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Labor/board game nerds: Is there already a co-op game themed around unionizing a 19th century factory floor? My friends wanna play one and are thinking about maybe just making one, but if there's already a good one (or something close to it) then maybe they just won't have to.

Nothin' like beattapes to bring some pleasantry to your afternoon.

Inner Ocean Records Present: BLESS Vol. 2 [Full BeatTape]

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so far I have stubbornly avoided zoom and used open source tools and now I have too use it and I am pissed… cowards

join small tech

New phone background is spectacular. Thank you to CGP Grey's poignant "7 Ways to Maximize Misery" youtu.be/LO1mTELoj6o

Should I put yesterday's sweet potato french fries into today's breakfast egg scramble?

New starter -- first loaf! Let's see how it goes 😀 I've missed making sourdough since my previous starter died at the beginning of the pandemic. So happy to get this ritual (and ) back into my days

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It really is fucked up that the most common religious symbol in the West is a torture device ✝️

Trying out something new at the end of a day full of work and thoughts. Sitting down and resting. 🪑 Sitting in the corner of my room in a chair, propping up my feet, and enjoying some music and a cocktail. Focused relaxation. So far it's really nice.

No food cools down faster on a plate than a fried egg

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capitalists: without the profit motive, nobody would do anything

modding communities: i have ported rollback netcode into super smash brothers melee


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