what kind of co-op is

a consumer co-op?
a worker co-op?
a housing co-op?

@gc Good question. Membership isn't entirely clear. I believe that topic has come up on Loomio.

@mattcropp even though I just posted something that agreed w you like 5 min ago lol, after thinking about it some more, I think @mayel is right - we're a virtual housing cooperative

@gc @mayel I tend to think of housing co-ops as a subset of consumer co-ops.

@mattcropp @mayel really? I mean I definitely think housing cooperatives are a class unto their own, but more similar to worker co-ops because of the labor involved. like it's definitely not clear cut, eg buying food together is a super common type of a consumer co-op, but bathrooms don't clean themselves lol. at least in icc houses, all members agree to do 4-6 hours a week of labor, whether it's cooking, cleaning, gardening, officer labor, etc etc

@gc @mayel I think there's a spectrum with housing co-ops, between ones in which you are purchasing housing cooperatively and all the property services are hired by the co-op to one's that involve member work, but I think that mirrors the difference between a more professionalized food co-op and Park Slope, which uses a lot of member labor, but where the core economic relationship is as a consumer of food or housing.

@gc @mattcropp I was mostly joking, but I guess it could fit. Are there housing co-ops that host non contributing guests?

@mayel @mattcropp not really? I mean we'll have friends crash on one of our couches, but if you stay awhile you're generally expected to start doing labor and pay boarding fees

@gc good question. Probably closest to a consumer coop as it’s composed of users coming together to purchase and democratically volunteer run a platform service.

@gc this toot has elicited a seriously conversation. :)

I'd go for open co-op - at least that's the ethos that I sense coming through our discussions.

@gc sometimes I get a bit annoyed at the 'standard' coop catagories and the way some 'introductions to coops' texts present them as the available options. Some just dont fit, I dont think thats a problem. I think its generally agreed that as long as your following the principles youre a coop.
The common options consumer/worker co-op encodes at the core of the coop movement that economic relationships happen almost exclusively via market relationships which I think is problematic. 1/2

@gc I'd hope that most people would agree that the ever increasing marketization of every aspect of our societies is problematic and that we should encourage forms of economic realtionships that dont necessarily funnel us into interacting purely via market mechanism.

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