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“We are not just fighting for our own lives. We are fighting for the third world countries who are being destroyed now. We will not let them down. We are not going away.”

The speeches have started. And what powerful speeches they are. #YouthStrike4Climate

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Maak de klimaatmars 10 maart groot

De klimaatmars op 10 maart wordt de grootste Nederlandse klimaatdemonstratie ooit! Vanuit Den Haag CS nemen we samen de trein naar Amsterdam CS.

Deel dit event en neem je vrienden, collega's en familie mee. Het klimaat gaat iedereen aan.

We verzamelen in de hal, bij spoor 9. Daar vertrekt om 11.47 de trein naar Amsterdam.

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2) The reason DNS/SSL are so hard is *because* of the coordination with central authorities.
3) If your address was your key fingerprint, no need for a CA; you already know how to make a secure connection (why .onion does not need https)
4) SSL CAs are as weak as the *weakest* CA in your CA list. It only takes one badly acting CA for you to be man in the middled.
5) DNS and SSL CAs centralize the otherwise decentralized fediverse.

Down with DNS, down with SSL CA cartels.

"Embracing love of nature, he writes, moves people beyond denial and passivity to the action necessary to protect life on our planet."

Well, it's a bit more than that. Yes, we have lost our connection with nature inside our concrete jungles.

But we also have to live with a broken system that rewards bad behavior like environmental destruction, and punishes/imprisons those who turn to action.

Unless that is all 99% of us, demanding system change.

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Tomorrow through early friday, we are doing this fediverse hackathon

Anyone can participate remotely! We will be chatting in #social on

But you can also come in person if you can make it to Vlissingen! There is still plenty of space, and it will be in this cool tower:

A Mastodon and its precariat, that is fully ignored by the NGOs.
Ergo, do we need NGOs, or do we need commons?

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Thank you, thank you, thank you @aral for writing this:

#Google #Facebook #Apple #Amazon are such benevolent do-gooders for us all. #SurveillanceCapitalism is a ruse. It had to be said, and we can't thank #FAANG enough for the great stuff they do for #humanity /s

Let's thank them on #HackerNews before the entry leaves the front page:

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Quoting @cwebber in

"participants in the decentralized social web is so good at fighting each other that apparently we do that work for them.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You might be able to come to consensus on a good way forward. And if you can't come to consensus, you can at least have friendly and cooperative communication."

Looking at

Maybe it should be renamed GNU ControVerse.

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Quoting @rhiaro in (1/2)

"Eventually the Working Group as a whole acknowledged this, and resolved to move forward all of the prospective standards separately, and to stop trying to force convergence.

This decision was controversial in the eyes of other members of the wider W3C community who were not members of Social Web Working Group, and potentially confusing for developers looking for the solution to decentralised Social Web protocols."

So just a few days after you release a lightweight version of

Amazon quickly launches their version.
HN 2019-01-09T23:15:34.000Z

Whether or not coincidence, you've got to be f**king kidding me.

It seems to me that the latest AI hype is an attempt at hiding that humans are clever enough. It could have more to do with the fact that machines are much easier to instruct than humans. A better name for AI would be programmed intelligence, not to be confused with inference or reasoning. But then, if you have lots of cycles to waste..

Urban commons shared spaces - about commons in the urban environment (pdf)

Throughout Europe we are witnessing a blossoming of self-organised, collective practices in the urban environment.

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The four eras of digital computing:

① Mainframe (centralised)

② Personal Computing (PC 1.0; decentralised)

③ Web/Cloud (Mainframe 2.0; centralised)

④ Peer Computing (PC 2.0; decentralised)

The PC 2.0 era is what some of us are working to usher in.


mongolito - a light-weight mongodb for linux

Good for web devs, self-hosters, homebrewers, javascripters, off-gridders, data anarchists, or those who just keep it simple.

Read the story:

Or download (please see the README)

curl -kO

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