Look what arrived in the mail today!!!! Wahoo!!

Happy birthday to one of my most inspiring collaborators and model for the type of person I’d like to grow up to be!!!

@Matt_Noyes I’m so stoked to have met you and look forward to all of the fun and INNOVATIVE projects you’ll be lending your wisdom to next year and in years to come!

Got my copy in the mail!! All the way in Japan!!!

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Write Freely is a writing platform on the Fediverse, sort of like a Fedi version of Medium.

It lets you write long form texts on the Fediverse, and people can follow your Write Freely account, so they see your latest posts.

The official site is at writefreely.org, you can also follow them at @writefreely

You can find instances to sign up on at writefreely.org/instances

There are apps available at writefreely.org/apps

If you are techy, there's instructions for self-hosting an instance at writefreely.org/start

If you aren't techy, you can still make your own Write Freely instance by using writefreely.host

#WriteFreely #Fediverse #FediTips #Medium #Alternatives

Another great meeting with the Social.coop Ops team!

Here are the minutes: loomio.org/d/yh0aFRbU/communit

-proposal from Leo about partnering with new cross co-op promotion idea
-revisiting our current structure (working group scope and elections)
-social.coop financial management

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Comradery is a new subscription payment platform that is cooperatively owned and democratically controlled by every creator who uses it. Learn more about us and sign up for early access to be a creator at comradery.co

Whaaaaa Levar Burton chose another @cadwellsocialcoop 's to read on his podcast!

And this one totally threw me for a loop... sooo good.

Can't wait to read "No Gods, No Monsters" when it comes out!


Feeling super grateful for a little jaunt in the mountains before the typhoon hit!

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@karrot @Matt_Noyes @neil @dazinism @kawaiipunk @ntnsndr @mariha @bhaugen

Reminder: This is happening later today:

⏲️ 9am West Coast USA
⏲️ 12pm East Coast USA
⏲️ 5pm London
⏲️ 18:00 Central Europe

☎️ call link --> socialcoop.meet.coop/nic-djg-e

(or in info a fresh toot I made today social.coop/@nicksellen/106533)

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I'm looking for help with a website for our media co-op. I've contacted several web design co-ops and also tried my networks here in Tokyo, but haven't had much luck.

It's a wordpress site that a novice (me, so please be kind) put together using some templates.

The issue is that it is multi-lingual and has a paywall. If anyone is available to help, I would be SO grateful.

We have a budget to pay someone for regular maintenance but it is more of a stipend than a wage...


just making coffee and some breakfast. let me know if you're still up for a chat, and no sweat if you're not!

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:TwinPines: 🏔️ 💓 Alright!💓 🏔️ :TwinPines:

OrganaGardens Cooperative is formally established in Colorado, articles of incorp. filed, bylaws adopted, officers elected.

The organizing process started in October, with lots of ups & downs, but they seem to have stuck the landing. Lots of education still to be done, but great to see all those five finger votes (they use Fist to Five).

Thanks to @emi and my friend Dan Hobbs of the RMFU for supporting my work supporting their organizing.

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Hope to get back to regularly updating my blog on rollingearth.org.

This one is thanks to @irmalila rollingearth.org/node/525

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I just published an interview with Alfredo Lopez, founder and long-time board member of May First, a co-op serving the technology needs of leftist movements. He talks about May First's vision, goals, governance, and more.

Listen or read here: realcoopstories.org/alfredo-lo

Both DisCOs and this article attempt to articulate the potential for tokens as a means for supporting the development of cooperatives, but I’m still not fully understanding how it could work in reality. Maybe it’s because I’m so confused about the hype behind the highly speculative world of cryptocurrency to begin with....


Just listened to this inspiring chat between two passionate young cooperators in Canada.

Makes me realize how much I would benefit from being more engaged in the greater cooperative movement instead of just slogging at it on my own in my little bubble.


I'm always pretty blown away by the awesome people on social.coop, but some days I get smacked on the nose with gratitude that I'm part of such a rad network.

Today, I opened up my podcast feed to find a new episode of ' real co-op stories' from @anaulin and a new episode of 'looks like new' from @ntnsndr!

WAHOOO can't wait to listen to them!

Real Co-op Stories: realcoopstories.org/

Looks like new: news.kgnu.org/category/looks-l

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Hey! Social.Coop members! Don't forget to register for an account on our new BigBlueButton instance, via Meet.Coop.

About 17 people have accounts, with 33 rooms.

Thanks to the Tech Working Group and the Meet.Coop working group.


Slight change of plans! We will be meeting in this room for Co-opoly!


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