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Kevin Flanagan

The common good is shaped by the struggle for its definition. It is not a question of what 'the common good' is or of what serves 'the common good' in material terms but rather 'how' the common good is determined.

Schemes to 'incentive' people to 'do the right thing' are a cynical form of manipulation. If you can not trust in people's capacity to engage in dialogue to decide and choose 'to do the right thing' then why should anyone trust that your thing is 'the right thing' at all. reading group Show more

So I can see some gnusocial accounts when I search quitter but it seems limited. So how does this work or not?

@seahorse I'm working with a group and we are looking at which has 75,000 members

"Against the backdrop of a deepening housing crisis, new grassroots organizations are emerging to challenge landlords and governments and to organize tenants."

Guilty feet have got no rhythm

I found the copy text option

feature request: For IOS
(1) I'd like to be able to copy text from toots.
(2) I'd like to be able to use IOS share option to share toots on twitter and share tweets on Mastodon.

Hey I have friends in an org that would like to support their community to join real social networks. Can anyone point me to an easy way to create a birdsite clone account for them as a first step. Like everyone they are locked in with legacy issues and change takes time.

If you are looking for a great co-operator to follow - try a recent addition @jdaviescoates

I just signed up for this free on , run by Univeristy of , starts 8th Jan:

"Economic Democracy: The Cooperative Alternative
Could a cooperative market economy, in which firms are owned and controlled by their workers, be a viable and efficient alternative to capitalism?" infrastructure working group meeting Show more infrastructure working group meeting Show more

90% off all Verso ebooks until January 1st. The largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world. Give 'em a bit of solidarity and get a book on politics for a couple of quid.

I just got The Next Revolution collection of essays by Bookchin, score.

@flgnk @unknowndevice @cathal

Facebook is not "tech". Facebook is a corporation that subverts technology for their own purposes.

Machines and software are the embodiment of technology, which can be seized, re-appropriated, and repurposed for good uses.

Confession time I haven't been here much the past few months but have been on the dark side where most of my friends remain. I promise to evangelise and convert a few in the new year because I miss them otherwise.