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Dear journalists,

Please stop using the "we" word as if we are all equally to blame for the climate crisis.

The corporations want us to believe that nobody cares, but that is a big lie. Most people are well aware of this crisis and do not want it. Governments are simply not doing what most people want, because the rich have much more say than the poor. It is social inequality that leads to all this.

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The global ecology crisis is a result of the social inequality crisis (that has a longer history). The challenge for a anti-crisis movement would be to solve both. What is our intention? May that be the central category in 2022.

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It is the ever increasing social inequality in the world that is making the ecology fall apart, followed by societal collapse (uncontrolled degrowth).

Social ecology is based on the conviction that nearly all of our present ecological problems originate in deep-seated social problems.
-- Murray Bookchin

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Dear politicians,

Infinite world economic growth is impossible, one can't have fossil fuel expansion in this climate emergency. Each time one lie tries to justify the other lie, your alarm bells should start ringing.

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COP26 sick jokes

Q: What do you get when you greenwash infinite economic growth?

A: Green growth.

Many progressives are willing to go into history as having done something good, as opposed to having done what is necessary.

Like giving some of your money to a NGO while your (bullshit corporate) day job requires you to do whatever you do to help destroy the Earth.

7 million super rich people are going to claim what is left of the Earth after they are done competing with us.

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How do you solve the cost-of-living crisis? Decommodify essential goods and services and therefore directly reduce the cost of living.

It's not rocket science. Every government can deliver universal public services. To refuse is a policy choice.

The world is suffering because a small minority of (7 million) people think that they need to enrich themselves beyond reason or imagination. This is not a coincidence, the system of government allows this. Not by principle but in practice.

It is strange to see so many people making plans for the future. Where are the normal clowns, who kick the ball *forward* while trying to grab it.

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Spain is the first to call for a EU-wide coordinated withdrawal from the ECT, which is great news. Meeting is on Friday: if you're an EU citizen, now's the time to demand your government follow Spain's lead.

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The law will never make men free; it is men who have got to make the law free.
-- Henry David Thoreau

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So someone says "Over 3 billion people use the Web." That may sound true, but if you look a little bit deeper, you may see that most of those people, maybe 95%, use enclosed spaces inside the web, which are closely monitored 24/7 by highly qualified teams of psychologists (and their AIs).

These enclosed spaces on the web are now called "Walled gardens."

The very nice thing about qjs is that any script you can run with it, also compiles to a executable with qjsc. And unlike luastatic, all the external modules that you import, get compiled along with it.

Hickel: Ngram of a few eco econ frameworks. I genuinely didn’t expect to see degrowth outpacing green new deal

Extreme weather conditions today in Mediterranean, USA and China.

After 40 years of destructive neoliberal policies, we have reached the point where partial solutions have become untenable (there is not enough time left, perhaps 1 or 2 years). We need to have a debate on post-growth and following that, post-capitalism.

If you are into javascript, you should really take a look at QuickJS. It is a powertool par excellence.

I needed to generate static html pages from markdown text and it does that in just a few milliseconds.

First get the markdown converter:
$ wget

In your qjs script you say:


let markdowntext = ' - [dev log](http://raspberrypi:3489/Devlog)';

// and then convert to html:


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Unless we realize that the present market society, structured around the brutally competitive imperative of "grow or die," is a thoroughly impersonal, self-operating mechanism, we will falsely tend to blame other phenomena -- such as technology or population growth -- for growing environmental dislocations.
-- Murray Bookchin

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The idea of dominating nature has a history that is almost as old as that of hierarchy itself.
-- Murray Bookchin

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As a neoliberal, you can ignore hyperinflation because it is systemic, not political. And certainly nothing personal.

Dear green IT crowd, RSS can work more efficiently if you enable the "etag:" header in your web server.

A post-growth debate will probably prove that the majority of the people want peaceful co-existence of life on Earth. For this, the systemic injustice must be undone or things will end badly and there will be no future. Only the last nihilists will remain and their life will be worth nothing.

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On this day, 8th June, 1973, the Australian Treasury under the Whitlam Labor Government released a report titled: "Economic Growth: Is it Worth Having?"

Page 11 & 12 mentioned… “the greenhouse effect” and the build-up of CO2 and GHGs in the atmosphere. 1/

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