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@idmyn there's a lot of free fonts out there. If their licence allows web usage, I recommend using Font Squirrel's webfont generator, so you can load all the fonts locally (instead of linking GFonts versions):

Also check out for fonts.

@allien Thanks for this!

Would I be right in thinking, then, that the webfont generator (doing it locally) is best, followed by (to replace GFonts more directly) if I wanted to be lazy?

@idmyn Yeah, you can put it like that. If I'm searching for a new font (besides my own collection), I usually browse GFonts for quick previews and then download the font as ZIP. Then just generate the webfonts yourself (even let's you select the glyphs to include/exclude to reduce font file size etc.). Use that in your site/app/whatever and feel the speed ;)

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@idmyn, by downloading the free fonts to our servers and not using the link provided by Google we are already taking a lot of power back. However I would also love to hear about a FLOSS repository of free fonts.

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@idmyn Served on the same database as the site itself? Yes as long as all the browsers out there will agree to use those fonts instead of imposing web or Google fonts in their place. I just don’t have confidence in that yet.

@demonkind Ahh, that's not a risk I considered, but I can see it being a worry

@idmyn You can download every font from Google Fonts and put it on your own server or use install it directly on your computer.But please don't use Googles Font CDN.You're right,they're evil,they track you and they shouldn't be used.

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@idmyn Try using a native font stack, that way the user doesn’t have to download any fonts at all. There’s an article on CSS Tricks

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