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New with : Users can now publish their custom Rules as persistent pages, accessible in a shared library: communityrule.info

Thanks for ongoing input, @noahthorp@twitter.com @open_eugene@twitter.com @taykendesign@twitter.com @csageland@twitter.com @jlcanovas@twitter.com @dgovearth@twitter.com

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I've just donated to @InterpCollectiv@twitter.com so they can register a . They want to challenge agencies in the by creating a . Support if you can! interpretingcollective.co.uk/d

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In Italy, lockdown is a challenge for business but hosts of @Fairbnb_coop@twitter.com are offering accommodation to health workers.

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New in the Directory: @part_coop@twitter.com, "a self-governing union" in Korea: parti.coop/

This and more: ioo.coop/directory

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I’m struggling to position my work within the current crisis. There are so many reasons why it is extremely relevant, and so many other for which it seems so insignificant.

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Just updated in the Directory: @vngrd_coop@twitter.com, "a community-centric platform cooperative for socialist podcasts and their fans" vngrd.online/

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Nathan Schneider @ntnsndr@twitter.com runs the UC Boulder Media Enterprise Design Lab @MEDLabBoulder@twitter.com & collaborates w/ on webinars like this Friday’s event- : Community Culture cmci.colorado.edu/medlab/2020/
(think startups transitioning twd ownership by stakeholders)

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If you were choosing a governance system for an online community, what would you prefer?

a) a Creative Commons-like small number of pre-designed options

b) an App Store-like menu of countless options to mix and match

Asking for medlabboulder.gitlab.io/commun

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"We envision a world where there is no difference between 'worker' and owner'."

Congratulations to @NewEconomics@twitter.com (and all of us who get to benefit from it) for the new Pathways to a People's Economy policy toolkit: peopleseconomy.org/

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