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Join me in conversation with @ntnsndr@twitter.com, hosted by @MEDLabBoulder@twitter.com, on May 20 as we explore how to center the tradition of labor unions, cooperatives, and community ownership in economic policy making. Register here! bit.ly/3b4Eky8

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Cool to hear @harris0nhines@twitter.com of @FleekHQ@twitter.com reference E2C (exit to community) on the @dfinity@twitter.com Genesis launch.
cc: @owocki@twitter.com @ntnsndr@twitter.com @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com

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I mean, paradigms such as and might solve the entrepreneurial motivation challenge but this.... This CAN'T be solved, this is the ESSENCE of web 3.0.
No more passive consumers twitter.com/meedabyte/status/1

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Loved this deep, informative discussion about crypto for change w/ @muguika@twitter.com of @_cambiatus@twitter.com & @Julio_Linares_@twitter.com of @CirclesUBIhosted@twitter.com hosted by @mybellalogica@twitter.com & @MEDLabBoulder@twitter.com

Highly recommend @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com for diverse & community-focused founders. t.co/LWXnT2Vc3l

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Delighted to share our article on how platforms can , thereby increasing democratic accountability and recognizing the value created by users & workers. Both old and new strategies are presented, from multi-stakeholder trusts to coop federations to tokenization. twitter.com/GLTReview/status/1

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"Exit to Community" w/@ntnsndr @marazepeda@twitter.com @exittocommunity@twitter.com "One of those [different endgames is] a powerful urge for founders to begin to more equitably recognize the contributors who had built their company...employees, end users & other stakeholders." rework.fm/exit-to-community/

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Yo Basecamp employees: If you're pissed at the missteps of the owning class, start a tech ! (Or two!) For inspo, see @USFWC@twitter.com @techworkersco@twitter.com @CooperationJXN@twitter.com @facttic@twitter.com @CooperativesUK@twitter.com @EmployeeOwned@twitter.com @CoTechUK@twitter.com @platformcoop@twitter.com twitter.com/_breeeeen_/status/

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You might have missed the "Designing Crypto for Social Good" webinar we just concluded, but don't worry, the video and the collaborative notes are now up! colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2021/0

Thank you @CirclesUBI@twitter.com @_cambiatus@twitter.com @mybellalogica@twitter.com for a wonderful session.

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New course: "Lean Co-op"!

It's ≈3 hours and many resources to guide entrepreneurs through the mess of building their business and ownership model, At The Same Time!

After a 2019 webinar on lean startup for co-ops, with support from @CoopFoundation@twitter.com, it's finally here 🌈📗⬇️ twitter.com/start_coop/status/

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"On paper it’s the perfect solution, but it’s a bit more complicated for the workers who actually power the platform to see how they benefit, which is what matters"

I just published The Slow Demise of Loconomics, a short interview about a six year journey

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A radical vision for cooperative cooperation disguised as a draft of a dry case study on @NamasteSolar@twitter.com @AmicusSolar@twitter.com etc.

"Scaling Co-operatives Through a Multi-stakeholder Network: A Case Study in the Colorado Solar Energy Industry" ntnsndr.in/NamasteNetwork

Feedback please!

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There's this incredible shift happening around tech + ownership.

When I first joined a startup, in 00s, I didn't get equity despite leading community in community product. I was new in tech & didn't question this - of course only C-level got it, of course they all looked similar twitter.com/kaarmann/status/13

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Exit to Community: Designing Crypto for Social Good (4/29)

Feat. @mybellalogica@twitter.com @_cambiatus@twitter.com @CirclesUBI@twitter.com, co-sponsored by @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com

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@DavidSpinks@twitter.com Are you following the "Exit to Community" (E2C) conversation? If not, it definitely aligns with this way of thinking. /cc @ntnsndr@twitter.com @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com colorado.edu/lab/medlab/exit-t

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“Web scale cooperative” seems like a better encapsulation of the North Star of the ethos of this space than the word DAO to me.

Too bad it’s not 3 characters long and has no meme-ability

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