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Dear journalists,

Please stop using the "we" word as if we are all equally to blame for the climate crisis.

The corporations want us to believe that nobody cares, but that is a big lie. Most people are well aware of this crisis and do not want it. Governments are simply not doing what most people want, because the rich have much more say than the poor. It is social inequality that leads to all this.

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The global ecology crisis is a result of the social inequality crisis (that has a longer history). The challenge for a anti-crisis movement would be to solve both. What is our intention? May that be the central category in 2022.

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It is the ever increasing social inequality in the world that is making the ecology fall apart, followed by societal collapse (uncontrolled degrowth).

Social ecology is based on the conviction that nearly all of our present ecological problems originate in deep-seated social problems.
-- Murray Bookchin

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Dear politicians,

Infinite world economic growth is impossible, one can't have fossil fuel expansion in this climate emergency. Each time one lie tries to justify the other lie, your alarm bells should start ringing.

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COP26 sick jokes

Q: What do you get when you greenwash infinite economic growth?

A: Green growth.

It seems to me that the first push towards hyperinflation was made by more than a decade long quantitative easing by the central banks.

Then the second push came from the energy sector using the opportunity of raising the price of energy after the Covid-19 shock. One could imagine that the sector plans on lowering the price by pumping yet more fossils.

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One of the effects of hyperinflation is rapid deterioration of poor people's health. It's not just about healthcare, it is also about the ability to buy enough and healthy food.

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The state always has the sole purpose to limit, tame, subordinate, the individual -- to make him subject to some generality or other.
-- Max Stirner

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Sustainable transition is suddenly fashionable, even though it hardly makes a difference. But that is not what matters to neoliberals, it is about feeling good and looking good. There is no need for structural change in this neoliberal controlled world. It must be voluntary, makeshift, minuscule and preferably not lasting.

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Here's a new vim tip for ya!

Work on the list of files of the current directory by typing ':r!ls' (inserts the input from ls into your document)

If we really want to keep the climate under control, we need to discuss post-growth, not "green methane" or "green nuclear waste."

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Mass crop failures expected in England as farmers demand hosepipe bans - the UK is a failed state; we knew this would be a problem, but did nothing to address it....

The energy as a commodity experiment has to end, or we will lose the climate. There can be no profiting from energy, is what the climate is showing us. This is a fundamental change that requires a complete restructuring of the energy sector.

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The River Loire today, Loireauxence, Loire-Atlantique, France 🇫🇷

How much should we reduce income inequality?

For guidance we can look to public sector pay scales, the closest thing we have to a democratically determined distribution. In major institutions like the NHS, universities, etc, salary inequalities rarely exceed a ratio of 5:1.

By 2050, about 1/2 the European population may be exposed to high or very high risk of heat stress in summer.

'Enough Is Enough' Campaign Launched in UK to Fight Cost of Living Crisis

"Fair pay, affordable bills, enough to eat, and a decent place to live. These aren't luxuries—they are your rights!"

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Behind the fence, 113 #Castor containers filled with highly radioactive nuclear waste lie in an above-ground hall. The containers are 400 degrees Celsius hot inside and will last about 30 years. So far, there is no material that can withstand the nuclear waste. The first containers are now 27 ys old. Each container weighs 117 tons. In total, Germany has highly radioactive waste for 1500 Castor containers. They have to be guarded for 100,000 years. There is no solution yet
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Trees cool the land surface temperature of cities by up to 12°C
An analysis of satellite data from 293 cities in Europe has found that trees have a big cooling effect while other green spaces don't

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