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A little while ago I made a video for the Photographer's Gallery, for their Green Hacks series, on how to optimize images for the web. They've just published it.

It is basically a video version of this page on my website: https://kokorobot/site/leanimages.html


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I don't want tech to be "magic". I want it to be transparent and understood.

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The summer school events at Rojava University are starting today!✌🏽🌹
Don't miss the valuable discussions on decolonization. The university is a product of the labor of an actual 21st century anti-colonial movement and it was built amid war.
This is what Erdoğan wants to destroy. twitter.com/Dlrdrk1/status/152

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Dlrdrk1/status/153

Henri Lefebvre: "Our search for the human takes us too deep; we seek it in clouds or in mysteries, whereas it is waiting for us, besieging us on all sides."

GOD: I guess I have to kill everyone in a flood now
NOAH: you could just not kill everyone in a flood
GOD: but don't you wanna see a rAiNbOw

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how many lojbanists does it take to change a broken light bulb?

two! one to think about what to change it into, and another to wonder what sort of bulb emits broken light

Growing out my fingernails as my first step to buying a flamenco guitar

Weird, my Spotify Wrapped is just an image of a receipt for battlefield map AI and a picture of a yacht

*watching apartment design videos*

Designer: "We wanted to make this living room a wonderful place for the children to grow up."

*Designer installs marble stairs next children's play area* "Beautiful"

Me: 😐

Ingredients for a fine solo night:
- light candles
- listen to flamenco
- drink new york sours
- make lasagna
- watch megamind

Wonder when I'll start making art again. Here's one of mine from a few years ago.

Heschong: "We need an object for our affections, something identifiable on which to focus attention. If there is something very individual and particular that we consider responsible for our well-being -- a stove that is the source of all warmth, for example -- we can focus appreciation on that one thing. But if nothing seems to be responsible -- [if] thermal comfort is a constant condition, constant in both space and time, it becomes so abstract that it loses its potential to focus affection."

Hey y'all how do I sign up for a social.coop meet.coop account? Went to this link on the wiki and found a dead end. Steer me in the right direction, please


Alveninto and I celebrate 6 years. We've traveled many many miles together. To many more, friend.

Had such a busy day that I forgot about my proofing sourdough over and over.

End of the day hit, I said whatever, and mangled it into a focaccia. Unexpectedly great. If you ever bungle bread, become focaccia

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