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It took a very long time to get up to a boil, until I replaced those two spacer bricks at the top with some 1" aluminum rail left over from the old greenhouse teardown. So getting the gap at the top just right is pretty vital; too wide and you lose heat to the surroundings, too narrow and the rocket effect doesn't work as well. I suspect that even a 1" gap is more than enough room, though; I'll try even narrow next time.

Brewing beer on a homemade brick rocket stove.

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I need a good shade-providing gardening hat for my oversized noggin. Maybe straw? Maybe a safari hat?

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a bot that trolls the fediverse for youtube links, pushes them through youtube-dl, uploads them to a peertube instance, and replies to the original post with the peertube link

There's enough of these they could fill a single-subject tumblr of shame for decades.

TWF a advocate publishes an article about the perils of on a mainstream website with tons of tracking.

In this case, not even a mainstream journalism website; Cory Doctorow's opening paragraphs here:

That's four different third-party companies that can track my reading of the article: Facebook, Google (thrice), Pinterest, and Wordpress (twice). And this is really tame compared to a newpaper...

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>year is 2020
> you run on a raspberry pi in your living-room pleroma 4.8.1 you installed with @yunohost , no command line knowledge needed.
>pleroma is swiss knife of the fediverse, 9 different FE, still running on a Rpi.
>You shitpost using PleromaFE
>You write using PlumeFE
>You vlog using PtubeFE and community driven node helping you with bandwidth.
>You share short video/pics using PFedFE.
>You listen to music using FunkwhaleFE.
>You use ONE account.Keeping your subscribers.

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I’m sick to death of people being precious about #GMO produce. Functionally there is no difference between a grape bred to have little or no seed and a grape that has been modified in a lab for the same thing. Y’all are just scared of science.

You wanna talk about #Monsanto charging for “licenses” for their crops, ok. Talk about agribusiness killing the planet, ok. Talk about corporations copyrighting genetic code, ok. These are all valid concerns.

But the science is sound.

linux_networking dot jay pee gee

Seriously, wtf does "tc mirred to Houston" mean? A search for it yields only source code from the linux kernel. Would it have killed them to write something in English?

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DHS is busting a protest in my town. Because protest is a threat to the security of the homeland.

I remember when liberals all got on board with President Bush to start all this stuff and socialists told the libs that they would inevitably turn these weapons of war against our own people and libs said no you’re just a dirty hippie and why do you hate America?

No more liberals. Socialism or bust.

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If guaranteed minimum income and universal healthcare were a thing, I think so many of my programmer colleagues would immediately take low-income sabbaticals to write high-quality good-ui users-first free and open source software that it would inspire tedious "how was it possible?!?" medium dot com thinkpieces for years and years

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@djsundog a library that doesn't ebb and flow at least a little is like a stagnant pond.

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re-set this flag automatically during the last update. If you don't want it scanning your computer and uploading that info to their servers, check your privacy settings.

This is awful.

I miss web rings. Yeah, they were clunky and a pretty weird way to discover content, but they were formed by humans, not bots. Humans who had to talk to each other to coordinate adding more nodes or to recover from broken links.

In , I want a mandate that requires companies to implement a single-click mechanism for stopping all unnecessary tracking* and deleting all existing unnecessary data already collected.
Can you imagine how hard it would be for Google (&c) to implement this? Not only unhiding the several hundred buried privacy options, but they'd also need to spend enormous effort analyzing their own products for everywhere they've been hoarding data for decades.
* this is already defined in v1.