Still feeling down, separations are hard. Also this morning I woke up too late to meditate before work and that seemed to make the whole day a bit harder.

[[Lady Burup]] decided to attack my feet for fun (or food) at 6AM :) I love her so I see beauty in her shenanigans.

I thought I'd make a thread, it's been long since one of those.

Come to think about it I used to write threads relatively often earlier in my social media life. Perhaps the [[agora]] notes took over a bit, I use it a lot from here to test and I find it a bit addictive maybe.

I'm sometimes scared I guess, but I don't share it often.

I try to be valiant, but perhaps I'm just [[foolish]].

Sometimes I feel like I see clearly, but perhaps I'm just [[deluded]].


I will now meditate for ten minutes, would you like to join me?

If so, [[meditate now]] :)

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