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I've moved to @gdorn.

Reposting for clarify and pinning.

I've moved to @gdorn.

Reposting for clarify and pinning.

music piracy 

crisis bailouts (economics, politics) 

Marxism in a crisis (+) 

covid-19, treatment capacity (-) 

(Boosting a couple of posts from my other account for readership. Hopefully this doesn't spam anybody that's following both accounts, but feel free to stop following this one; I won't be posting anything new here.)

Wanted: self-hosted alternative to, with the ability to automatically import transaction details.

I'd probably settle for csv import/export if I can script it up with, say, selenium.

That project might either be a joke or simply dead. The corresponding github repo has no plugin, and there's nothing on the chrome store (obviously).

The concept is sound, though; it's trivially easy to fake tracking data, and only a little bit harder to build a tracking token sharing platform (to deliberately screw with analysis that links tracking tokens to location or other data).

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self-hosting fediverse (pleroma) 

A Firefox addon that appends nonsense tracking parameters (?utm, clickid, etc) to most requests, just to poison the data collected by trackers.

corp grouse 

mozilla layoffs 

A host-less version of peertube (free from takedowns) with communities built around curation, reviews and discussion (to drown out the inevitable garbage).

Ah, yes, devops. For when programming alone doesn't expose you to enough half-baked, under-documented tooling and you need more tech rage in your diet. governance, kaniini 

Strongly considering moving the django-tastypie repository to . Partly to not be on github, but partly to be able to use gitlab-ci instead of .

The last few releases (compatibility updates to match Django versions) have been relatively simple to implement, but then an extra 2-4 weeks of fighting with travis to get tests to pass. This would be a lot easier and go a lot faster if travis had a mechanism for ssh'ing into a build container.

surveillance capitalism, GOOG 

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surveillance capitalism, GOOG 

homestuck and homestar runner are set in the same cinematic universe

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