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heads up, if for some ungodly reason you're still using facebook, theyre now starting to push spyware under the guise of a VPN on the ios app.

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Wait, Facebook is literally pushing a VPN solution that claims to "protect" you?

A VPN that sends all your traffic through facebook's servers

How dumb do they thin... 33 million installs... Okay they might be right about how dumb people are

Unmentioned in the release notes:

"Update also includes security updates for Meltdown and Spectre."

Somehow not worth mentioning?

The release notes for the update that has been bugging me to reboot my laptop for the last two weeks contains one item:

- Addresses an issue that could cause Messages conversations to temporarily be listed out of order.

So many ways this is wrong:
1. An OS security update for this? It's an APP!
2. A reboot is required? Again, it's an APP!
3. I don't even use Messages!
4. No option to ignore.

I was already never buying another Apple product. If I had time, I'd put Linux on this one.

I'm trying the build of :

- F-Droid pre-installed as an "Official Source" - no sideloading needed.
- MicroG replaces some Google APIs (normally bundled into the Google Play Services bloatware) with open-source versions - Location Services, Cloud Messaging, etc, with some disabled by default.

MicroG has matured since I last toyed with it - it used to require building Android from source, or live-patching java binaries, and was pretty buggy.

Another possibility is to keep the DSL for use with services that don't need reliability. Route Steam downloads, Bittorrent traffic and assorted other low-priority traffic through it, and all other traffic through LTE.

I'll need to learn a lot more about iptables rules to pull that off, but it might be worth it.

I've unplugged my DSL, after a particularly flaky afternoon. I'll be testing whether (with SQM-based QoS) alone is sufficient for the household's dozen-or-so devices. It certainly is vastly more stable, according to the pings that have run every 15 seconds for the last two weeks.

I should do a more thorough analysis, but that will require scraping my mailbox and parsing email. Not difficult, but one extra step.

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As part of the multi-wan project, I am running fault_tolerant_router, which sends pings out every 15 seconds to see which connections are up. I have it configured to email me whenever a connection goes down or comes back.

CenturyLink goes down every 2-3 hours. Usually only for a minute or two. Calyx, though, typically only goes down once a day, for a similar period.

I'm almost ready to cancel CenturyLink, though having the extra bandwidth has been nice.

Going to end up building my own tracker. For now, the 7-year-old tracker-in-one-PHP-file (BitStorm) is probably a fine place to start.

Sharing my media collection with friends:

- rsync/scp/ftp is fragile for big files, firewall/NAT problems
- went payware
- / / are payware at this scale (and evil)
- needs manual creation of torrent files, no browsing
- has no ipv6; linux crashes
- isn't made for this, fiddly settings needed to avoid accidentally propagating deletes.
- not made for this, PITA to install, firewall issues.


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Y'all remember DirectConnect? Kazaa? WASTE? Restroshare? You know, software where you could offer your entire media collection for share and people could browse and download as they liked?

What's the modern version of that, which

a) works, stably; and
b) is cross-platform at least to Linux and Windows?

#p2p #filesharing #decentralized

I also attempted to install Nextcloud for the fourth time today, and failed.

It's a PHP app. I've been installing PHP apps since 2004. I run numerous PHP apps, and have authored no small number of them myself. It should not require a dedicated VPS running nothing else in order to get it working, it should work alongside my existing apps. Alas, it does not.

I do want to get away from Google Drive, but Nextcloud is not going to be the way.

After some success with , I invited a couple friends to try it. We immediately discovered:

- it is amazingly unstable on linux, or at least the version of linux mint it was tested on.
- it isn't compatible with the highest tier of hotspots, which are inexplicably -only. I'm not sure which is more wtf-worthy - retroshare is -only, or an internet uplink that is ipv6-only.

Mastodon, only without the instances.

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Losing one's job (while being lucky enough to have some savings to go on) is the best way to understand how much time and energy menial jobs take out of one's life. To me, it feels like a rehab, like regaining some long lost ability or skill. The urge to create grows stronger as I get back to writing, reading, thinking, all while feeling a new energy that makes me want to run, excercise, improve... It feels amazing, though I know, in the back of my head, this can't last.

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The only way software development can ever be humane is if unions come into being. But developers are by and large against that because each and every one of them believes they’re good enough to get more than all those other people and thus that a union would only hold them back.

Oh. Those poor fools. Those poor, suffering fools.

It’s tragic as hell.

The fun part is that automation is coming for their jobs, too. /fin

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