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Just announced, from @WorkerCoop@twitter.com: I'll be doing a talk next month.

"A Shared Strategy for Shared Ownership: Covid, Care, and Reparations"

Join in: eventbrite.ca/e/webinar-nathan

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More muscular policy and regulation could also help with the post-covid recovery, writes @ntnsndr@twitter.com, by creating incentives and support for local entrepreneurs to build technological solutions for their own communities.

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There is really good stuff coming up in the @open_coop@twitter.com online conference next week—please try to make it if you can: open.coop/2020/04/02/open-2020

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Does your community need better options for businesses in crisis right now?

Please join us for an upcoming webinar, "Community Ownership in a Pandemic," next week, featuring emerging models: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2020/0

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New in the Directory: The Online Meeting Co-operative, backed by @webarchcoop@twitter.com @CollectiveTools@twitter.com @DigDemLab@twitter.com & more, using @bigbluebutton@twitter.com: org.meet.coop

Find it and more at ioo.coop/directory

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This has been such an incredibly sobering campaign to pull together. So grateful for our volunteer storytellers & the partnership of @AbridgeHQ@twitter.com @ShivdevRao@twitter.com @sandeepkonam@twitter.com. Can’t wait for you all to see it & join in. You can already sign up! twitter.com/savvy_coop/status/

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New short film, just out! "Reclaiming Work: The Cycle Couriers Subverting The Gig Economy" by @BlackandBrownFilm@twitter.com blackbrownfilm.com/

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This looks like an incredible opportunity for prospective businesses, offered by @pcc_global@twitter.com and @enMONDRAGON@twitter.com👇– @platformcoop@twitter.com twitter.com/platformcoop/statu

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New in the Library: Co-op legal documents from @dojo4@twitter.com open-sourced for the world!


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Has anybody seen local business offering equity ownership to customers and neighbors in exchange for capital to keep the doors open?

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If you care about feeling a sense of ownership, join this March 6th webinar on "Exit to Community" for ~real~ ownership - with me @caremjo@twitter.com @TheReFTW@twitter.com @MEDLabBoulder@twitter.com @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com. We'll analyze your RSVP form Qs, so you'll get what you came for.


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Next week, join us for ": Distributed Governance"—a webinar with veterans of large-scale community listening, from the context of a national government and disaster relief: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2020/0

Organized by @daspitzberg@twitter.com

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New in the Directory: @metaarchive@twitter.com, "a digital preservation network created and hosted by and for memory organizations": metaarchive.org/about/

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Coming up Tuesday: Join @MEDLabBoulder@twitter.com and @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com to learn more about the important new VC/co-op financing deal between @savvy_coop@twitter.com and @indievc@twitter.com: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2020/0

Feat. @jhoronjeff@twitter.com @ajscholz@twitter.com @jasonwienerpc@twitter.com

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Our friends at @savvy_coop@twitter.com are the first to strike a deal with a venture capital firm, @indievc@twitter.com. At our webinar next week, learn how it happened w/ @jhoronjeff@twitter.com @jasonwienerpc@twitter.com & @ajscholz@twitter.com: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2020/0

Co-produced with @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com!

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can help bring credit unions back to their original superpower and value proposition: mutual support. filene.org/blog/how-credit-uni

My latest with the great @royal_t14@twitter.com of @fileneresearch@twitter.com

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