Interesting business model.

is a generation for the Go programming language. Arguably one of the best such tools available, by the same experienced team of the Fox PDF tools.

Licencing it works like this:

1) Play nice, use it freely under the AGPL 3.

or, at your option:

2) Be a horrible, selfish person and buy a commercial licence for $1000 (personal use) or $3000 (for business, unlimited servers)

@h I like it. People criticize restrictive licenses like Peer Production, but with an added licencing like this (and a good mechanism to distribute that to the contributors) they can be a way to encourage post-capitalist work, while still extracting money from capitalists to survive...

@mayel If anything, the missing part of this licencing scheme is that Fox aren't doing redistribution of the money they make, and they're not a coop. They're not very post-capitalist from the looks of it, but anyway... everybody is trying different things, and you can pick bits and learn tricks from everybody.

@h I don't know this specific example, but yeah totally!

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