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Finally making my . I'm Nate TeBlunthuis. I'm graduate student in communicaiton studying cooperative communities (especially online, like Wikipedia). I'm not hear for research, but to hang out with other people who care about the future of cooperative organization. I'm also into free/libre software and social movements. My website is

New paper by @jdfoote from my research collective!
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Online communities are deeply interconnected and interdependent.

@jdfoote argues that systems theory can help us to study interdependencies, and that online platforms have the sort of data that is enabling really exciting new research.

🎉Within-chain parallism has landed in stan's brms interface. This is going to save me a 3 week wait on results from these robustness checks.

Our ICWSM paper (with @axz and Tim Althoff) looks at what it actually means to make online communities "better."

Thru surveys of 6k+ redditors ✒️ , we find that while quality and variety of content are generally considered most important, and size and democracy are least important, there is immense variety in values 🌈!
▶️ no one size fits all solution! 🗜️

Moderators think democracy is less important than non-mods, and there is extra disagreement over safety.

I have a "zombie" project that I started the very first quarter of my PhD. I'm finally trying to get it published soon, and ensuring that its replicable and robust. Very thankful to past me for being reasonably organized with git and makefiles so this is tractable.

Twitter Dril AI-generated images 

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’s AI tool, a thread:

how to tell if a pear is ripe, this will change your relationship to pears 

None of you know how to ripen a pear and that’s okay! I am here to help. A perfectly ripe pear is one of life’s great joys but most folks don’t know how to identify one! So they get a bad rap.

The thing is, pears ripen from the core outward, so by the time the flesh is soft on the outside it’s too late! What you want to do is feel the flesh right around the stem, when it's soft the pear is ripe. Try it! 🍐

NLP Science Statistics 

I think this is an important point for people trying to use trendy NLP in social science.

We are coming to Paris for next week! Check out this blog post to get stickers and see presentations by @groceryheist @carlcolglazier @FloorFiers @jdfoote @kayleachampion @makoshark and @aaronshaw! @icahdq

Linux / Academic Paywalls 

The University of Washington libraries finally kicked my account off of their proxy for academic journals. So I had the inconvenient task today of hacking a way to use the Northwestern VPN instead. I used openconnect with ocproxy to setup a SOCKS5 proxy and then used the SmartProxy browser extension to just use the proxy for academic sites. This actually ends up being a more seamless setup than what I had at UW, since I can keep the proxy connection alive indefinitely.

org-mode buffer getting full of notes and it's like, fuck yeah

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I’m jazzed to announce that I will be attending University of Washingtons MA/PhD program in the fall. I will be working with @makoshark in the @comdatasci lab. 🎉🎉

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Passed my dissertation proposal today! Can’t believe I’m ABD! Thanks for all the support from my awesome committee @makoshark @JenniferATurns @sayamindu @amyxzh and all my lovely mentors, friends, colleagues, and coauthors 💜💛 Excited for the next steps!!

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Awesome new paper by @jdfoote makes a compelling argument for a return to systems theorizing in communication research now that we have the data and methods to deliver on its promise. Check out the thread!

I'll be at in New Orleans to support my group presenting their work (including awesome papers by @ReginaRCheng, @sejal_khatri, and @Stefania_druga). It's been too long! Let's meet up!
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Come meet us at CHI 2022

My favorite new datascience tool is It's super fast and I can often use it when I would have used either Spark or custom arrow scripts before. Working interactively with larger datasets is great for workflow.

1975: "Let's build the Internet, a network that can survive a nuclear war!"
2021: "Let's host everything on the server of this one discount bookshop!"

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