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Fun fact "epilepticrabbit" was a screen name a younger me used in the late 90s. Via @mrkrndvs collect.readwriterespond.com/m

If you wait long enough, you won’t have to change your password because either the company shut down or they upgraded and you got lost in the migration.

Bunch of people are like "You probably can't find a dev because you dopn't pay enough." 2 things, #1: YOU is not ME, it's Greenpeace #2: I spent my career making decisions not based on money or power, but based on ideals and ethics. And I’m successful because of that, not in spite of it.

Who knows a good front end dev? How is it possible that we are having a hard time filling a for @greenpeace international 1st project? Peeps - please share: workfor.greenpeace.org/vacanci

I do all my own slides, and it takes time, every time, even for repeat talks :/

Listening to a panel on technology and climate change. One lady, seven dudes. And without taking that sad fact into account, when has an 8 person panel ever been a good idea?

@Gargron so... mastodon bridge doesn't work for me (the same issue everyone else always had). Do you have a tip on how to MAKE it work? Dead end Github issues from 2017, no alternatives and a toot from you in January saying "I fixed it" have me reaching out to you directly :) social.coop/media/n3CdcDZxjVUV

I went completely offline and had an actual vacation. The only thing that changed was my entire disposition. Everything else still (literally) on fire. Anyone want to go swimming later?

I won't be at , now will any of our co-op.

Why? Although enjoyed meeting everyone last year, the panel session that marginalised, excluded, and patronised a female member of our co-op still hasn't been apologised for appropriately.

Said member offered to help improve inclusion and diversity this year, but there was no budget available, it seems.

Just because you put a :) on it doesn’t mean it’s nice.

I want add all the people, but bridge.joinmastodon.org/ is never working for me. Anyone have an alternative to get Twitter follows over here?

Capitalism is really pissing me off this week.

Just going to go ahead and admit that finding the Fresh Prince of Bel air on Netflix just made me: t.co/UOoLCYJrJx

Looking forward to hearing from @GreenpeaceCA and @GreenpeaceCzech in today’s community call!

Phhh I thought @starfleet was from starship troopers...

Idea of the day from @WeAreOpenCoop @BryanMMathers "we should create an app that can tell when your screen is cracked and says 'youre screen is cracked, you must be clumsy'

@dajbelshaw @epilepticrabbit @mrkrndvs

p.s. from one conversation, a wonderful rabbit hole - and the source of three new sources, three new OLDaily articles (with the promise of more to come).


So, thanks.