Welcome to a weekend in Flancia if you are willing, my friends!

A [[thread]].


I'll try to keep this [[thread]] alive during the long weekend:

[[2022-06-03]] (Friday, I worked)
[[2022-06-04]] (Saturday, in an agora)
[[2022-06-05]] (Sunday, in Flancia)
[[2022-06-06]] (Monday, a holiday)

@agora I [[meditated]], did Loving Kindness. I am thankful for it.

@agora just to be clear: Flancia is a mediocre execution of a good idea.

@agora The core of the idea is that we'll use the internet to organize a tractable [[non violent]] [[global revolution]].


@agora this probably using the power of [[social media]], which has been heavily disparaged over the last decade because of the incompetent and sometimes actively harmful control of this space held by [[corporations]].

@agora with an Agora we'll take control of the internet back from corporations for the [[people]].

Which people, do you ask?
Which Agora?

[[Let me show you]] and you'll see.

@agora I am happy to report the spirit of the early internet is alive and well in the [[fediverse]].

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