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When a FOSS organisation behaves the way that Mozilla did, adding insult to injury with their statement in denial, it's the job of the FOSS community to tell them they're fucking up.

Not optional, it's a duty.

.@h On balance, some of their people were much better about it than their official response.

@rook You are right. But it's their official response that counts as an interface with the larger FOSS community.

I guess the lesson here is: there are no "FOSS organizations", there are just organizations, and they can follow any particular philosophy or not depending on what is more convenient to them. Caveat emptor, even what it's free.

@deshipu Well, yes and no. The lesson should be for Mozilla as well. If they want to promote themselves as the authentically free browser, the bar they have set for themselves is much higher. They can't have it both ways.

@h Yes, it would be nice, but the reality is that the bar is as low as necessary for having most people use their software, and let's be honest, most people don't even understand what the whole fuss is about. And Mozilla is not going to admit it, because that would be a clear signal to those people that something was wrong after all. Uncertainty is good for them, because it makes it easier for them to scare users into abandoning other browsers, like they have been doing recently.