Anyone a member of Foothills Energy Coop?

Would love to hear about member relations/engagement!

"co-operatives are established to serve their members’ interests and hence profitability is a means to and end rather than an end in itself"

-Cornforth, Chris (2004)

I've been trying to find a simple and clear explanation of co-ops to share with non-believers. I think Murray Fulton does a good job (esp if you watch the video @ 2x speed 🤓 )

Loving sifting through these co-op resources on cooperatives first!

About co-op identity: "Just because an organization is registered as a co-operative doesn’t mean it’s especially ‘co-opy.’"

Full post:

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Just posted Chapter 2 of
"Solidarity Economy Roads" by Luis Razeto Migliaro, trans. by @Matt_Noyes

This chapter is titled "The Road of the Poor and the Popular Economy"

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Honestly happy every time I get to cite this paper:

Mark McLelland. 2010. “‘Kissing Is a Symbol of Democracy!’: Dating, Democracy, and Romance in Occupied Japan, 1945-1952.” Journal of the History of Sexuality 19 (3): 508–35.

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Started a of the day campaign for !

Make sure to subscribe to our email list in our website here:

Follow me if you want a daily dose of knowledge!

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Learning more about and .0

Invitation to anyone with perspective on these who wants to see @snowdrift succeed in building a more ethical creative economy: Looking for any help in taking the team and community structure to the next level…

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Great news: the great Japanese , and , interpreter, translator, and fellow founder Chie Matsumoto is on Mastodon. Hope to get her here on soon!


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Got the Commonspoly files so we can make a local version!! Love the people at

Front Range Cooperative Game co-op anyone?

@clayton @ntnsndr @appleseed @natstein

A receipt from open collective tells me it's been exactly 1 year since I joined!

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Hey everybody! We came up with an idea at the last GEO gathering that I'd like to start on. Here it is:

Host an informal monthly/bi-weekly video hangout (on Zoom or Jitsi) for people working in or with to talk shop, share information, network, etc.

We feel that having ways for cooperators to connect with each other is of utmost importance for the movement and this is one way we could do that.

Anybody think that's a good idea? Bad idea? All comments welcome.

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Forgot to send you info about the awesome cooperative association I was telling you about in Venezuela.


And because you're proficient in Spanish:

We're thinking of doing our first 2019 YSI co-op webinar with them sometime in March. Hope folks from will participate too!

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Follow up to the permaculture course I posted yesterday, I found this on the same platform:

Governance in Co-operatives
Jan 21 - Mar 12, 2019

It starts tomorrow an requires a commitment of 3hr/week
This might be of interest to a lot of people around here.

I am considering signing up, if you want study partners, get in touch in the mentions 👇


@Matt_Noyes , have you seen these abstracts from last year's Royal Geographical Society's Food Geographies working group session on "sustainable food in public catering"?

It's mostly euro-centric but might help to jog some new ideas with your group/collective/food web gang!

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Anyone tried it is an instance of jitsi that has some nice features. It's been working well for me for the last week.

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Show more is a coop-run corner of the fediverse, a cooperative and transparent approach to operating a social platform. We are currently closed to new memberships while we improve our internal processes and policies, and plan to re-open to new folks when that work is complete. [9/2/2018]