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Takeaways from the #activitypubconf

1. SharedInbox is dead (look out for MultiBox and OcapsPub)

2. Strong interest to explore Object Capabilities as a way to secure social introductions, power delegation and transitivity, and to develop effective cooperation tools that prevent abuse in the #Fediverse

3. There should be a dedicated #ActivityPub devroom at #FOSDEM2020

Web development with : ./ runserver

WebSocket development with : step one: install docker...

"More like CRAPitalism amirite?" is fedi code for "I'm so tired and I need a hug."

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The next D&D session starts here, with an initiative roll. Of course, I have some minor changes to make, because the party arrived here by tunneling into the side wall by shapechanging into beholders and disintegrating their way here...

If I delude myself hard enough into thinking I'm enough of a Fediverse developer to get something useful out of the conference, I can also convince myself I could afford to do it.

And I'd have to stay in a week to make it the cheapest (weird airfare behavior).

I dunno. It's a neat idea, and is coming up on federation any week now...

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People harassing the Tusky dev are wrong

People harassing the Fedilab dev are wrong

People clamoring for the Spanish Inquisition on F-Droid are wrong

You're all wrong. Have a nice day :blobcatmorningtea:

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