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@sarahdrinkwater@twitter.com @dscanlon@twitter.com @millsustwo@twitter.com @sriramk@twitter.com 2 clear needs:
1. Founders are looking for alternative capital (see @aunnie@twitter.com) + alternative ownership + governance (see @exittocommunity@twitter.com)
3. Investors, even , are 🦓 curious but need help imagining new forms.
🔥 opportunities by serving supply + demand!

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YES! Are you an enlightened like @ArlanWasHere@twitter.com who sees the massive potential for shared prosperity from ? Follow along on her latest effort with @hirerunner@twitter.com & learn from @start_coop@twitter.com alumni, @TheDriversCoop@twitter.com (now the largest worker-owned co-op!) & @exittocommunity@twitter.com. 🦓♥️ twitter.com/ArlanWasHere/statu

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.@exittocommunity@twitter.com is a group of organizers, researchers, founders, mentors, and allies working towards alternative exit strategies for startups committed to community ownership and economic justice. 🇺🇸

Supported by @MEDLabBoulder@twitter.com and @Zebras_Unite@twitter.com

goodmarket.global/exittocommun t.co/PGe9UMBLRQ

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A new is out of the oven! 🥐
This time I wanted to work on a more practical facet of community-building.

I address the paradigm shift that is allowing the rise of community-led initiatives, and 5 factors I think are accelerating this trend:


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Yet another profile on the difference between wealth (capital ownership) and income (labor pay).

Building capital ownership for more people is an important part of changing this equation.

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Typical "Exits" for Startup Founders:
- Acqui-hire
- Private Equity

Typical Exits for Web 3 Founders
- Exit to Community

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Bring back our *accidentally deleted* early 2000s photos and music too

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We should bring back 2004 era MySpace and ban all other social media, this is my public policy proposal

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i hope every worker who makes Mailchimp work and got none of this gross capitalist buyout leaves to start a competing service— and that they all know about and

cc @platformcoop@twitter.com and @LibreSaaS@twitter.com twitter.com/ekp/status/1437516

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It just dawned on me what a good fit @Mailchimp@twitter.com would have been for @exittocommunity@twitter.com e2c.how/ @benchestnut@twitter.com can we talk? 👋🦓 What is the future of programs like this? mailchimp.com/culture/investin Your wisdom in this moment informs future bootstrapped companies!

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"A community is co-owned by those that “walk together” towards a shared goal." Amen! A must read on the shift to community ownership which perfectly encapsulates our pursuit here at Zebras Unite. Also check out @exittocommunity@twitter.com for how to practically achieve this transition! twitter.com/zoonromanticon/sta

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Goodness this bill could make E2C easier.

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Introducing the Capital for Cooperatives Act

A free webinar on Sept. 20 explaining the potential of @Hickenlooper@twitter.com's historic bill in the US Senate, featuring @ldp7744@twitter.com
@dobrien_coop@twitter.com @ccwbdenver@twitter.com @RMFUnion@twitter.com

Register now: colorado.edu/lab/medlab/2021/0

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Very much looking forward to this! Mobilizing capital for collective ownership is helped by the right kind of regulatory and legislative environment: Introducing the Capital for Cooperatives Act ~ h/t ⁦@ntnsndr@twitter.com⁩ crowdcast.io/e/capital-for-coo

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What does it mean to design for consent? We explored the consentful.systems framework by @im__jane@twitter.com and colleagues by sketching two contrasting onboarding flows, a ~5min experience

Check it out here: felt.dev/sketch/onboard

It's open source and made with & SvelteKit

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“Other groups like Zebras Unite & @SeedCommons@twitter.com are taking a systemic approach to organising, assisting & funding for co-ops." Read about why we work on capital demand (entrepreneurs) *and* supply in this terrific article on co-op capital innovation. 🦓💸🌊thenews.coop/156442/sector/reg

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this situation illustrates why any leftist start-up must articulate its "exit" strategy to shared ownership to have its bonda fides - its ok to have founders but they have to be accountable to their community

this is what @exittocommunity@twitter.com has laid out: e2c.how/ twitter.com/lyta_gold/status/1

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Check out @austinrobey_@twitter.com interview w/ @ntnsndr@twitter.com “...strategies out there for carving out non-economic space in the midst of cryptoeconomics...to help create pathways for well-meaning crypto projects toward more genuine sorts of community ownership.” ff.mirror.xyz/4-CR_n-_GYXKg8Oo

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