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Just out: Our paper on molo.news as an experimental relational platform for local , written together with @WLoosen@twitter.com. @commfigurations@twitter.com @ZeMKI_Bremen@twitter.com @BredowInstitut@twitter.com @molo_news@twitter.com Download: kofi.uni-bremen.de/fileadmin/f

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SignCo.io is a new , offering a radical solution to contract culture in our sector. Our infographic explains what a platform coop is and how it will work.

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Exploring @resonatecoop@twitter.com today beta.resonate.is/playlist/staf - great to see a alternative to music streaming networks

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@LouisCsn@twitter.com @SolidMit@twitter.com @CoopsEurope@twitter.com Have you checked out @realweco@twitter.com? It's a I'm involved with (weco.io)?

We would love to learn more about Knowledge Base and see if there's possibilities for cooperation :)


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What's even odder is how the criertia with which @ICAAN@twitter.com assessed applicants in 2002 (archive.icann.org/en/tlds/org/) is able to stop applying. Then the top-rated yet rejected bidder proposed forming a of .org registrants to oversee , which might have prevented this.

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The annual platform co-op event, focusing on the cooperative commons, will be held Nov 12-14, 2020 in Berlin, Germany.
Joint facilitation of @WZB_Berlin@twitter.com @JWI_Berlin@twitter.com @ioew_de@twitter.com
++ Save the date ++ Just announced in NY 👇

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Honored to host a conversation on philanthropy and the "concierge economy" with @AnandWrites@twitter.com and Wilma Liebman, as part of @platformcoop@twitter.com conference.

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Humbled to learn about the incredible work the SEWA federation is doing in India. Thank you for sharing about your services, the pilot programs you’re developing and your vision for the future of work. @SEWAFederation@twitter.com

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New in the directory: @SomMobilitat@twitter.com, a Barcelona car-shing co-op, and its European federation, The Mobility Factory.

These and more: ioo.coop/directory

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That moment when your random outtake photo gets put on a big screen in an amphitheater. But happy for the shoutout to @start_coop@twitter.com and its inaugural cohort with @savvy_coop@twitter.com and our friends at @DriversSeatCoop@twitter.com @staffing_coop@twitter.com.

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