This is such a good peach season, too, at least up here in MA. Every week I've gotten peaches from the farmers' market and every week they're better than the last. This week's are ambrosial.

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Fediverse, help me decide what to make for meals for the next few days with my zucchini and summer squash:

Could not resist buying this absolute unit of a tomato at the farmers’ market this morning

It's probably weird how excited I am about this email, right?

TIL Nokia started in 1865 as a pulp mill 🤯

I need an index of weirdly old companies. I have now Nokia (1865, paper mill) and Nintendo (1889, playing cards).

“We don’t rely on people in the U.S. to filter their water individually; we provide clean, safe drinking water. I think it’s time to start thinking about our indoor air in the same way.”

Has anyone yet solved the problem of your bowl getting hotter in the microwave than your soup?

Certainly not the biggest bummer of the pandemic, but it is a bummer that every mediocre social outing now comes with a feeling of, “ugh, that wasn’t worth the risk budget.”

By request from @jwisser, unboxing vids. Couldn't manage to get them processed on my masto account, so you'll have to enjoy them on the birdsite instead

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What smart bulbs should I get? Seems like there’s some ecosystem lock in here, so I’d like to test different options, but ideally get it right in the first try.

I am also deep in Apple’s ecosystem, compat-wise. Not being able to use my HomePod with bulbs would be a dealbreaker.

Been working on clear ice cubes and I’m pretty pleased with the results I’m getting.

Doctor Who rewatch: I'm realizing this show is just one trolley problem after another—generally resolved with either a deus ex machina, or the person on the tracks *asking* to be run over.

This sounds like a critique, but it isn't. I love the trolley problem.

I deliberately made myself a healthy food that I can eat all week and all I’m craving is delivery junk food. Who made this stupid body with its stupid desires?

Love to be at the stage in life where I get this message from a friend

When did designers decide it was acceptable to not let users skip through or pause videos? Why are we allowing this anti-pattern to get entrenched?

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