I think I'm ditching [[foam]], at least for a while. [[vscode]] just gave out on me -- it stopped letting me write at all. It wasn't a matter of latency anymore, of which I've complained before; I could not add or remove text. Probably a borked update.

I'll try to report a bug but I think I'm ready to try something new. Vscode is difficult to set up and that perhaps makes it a suboptimal default [[agora]] client for now.

@flancian next up: I think I'll be back to [[obsidian]] for a bit while [[bangle]] gets a few features [[kepta]] is working on.


@flancian in the process I think I'll be ditching slugified filenames. Foam defaults to them (or did when I adopted it anyway, my config might be out of date?), [[obsidian]] and [[dendron]] don't, so I'll make the switch and report back.


@flancian @bmann @neil do you have an opinion on filename conventions?

I was a fan of slugs as they simplify converging on a common encoding, but I now sort of think they might be too much of a dimensionality reduction to apply in as early a stage as filesystem level. Wdyt?



@flancian @bmann @neil done -- ditched slugs, now using [[obsidian]].

It would have been as simple as one command had I not botched it on the first try by forgetting 'git' :)

for i in *-*md; do git mv $i "$(echo $i | sed -e 's/-/ /g')"; done

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