For people working on ActivityPub implementations I just wrapped up a nice chat with the folks of in Amsterdam (@manetta @rra and others). It was all via document editing and you can read the whole thing starting at line 188 in this document

It's a bit disorganized and I think they are going to digest it into a blog post or similar but for now this may be helpful to people who are puzzling their way through ActivityPub implementation!

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I want an instance that is strictly . I would try to cross-post all of my toots in that language as a learning exercise.

I'm particularly interested in finding people who don't speak English but are learning Toki Pona, to see how well the language works without other common ground.

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Went to "the bins" and among the buried treasured was a copy of Dungeon World. Almost makes up for the dustlung. is superior to duckduckgo if only because the page doesn't jump around after loading, causing me to misclick and end up on yelp by mistake...

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