DEAR fedi - what are the pitfalls of making prominent display of contributorship to a page. I want to make it obvious who wrote stuff, and also make it easy to aggregate all the contributions of a person. this, I am aware, is controversial in wiki communities due to a varied reading of barn raising. why *wouldn't* I do this? !/

anagora bot now out hunting, hungry for tags. I wonder if ends up in the same place as [[sorry anagora bot]] and [[sorry_anagora_bot]]

@flancian an interesting equivalence relationship to consider^


@jonny @agora thank you, yes, I have it on my todo list to make it so that == [[foo bar]]. Adding to the mix!

About the default agora bot experience: did you feel pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised when it started responding to hashtags? I've implemented opt-in on Twitter, if you think this is too eager we could change the default here as well :)

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