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New blog post: The Future of Internet Regulation at the European Parliament

Last week, I gave three talks in Belgium, starting with one titled “Dear regulators, please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” at an event on The Future of Internet Regulation organised by the Greens and Pirates at the European Parliament on Tuesday.

This post has a summary, embedded videos of the talk (thank you, @vincib) and a link to my slides.

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I'm so excited to present my work on #Fediverse-wide hashtag federation, search, and subscription at #ActivityPubConf.

The recording will be available later, but if you're interested in enabling a global consistent view on hashtags, know stuff about DHTs or #ActivityPub relays, you can have a look at the paper:

Please contact me about any questions, remarks or other feedback!

So here's a TL;DR:

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School strike week 55.
New York City.
Even though I’ve taken a sabbatical year from school, I will still demonstrate every Friday wherever I am. #FridaysForFuture #schoolstrike4climate #ClimateStrike

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Our cooperative voted to participate in the digital on September 20th.

We encourage fellow tech coops and shops to participate and stand in solidarity with students across the world walking out of school to demand .

🌎 ✊ :TwinPines:

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Bill Gates is back again, wasting our time!

Bill Gates Is Throwing Away Money On Ill-Advised Non-Solutions To Global Warming | CleanTechnica

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Even out here in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean I hear about the record amount of devastating fires in the Amazon. My thoughts are with those affected. Our war against nature must end.

@dessalines For the first time, I had a question which was not answered by Stackoverflow, but by HN.

I know that the Mastodon documentation is not perfect, but we need to be able to find
answers. We need Q&A. Shall we open a discussion with Snowdrift for funding? Perhaps the alternative could be

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More schadenfreude for presidents this weekend:

Hurricane Expected to Hit Louisiana This Weekend, and New Orleans Is Already Flooding - EcoWatch

It's not going to be cataclysmic. It will just be many problems in so many places that none of them can be solved anymore. And help will become practically impossible.

One climate crisis disaster happening every week, UN warns | Environment | The Guardian

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G20 countries produce about 80% of global CO2 emissions.

10 years ago, they agreed to phase out subsidies for fossil fuels to help fight global warming.

A report from @NRDC shows they have almost tripled subsidies to coal plants — the most polluting fossil fuel — since 2014.

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Temperatures are about to reach 30°C in the whole Siberian permafrost-area during the next 2 weeks.
Unprecedented for such a long period, this early in the summer.

Some fragments from today's media discourse:

UK: It is far too expensive to save the planet

USA: Mass existential threat is a political "single issue"

NL: Everyone is going to pay the same carbon tax

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