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There's great work being done around the world, but so much of it is bankrolled by really problematic neoliberal enterprises as a marketing exercise.

The difficulty with that isn't that money is being funnelled into good causes, but that those good causes are beholden (even if subconsciously) to those neoliberal enterprises.

How about big companies pay their taxes and citizens decide where money is spent, instead of rich white guys and their marketing departments deciding?

“Vegetarian haggis is way better than actual haggis”. Welcome to the week @WeAreOpenCoop

If at first you don't succeed, try a different browser.

“I stole that” “Well, in open source we use the term fork or borrow” Touché! @openorgbook I <3 this community @opensourceway

I do not understand how it's possible that there are only 146,315 user accounts on mastodon...Where are all those mass exodus from Facebook and Twitter people? They haven't caught up with us yet?

146,315 accounts
+13 in the last hour
+532 in the last day
+3,634 in the last week

My team needs a kickass UX designer. @Greenpeace team is made up of Earth shakers! Come work with us: workfor.greenpeace.org/vacanci

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I'm always starting flame wars with comments I make in google docs...Today's was "SEO made sense in the first year when the Google algorithm was dumb but now it's just bullshit invented by marketers to trick people into paying money for nothing. you might as well spend your money on astrology, witchcraft or any fake science of your choice"

In case you miss it on discourse, I’ll cross post here. A write up of what we talked about this week in the @CoTechUK Community call: blog.weareopen.coop/cotech-com

Updated after a session last night. You should buy this book now, before I start increasing the price. leanpub.com/maybe-zombies/

Do y'all sometimes feel like you're just out here floating in cyberspace? Because there's only 129,747 accounts on Mastodon. And some of them are duplicates. How is that possible? Should I get start registering a shitload of Laura-related handles and then sell them later? Like people did with domain names in the early days of the web? Will this make me rich in the Capitalist definition of the word? If yes, Should I buy a luxury treehouse?

LOL someone else called me “condescending” and “aggressive” I have to ask myself, would they have written the word “aggressive" if I were a man? 🤔

Ok, so someone called my @CoTechUK @WortleyHall Facilitation skills “Transcendental”.

I don’t want to brag, but this talk I gave in October went really well. I feel like I’m watching someone else. youtube.com/watch?v=O49U2M1ucz

How come every time I go to find a gif, I find it, pass it on, and STILL fall down the @GIPHY hole?

Question: Do things the EXACT SAME WAY as all the credible orgs do things, or buck convention because who the hell came up with that unwritten Internet rule anyway?

I received TWO printed copies of the @openorgbook Workbook we wrote. And I’m super excited that my books page keeps expanding. Free downloads y’all! laurahilliger.com/books/

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