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We have found #funding and is starting 🚀

Our #foss project team is *very* motivated to do the right thing, and we need your input and help 🙏

We'll offer @activitypub federation between #code #forges to provide seamless interop between repo's wherever they are hosted.

1st question: What's your preferred forge?

Other (please respond)

Boosts appreciated!

@aral From CI lab's radar: lingo search of HN archive (modern unreadable UI, so definitely not a plug)

Why is this not a surprise.

By doubling down on restoring RMS to a leadership position, instead of attracting "a new generation of activists for software freedom and to grow the movement," the FSF is more mired than ever in its leader's troublesome past.

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You've probably noticed that governance bodies all across the world (including the US, and in the EU but definitely elsewhere as well) are taking note about the shape of social networks.

Here's some early draft legislation from the EU. It says "gatekeepers" 16 times in 6 pages:

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Strange no, using the HyperText Transfer Protocol to transfer video, images and music.

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The DREAM Team is proud to announce the first public release of our DREAM Data Specification (D1.1).

This first release will enable developers to start looking into DREAM innovations. Early adopters can discuss this specification with #dream-catchers and enjoy open access to our collaborative research facility.

Follow-up discussion:

Distributed Mutable Container (DMC) specification:

#rdf #eris #dmc

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The EC/EU also realizes that they need to cooperate with open communities and innovative initiatives to achieve their goals.

And that these initiatives are often fighting uphill battle against Big Tech and need to be supported by funding and other forms of help.

Here @NGIZero is already playing a big role, and is central to many plans. But there will be other funds and grants too.

At #SocialHub we track all @activitypub dev opportunity.

E.g. at

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Crisis Watch

It does seem to be the first pandemic in history whereby curing people is being obstructed by patent law.

@aral Neoliberals will say: You're just jealous.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Saw Wealth Grow by $65 billion during the past year of the pandemic — more than $7 million every hour.

@aral This FSF stuff might expose that the entire GMAFIA cartel is sitting there with their hands in our open cookie jar..

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Still think the FSF is relevant and fighting for your rights in the age of surveillance capitalism? Guess who the top donor of FSFE is…

Did you guess Google?

You’re absolutely right.

What a joke!

@Wtebbens Category shortfall, crisis response

Hereby my simple test case for the donut city which should be working in 1 yr, otherwise too much time goes to waste.

Allow unemployed to work 1 hour/day for healthy food.
Where allow means: don't turn this into their disadvantage.
Where healthy also means that they can choose their food.

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This Friday 26th the City of Amsterdam initiates the Cities for Change platform and Let's change the city! conference programme.

Join at

the city, cities network with a agenda of

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it's 2021 and we are still talking about "free software" instead of:
* community software
* liberated software
* anti-capitalist software
* transformative justice software
it's been 35 years, and our philosophy and understanding of the role of computing and software in our society has changed drastically. The FSF and the culture of turning RMS into a 'great man' haven't changed in decades.

@aral I wonder if the FSF cares at all about the community that it has caused, perhaps it was unintended?

Perhaps you know the times when you asked for help, but it never came. So you optimize and then build on those optimizations. I call it jack-lifting. It is one of the concepts that keeps me going.

@yala can I publish the XR bookmarks data set on one of your subdomains? It is ~1.7 MB.. There is now also a command line tool (Node.js) to search it, so it would be helpful. Also many links to degrowth discourse in there..

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