I'm a fan of the ORIGINAL Ship of Theseus. Before they screwed it up by replacing everything.

Great moment from the Slow Streets Slow Ride last weekend.

Help stop auto burglaries. Never leave a first-edition copy of Mason & Dixon by Thomas Pynchon visible in your car.

Chonky bees trying to wrestle with wildflowers are SUPER cute.

All aphorisms are wrong; some aphorisms are useful.

you'll be shocked to learn that capital tends to avoid investment in shrinking markets

Man on a bike carrying *three* children just stopped at this cafe. Replacing cars with bikes is more than a slogan, it’s happening now.

I have the largest book collection in the world. It won’t fit in my apartment, so I store it at all the libraries in the world.

Looks like the cows have come home to roost.

Geometry was the most difficult math class for me, emotionally. Learning that you can't trisect an angle was heartbreaking.

It's happening. I'm getting better at playing barre chords. They seemed impossible, but the day is fast approaching. I'll be unstoppable.

Now more than ever, we must combat now-more-than-everism.

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