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"I wanted to reach out to you, because I see that you are involved with blockchain" hahhahahha

If i say the words "revolutionize" and "innovation" and "blockchain" in the same sentence, will you sign up for my newsletter? laurahilliger.com/newsletter

Today I’m wearing a @RedHatSummit teeshirt, carrying an @RedHat backpack and drinking H2O from an @opensourceway sippie cup. Could be overkill, good be good swag design.

I love the “built on blockchain” services that have privacy policies that are BS. Did you notice that everyone who works there also worked at a company that has a copy of this site w/ nearly the same offer except with “AI”? Business Bingo Bullshit.

buy my slightly more than half finished book and join an elite team of readers who are patiently awaiting new installments: leanpub.com/maybe-zombies

Just submitted a talk to @wordcampUS about @Greenpeace – Would love to tell an open source love story and bring in some @WeAreOpenCoop goodness with a sprinkle of @opensourceway. All my interests combined == (potentially) cool talks to cool communities

I'm about to ask the iching if I should go to training tonight.

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Are you on twitter sometimes? Can you please go vote on this? Because someone challenged me and asked me to prove it and I'm like "Sigh, do your own research" and then, "oh wait, i work in tech, I'll just tweet": twitter.com/epilepticrabbit/st

New lights in my office, which is a cross between and Apple store and citizen m hotels social.coop/media/d6zTAmGxu5zs

When you get a drop in meeting in the middle of the day so your -op members can say “Hey, we think you should be paid for that advice. Can you invoice please?” <3 @WeAreOpenCoop

Fun fact: If you hit “do not accept” on the cookies notifications, 99% of the time nothing happens and the site serves you the content you were looking for. This is great.

I feel like I should send an invoice to the European Commission for all the time I'm spending deleting GDPR emails.

– I feel like this should be OBVIOUS. If you are applying for a design job, take the time to layout your CV. I can’t believe how many people I’m tossing because their resumes look like crap.