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Really excited that @JessxDesign@twitter.com is joining the team at @start_coop@twitter.com! Learn more about what she brings here: start.coop/press-releases/star

Oh, and if you're a new co-op looking to get ambitious, we're still accepting applications for our next class: start.coop/apply-now/

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👀 Our founder @jhoronjeff@twitter.com on @CNBC@twitter.com for her bold move to wear a hospital gown on a panel at to highlight the disconnect between the investors in suits and the patients healthcare is meant to serve. cnbc.com/2020/01/15/jpm-2020-w

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New in the ioo.coop/directory, @means_tv@twitter.com, a multistakeholder streaming service. Welcome!

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Now announcing our next webinar! ": Legal Options," feat. @camilleakerr@twitter.com @jasonwienerpc@twitter.com @MannanMorshed@twitter.com

More info and registration here: cmci.colorado.edu/medlab/2020/

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Y'all, the North American accelerator is now accepting applications for our second class. Are you ready to build your co-op to scale? start.coop/apply-now/

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New draft now online for comment: "Modular Politics: Toward a Governance Layer for Online Communities" ntnsndr.in/modular-politics

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This looks like a pretty innovative way to raise capital for . Thanks for sharing this @ampl3d@twitter.com and @internetowners@twitter.com!


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Applications for @start_coop@twitter.com, the North American accelerator, are now open!

Learn more & apply at, well, Start.coop

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