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“Support for Extinction Rebellion in the UK has quadrupled in the past nine days as public concern about the scale of the ecological crisis grows.”

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Happy #EarthDay !
This is what’s needed to stay below 1,5°C of warming.

Note that this doesn’t include the aspect of equity, feedback loops or additional warming hidden by toxic air pollution.

Sorry to bother but it’s time to act.

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Preliminary analysis indicates methane (CH₄; potent greenhouse gas) levels reached a new record high in 2018 ---> 1867 ppb.

+ Data from @NOAA_ESRL at
+ Chart from 

(ⴵ) Extinction Rebellion day five centres on tussle for control of Oxford Circus | Environment | The Guardian

Climate Change - The Facts
BBC documentary, 18 Apr 2019
Sir David Attenborough looks at the science of climate change

Hallo @daniv,

Misschien interessant (gratis boek)

The Commons Manifesto
Michel Bauwens , Vasilis Kostakis , Alex Pazaitis
Part of the Critical, Digital and Social Media Studies series.

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Getting ready for my #ClimateStrike, i know its Good Friday but that doesn't stop me from demanding for #ClimateAction because Good Friday cant be any better when our earth is facing these terrible effects of climate change. #schoolstrike4climate @gretathunberg @Fridays4FutureU

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so, in just one day, #extinctionrebellion proves that London can easily:
- divert/reduce traffic
- green our existing bridges
- turn streets into communal spaces
- make travel routes bike/pedestrian only
- use solar power
- avoid plastic waste
- have friendly police on streets

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414.10 parts per million (ppm) #CO2 in the atmosphere on April 13, 2019 #NOAA Mauna Loa data & graphic: Also view daily CO2 updates at 

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Sign up wherever you are for non-violent rebellion against the inaction of government on #ClimateBreakdown and #EcologicalCollapse. We are in the #SixthMassExtinction. We must #RebelForLife to force to government to act.

Brexit programme (in BASIC)

10 change a paragraph
20 vote again
30 ask for more delay
40 ignore the public opinion
50 goto 10

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over 300 people are following this mastodon-account



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Current #Arctic sea ice extent (orange) is not anywhere close to average...

Compared to previous decades:
• about 700,000 km² less the 2000s mean
• about 1,120,000 km² less the 1990s mean
• about 1,160,000 km² less the 1980s mean

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”A new report published this week shows that 33 global banks provided $1.9 trillion to fossil fuel companies since the adoption of the Paris Agreement.”

Wow. That’s almost as bad as missing a few lessons on #schoolstrike4climate


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In unsurprising news: Top oil firms spending millions lobbying to block climate change policies, says report

Ad campaigns hide investment in a huge expansion of oil and gas extraction, says InfluenceMap

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"[T]he young people I was speaking to understood... the possibility for a fairer, more just world which could arise from reforming our social & political systems around mobilising to stabilise the climate", Phil O'Sullivan.


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After a lot of deliberation, I have decided to launch a #Patreon with a modest goal, in order to support #fediQuest development, since two hours of me tired after work, every couple of days doesn't really cut it.

#fediQuest is a #federated question/answer platform akin to #StackOverflow / #Quora, powered by #ActivityPub.

If that sounds interesting to you, please take a look at - you'd get early access to the source code and your own space on

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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez' questioning of Michael Cohen, if anyone is curious

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