“Attempting to purify love by eliminating power does not do so, but instead makes the way power is expressed less conscious and more covertly manipulative." - The Guru Papers by Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad

“You cannot buy the revolution. You cannot make the revolution. You can only be the revolution. It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.”
― [[Ursula K. Le Guin]], The Dispossessed

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My boyfriend made an AI generated tarot deck with Wombo.Ai and it is the most beautiful deck I’ve ever seen.

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Sadness and rage.

I keep thinking of my evacuated friend @nechchai saying "the roof is on fire" again and again in recent months. This is a crisis of empire destroying itself, a refusal to see and hear.

May we turn that sadness and rage into a fiercer, more consuming love.

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Some folks: if we just let billionaires get as powerful as they can, they will save the world.

Billionaires: *fuck off to Mars with indentured servants after strip-mining the planet*

Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon. But it's worth a subscription if you're into weird shit, I promise.

'My newsletter is well under way now, with a series on Dark Forces and coordination failures:'


The newsletter itself:

"The doctor now leaned back in his seat, closed his eyes, and no sooner had he done so, received the apparently telepathic message: "We will now make a demonstration of our power over the solid-state control systems upon the planet Earth..."

"Lilly knew this message was from the comet Kohoutek which was passing at the edge of the Earth's atmosphere at that moment. The ultimate initiator of the message was, he believed, Earth Coincidence Control Office or ECCO"


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"thinking outside the box is how boxes think" - @BayoAkomolafe@twitter.com

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So Don’t Look Up isn’t parody. It’s literally what would happen if a giant comet was heading towards Earth right now. Don’t believe me? Imagine it was called Don’t Look Around and it was about the climate emergency.


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"The world’s leaders are correctly fixated on economic growth as the answer to virtually all problems, but they’re pushing with all their might in the wrong direction."

- #DonellaMeadows


#ComplexSystems #EconomicGrowth

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Your support is the key! 🔐 Help EFF unlock seven bonus grants with your contribution today. eff.org/YEC

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People, not users,
People, not consumers,
People, not human capital.

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En India 4000 muertos en 24 horas y lo peor está por llegar según los expertos indios.

Extrapolating a thing which is true within a certain context as being true in all contexts can be one of the most harmful ways of thinking.

"The ordinary mind, before encountering Oneness, is clearly problematic and causes a great deal of suffering. But what is recognised less often is that the mind focused mostly on Oneness, the Absolute, God, whatever (inadequate) word one wants to use, is not able to function well in the world, where we actually live. Try taking acid and going into a tax office! (Maybe you already did…)"

New blog post: guyjames.com/2021/02/20/ordina

"The realisation ... is that what has happened is that the ‘ordinary mind’ we started out with, with all its isolation and problems, has gradually started to merge with the Buddha mind we experienced in those peak states.

...the goal must be to allow those two different aspects of Mind to come closer and closer until finally they are one, and Ordinary Mind = Buddha Mind, and the other way around. Finally the two aspects are recognised as one."

New blog post: guyjames.com/2021/02/20/ordina

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EFF has fought for your digital rights for over 30 years. Become a member today to ensure that we can fight for those rights for another 30! eff.org/join

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For this week’s episode I spoke to Emaline Friedman. She's an activist for the Commons Engine, part of Holochain, a social critic and theorist, has a PhD in psychology, a writer for Mad In America, a researcher at GCAS, and author of a recent book on Internet Addiction.

During the interview we talk about her research for her new book at the intersection of psychology, big data on social media platforms, and how it all brought her to and the Commons Engine.


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