I put batteries in and fired it up. Seems to work fine. Still has the original 24k RAM, which I gather can be expanded (officially another 8k, or unofficially via some mods to bring it up to >1M).

Basic interpreter works, too. The address book and scheduler are missing files, maybe I'm missing an init step?

I haven't tried the cassette, but Telecom reveals there's a built-in modem which makes pulse dialing noises. Telecom via null modem -> usb -> SoC might be one way to get online.

Turns out I have a very dusty Tandy 102. I'm pretty sure the cassette port in the back is the same as the TRS-80 CoCo, so I might be able to use that cassette deck to save things. I'll have to read up more on it, but I suspect it could be made to talk to WiFi over the RS-232 port, via an ESP8266 board, perhaps.

It's not much different than the 100, except being thinner and lighter and coming with 24k of RAM. Oh, and SMD-mount chips, which might make hacking it a bit harder.

I would need to start by converting the keyboard to , which is possible but involves hacking the ROM, from what I've read. But network-wise, perhaps an ESP8266 connected to the RS232 port could bridge TELECOM to wifi? I bet somebody's done this...

I have an old TRS-80 CoCo and one of the portables that runs on AA batteries and has a 4-line LCD panel. I wonder how hard it would be to get them online. The portable might make a nice low-distraction writing terminal, but without network access it'd be extremely hard to get documents out of it...

I'm far too lazy to be a good gardener, so this is fairly low-effort. It only needs watering about once a week, and the grow lamp is on a timer.

I'm so lazy I occasionally let it go a week without watering, and that makes the basil sad and wilted, so I'm considering automating the watering process, too...

Indoor herb project. Basil and parsley are in pots made from large cans (malt extract cans) and a 3d-printed insert that leaves room at the bottom for a water reservoir. Soon the cilantro will be transplanted into a bigger container, too.

My neighbors probably think I'm growing weed. (It'd be legal, but still...)

Also a client that can inline images via zmodem or kermit.

I want a telnet+ANSI interface to the fediverse.

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Why's everybody talking about ?

Oh. I see.

Well, uh, I'll be back in a few days then.

This other example (by @dsblank ) essentially creates sparse models for everything and leaves it up to the implementation anyway: github.com/dsblank/activitypub

It's not completely pointless, but it can barely do more than define what objects should exist and what properties those objects _may_ contain.

This is mostly early-project angst, but I just spent a couple hours trying to digest the AP spec into something resembling a reusable library (for Django), and the spec is so general and open-ended almost everything has to be an optional property. So an abstract library is nearly useless; we might as well start at the concrete implementation and try to make it speak AP instead of subclassing an AP library and configuring it.

We're starting work on another implementation of a fediverse server, with an eye towards a wide range of deployment options, including single-user with minimal resources.

This means I'm reading the ActivityPub white paper and finding all the ways Mastodon doesn't follow it.


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Can't empathise the usage of #AndStatus enough as a fediverse app for anyone that wants an app that functions even with the worst internent connection great.
For example will it load first the text and makes it visable and usable, befor avatar images and such are loaded. Data is stored, so if internent connection isn't permanent you still can read posts and reply to them.
AndStatus will do synchronize in the backround.

Extended Fediverse Achievement Unlocked: Subscribed to a instance's local videos via RSS.

(Now to figure out how to embed PeerTube videos in TT-RSS's UI...)

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social.coop is a a coop-run corner of the fediverse, a cooperative and transparent approach to operating a social platform. We are currently closed to new memberships while we improve our internal processes and policies, and plan to re-open to new folks when that work is complete. [9/2/2018]