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Updated after a session last night. You should buy this book now, before I start increasing the price. leanpub.com/maybe-zombies/

Do y'all sometimes feel like you're just out here floating in cyberspace? Because there's only 129,747 accounts on Mastodon. And some of them are duplicates. How is that possible? Should I get start registering a shitload of Laura-related handles and then sell them later? Like people did with domain names in the early days of the web? Will this make me rich in the Capitalist definition of the word? If yes, Should I buy a luxury treehouse?

LOL someone else called me “condescending” and “aggressive” I have to ask myself, would they have written the word “aggressive" if I were a man? 🤔

Ok, so someone called my @CoTechUK @WortleyHall Facilitation skills “Transcendental”.

I don’t want to brag, but this talk I gave in October went really well. I feel like I’m watching someone else. youtube.com/watch?v=O49U2M1ucz

How come every time I go to find a gif, I find it, pass it on, and STILL fall down the @GIPHY hole?

Question: Do things the EXACT SAME WAY as all the credible orgs do things, or buck convention because who the hell came up with that unwritten Internet rule anyway?

I received TWO printed copies of the @openorgbook Workbook we wrote. And I’m super excited that my books page keeps expanding. Free downloads y’all! laurahilliger.com/books/

I write anti-capitalist trip-trap while pretending to be a functioning adult in our capitalist society. You can read about this kind of stuff in my newsletter: laurahilliger.com/newsletter

Roses are red. Violets are blue, You haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, have you? laurahilliger.com/newsletter

I kind of feel like I should toot at random I like who are famous and ask them to ask other to sign up. But then I’m like “Meh. ”. I don’t feel weird about asking you directly though. Sign up: laurahilliger.com/newsletter

you missed this week's newsletter, maybe, here's a link. But also, just sign up because I am too lazy to share these doodads everytime. laurahilliger.com/newsletter

As an open ‘expert’ (or whatever), I know that no one is intentionally ignoring their policies (I trust). The web has old docs, webpages aren’t always updated, process changes but isn’t communicated. So how do these things contribute to the erosion of trust?

It’s bad practice to have community policies that you completely ignore.

I am elated that we launched Greenpeace International’s new site yesterday. So much happening behind the scenes, you can learn all about it: medium.com/planet4 and leave feedback greenpeace.org/international

I’m trying to cyberstalk people I’ve worked with in the past, and am realizing that no one uses social media anymore. Unless people are on Facebook? Which seems weird since you’re mostly tech activists…the web is lonely on Saturday.

I write my newsletter then pre-schedule a tweet or two asking people to sign up to my newsletter. But I can't pre-schedule a toot...can I? Something else to add to my list of to-dos "Find all the replacements for my workflow". Maybe @dajbelshaw will tell me what to do next week :) laurahilliger.com/newsletter/

I know but if I leave Twitter for good, I will miss out on people doing things like "Mashing up the tweets & the world of Kim Kardashian with the philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard" - which, while not essential, is kind of positive for my emotional well being.

New year, more newsletters. About stuff that I think and read and do. People seem to like it, maybe you will too laurahilliger.com/newsletter

The @WeAreOpenCoop Monday Morning Meeting always makes me feel super jazzed about the week. Creative juice.