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music piracy 

I miss Anybody have invites to one of the replacement trackers?

crisis bailouts (economics, politics) 

Interesting bailout idea proposed by Pitchfork Economics (an excellent podcast, even if they describe themselves as capitalists):

Instead of giving free money or zero-interest loans to giant corporations who funneled money to the rich via stock buybacks, demand preferred shares in return. Those shares belong to every person with a social security number, who can exercise them when they retire (as well as elect members of the board, etc).

Since the taxpayer is taking the risk for bailing out e.g. Boeing, the taxpayer should get the reward, too.

Marxism in a crisis (+) 

I do feel this way, unironically, but I get that I, too, am part of the bourgeoisie these days.

Via Existential Comics ( wherein the philosophers resolve to form mutual aid networks rather than overthrowing themselves.

Caption: Marx kicking in the door with AK-47s Akimbo, announcing "Alright everyone, now is our chance! Capitalism is weakened, and showing it cannot manage a crisis. The full cruelty of the class structure is being laid bare. We must seize this opportunity to overthrow the bourgeoisie once and for all and free the workers!"

covid-19, treatment capacity (-) 

The "flatten-the-curve" graphic going around is tremendously optimistic. Specifically, the line representing hospital capacity.

Drawn to scale, it looks like this (in the US).


That's not to say we shouldn't try to flatten the curve; if anything it's even more vital because as soon as we exceed a threshold (somewhere between 200k and 500k symptomatic cases) people start dying because they can't get treatment. It's probably even lower due to uneven distribution of beds-per-capita.

Caption: Graph showing a bell curve of "Hospitalized patients" reaching into 10s of millions and "ICU patients" reaching ~3.5 million. A red dotted line shows the ICU bed capacity, at 50k, barely above the X-axis.

(Boosting a couple of posts from my other account for readership. Hopefully this doesn't spam anybody that's following both accounts, but feel free to stop following this one; I won't be posting anything new here.)

Wanted: self-hosted alternative to, with the ability to automatically import transaction details.

I'd probably settle for csv import/export if I can script it up with, say, selenium.

That project might either be a joke or simply dead. The corresponding github repo has no plugin, and there's nothing on the chrome store (obviously).

The concept is sound, though; it's trivially easy to fake tracking data, and only a little bit harder to build a tracking token sharing platform (to deliberately screw with analysis that links tracking tokens to location or other data).

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self-hosting fediverse (pleroma) 

docs: Having trouble getting the right versions of Elixir + Erlang running on your production host because you prefer running LTS versions of Ubuntu? Try setting those up with asdf.

me: uh, okay. I guess that might resolve the horrible dependency conflicts I'm getting.

me: But now how do I install all of the pleroma dependencies with asdf?

docs: We're not going to help you any more than that. You're on your own.

A Firefox addon that appends nonsense tracking parameters (?utm, clickid, etc) to most requests, just to poison the data collected by trackers.

corp grouse 

Getting advice on how to cargo cult one of Google's management techniques from somebody who used to be middle-management at Zynga.

mozilla layoffs 

This reminds me that despite being a diehard firefox user, I don't really provide them much financial support. This is partly a side effect of the dual org structure, but on the commercial side the few products I could buy all rub me the wrong way.

I made a resolution to provide more financial support for things I use, so I should investigate this again, but they don't make it easy.

A host-less version of peertube (free from takedowns) with communities built around curation, reviews and discussion (to drown out the inevitable garbage).

Ah, yes, devops. For when programming alone doesn't expose you to enough half-baked, under-documented tooling and you need more tech rage in your diet. governance, kaniini 

I'm a bit irked by the (admittedly tiny) role s.c had in legitimizing those who hounded kaniini off the fediverse.

My understanding was that silencing a lot of pleroma instances (including the ones kaniini ran) was capitulation to a cancel mob primarily to prevent said mob from targeting s.c. I could be wrong about that story, but the handful of times I've brought it up have had minimal response thus far.

Irked for a while, but now it might be time to migrate.

Strongly considering moving the django-tastypie repository to . Partly to not be on github, but partly to be able to use gitlab-ci instead of .

The last few releases (compatibility updates to match Django versions) have been relatively simple to implement, but then an extra 2-4 weeks of fighting with travis to get tests to pass. This would be a lot easier and go a lot faster if travis had a mechanism for ssh'ing into a build container.

surveillance capitalism, GOOG 

So now I have to blacklist loading '' globally and only whitelist it on sites that need it (captchas, of course) and then only temporarily.

The web is awful.

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surveillance capitalism, GOOG 

It used to be you could just blacklist the google analytics, google tags and a few other google domains and disable most of their tracking.

Now any site that allows SSO with Google is preloading login details so you can one-click login. The side effect is yet another tracking vector, and possibly exposing your google account details to any random website. It's probably trying to be secure, but that part of the browser security model has a... checkered history.

homestuck and homestar runner are set in the same cinematic universe

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