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Bitcoin is surging. But can its technology help enable grounded, sensible community ownership? This FRIDAY, join us for

!! Exit to Community !!
!! Emerging Crypto !!


The tokens may not be free, but the info is.

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Register now for our 2/26 FREE & OPEN webinar on whether this crazy crypto stuff can be of any use for deep community ownership.

": Emerging Crypto" colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2021/0

Featuring @BLR13@twitter.com @FairmintCO@twitter.com @tryrollhq@twitter.com @jwpcPBC@twitter.com

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Announcing our next free webinar: ": Emerging Crypto" on 2/26—register here: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2021/0

Feat. @BLR13@twitter.com @FairmintCO@twitter.com @tryrollhq@twitter.com and Yev Muchnik

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Join the ! Help MyCoolClass create a teacher owned and stop the inequality in online education. Please share 😊coop.mycoolclass.com/join-the- @PCC_Global@twitter.com @platformcoop@twitter.com

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DROP EVERYTHING. "What happens when employees of companies actually sit on the board?" @AOC@twitter.com makes the case for . Call 📞 us & @ntnsndr@twitter.com! twitch.tv/videos/892140641?t=1

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"Online Communities Are Still Catching Up to My Mother's Garden Club," at @hackernoon@twitter.com: hackernoon.com/online-communit

An overview of my current line of work with @MEDLabBoulder@twitter.com and in online governance.

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New in the ioo.coop/directory: @RadishCoop@twitter.com, "an online delivery cooperative that is looking to bring forth a more equitable relationship between restaurants, delivery drivers and consumers"

More at radish.coop/en

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Just out from @mediaindjournal@twitter.com: "Broad-Based Stakeholder Ownership in Journalism: Co-ops, ESOPs, Blockchains"! dx.doi.org/10.3998/mij.1503180

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New in the Library—the cartoon bylaws of the @EBPREC@twitter.com, crafted by @TheSELC@twitter.com: ioo.coop/library

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New paper draft up: "Governable spaces: a feminist architecture for
platform policy" ntnsndr.in/GovernableSpaces

Feedback welcome!

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The DisCO Elements is here! Can we use this moment as a turning point to build what should have been there the whole time?
The DisCO manifesto answers the question why, and the DisCO Elements take it a step further to address the how.
elements.disco.coop/ t.co/dT0xb4vl1H

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Today is our last business day for 2020. This was a difficult yet rewarding year and we owe a large part of our survival to the beautiful and growing community that surrounds us.

🧵A thread on some of the things we're proud to have accomplished... (1/x)

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Friends! For the last two months we’ve been working with a cohort of companies wishing to The future is broad ownership. Join us tomorrow and meet the crew! twitter.com/happyfamilymkt/sta

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Airbnb has just announced that it is setting up:

* an advisory board of host-users to the execs
* an endowment of company stock for host-user advised distribution

bloomberg.com/news/articles/20 h/t @MannanMorshed@twitter.com

There are some things to say about this. Small but significant.

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Thanks @daspitzberg@twitter.com @marazepeda@twitter.com @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com
@ntnsndr@twitter.com @MEDLabBoulder@twitter.com @SheezaAhmad@twitter.com for helping us develop our strategy! Join us TUES DEC 8 12PM EST to learn more bit.ly/e2cshowcase

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The recording from our worker-led research is now online youtube.com/watch?v=rnNW-pnfHM! Hear Worker-Researchers & guests share a framework for jobs worth investment – how real ownership (beyond 'flexibility' or a 'sense' of ownership) prevents 'being policed' at work ⚙️

More in below: twitter.com/daspitzberg/status

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Hey, what's the deal with that idea? Come find out next week in a live showcase with startups working to make it happen: crowdcast.io/e/e2ccohortshowca

Maybe someday we'll still @BuyThisPlatform@twitter.com

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