshit 🫡

first intentional pfp
first onchain pfp
first pfp with commercial rights
first true exit to community - a term that has been forgotten


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So , who should we follow for new experiments in exit to community & community ownership more broadly?

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“Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent everything, you just need to shift power where it matters most,” @ntnsndr@twitter.com talking about community ownership at Amen to that.

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So , who should we follow for new experiments in exit to community & community ownership more broadly?

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Kevin Owocki and Nathan Schneider on bringing together lessons from age old cooperatives to DAOs, building a community of shared ownership/governance, and managing "exit to community" @ntnsndr@twitter.com @owocki@twitter.com

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Seeing my pals @owocki@twitter.com & @ntnsndr@twitter.com live nerd out about share ownership, exit to community and, constitutional moments and distributed democratic control of online spaces. 💚

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Figma had the chance to exit to community just saying ... (@ohmygong@twitter.com )

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such a powerful statement ✨🔥👉 "Chouninard says in the introduction to this shift that @patagonia@twitter.com is in the middle of a 50-year experiment" love this term: “exit to purpose” by @sarahdrinkwater@twitter.com via @siftedeu@twitter.com sifted.eu/articles/patagonia-e

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With @figma@twitter.com's user community creating plugins, guiding the roadmap, and championing the brand, @zoink@twitter.com and @evanwallace@twitter.com could have done an @exittocommunity@twitter.com. The E2C crew is tracking ~80 good/ bad/ ugly cases of community ownership. Figma could've been a great example. Maybe still?

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Hey! I’m writing something about Patagonia, stewardship models + exit to community.

I know a lot of my followers are working on or deeply thinking about these things. What’s yr take? Hit me up in DMs too

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Is this an exit to community?

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nytimes.com/2022/09/14/climate "Rather than selling the company or taking it public, Mr. Chouinard, his wife and two adult children have transferred their ownership of Patagonia, valued at about $3 billion, to a specially designed trust and a nonprofit organization." @ntnsndr@twitter.com @mpg_dd@twitter.com

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Here's the thing: if you're not organizing your community intentionally, there is guaranteed to be an unintentional in-crowd and exclusion of others.

If you're not trying to re-create the trauma of high school for people, then you need to organize with intention.

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Would love to see graphics like these include Exit To Community - and for our standards of worker ownership to expand beyond a 10% ownership pool for workers twitter.com/nathanbarry/status

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Have you heard? I’m going in-depth about how to relaunch your community next week. Let's add some energy, sparkle, and polish to our communities, shall we?

RSVP now to save your spot: buff.ly/3Qkst0M

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What is ? Why does it matter? In @dirtyverse@twitter.com, @joyehoward@twitter.com does a roundup of web3 ideology and our alternative path.

Choicewords form @austinrobey_@twitter.com too!

Read the full essay at dirt.substack.com/p/dirt-the-g 💫

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New round of Gitcoin Grants is now live—this is a Colorado-founded tool for matched donations with crypto. Pls consider supporting:

@MEDLabBoulder@twitter.com students: gitcoin.co/grants/5069/inclusi

@exittocommunity@twitter.com Collective: gitcoin.co/grants/5075/exit-to

@metagov_project@twitter.com: gitcoin.co/grants/1573/metagov

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