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Hi friends, the small (15 ppl) startup I work at is hiring a JS developer and will be hiring for other eng positions soon. I feel lucky to be working here. Ping me if u have questions!

RTs appreciated <3


a few snippets from our open-source handbook:

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Does anyone know anyone involved or interested in trade unions who likes to write?

Considering starting a new online publication that is a co-owned by readers and writers.

Anyone else who wants to get involved, don't be shy in messaging me.

Consider retooting :).

On January 1st:

I loved that I wasn't the only one up on the top of 700m mountain. I loved that there were little 3 yr olds and hunched over octogenarians. I loved that we all marvelled at this beautiful phenomenon that happens every single day, but on 01/01/2020, felt extra magical. I loved the crisp cold air, frosted grasses and at the same time, the warmth of the sun on my face.

May my eyes and heart stay open to see and feel so many more lovely moments in 2020.

Happy New Year!

In Japan, there's a strange obsession with seeing the sunrise and the first sunrise of the year is especially auspicious. I knew this... and yet, I didn't expect to find a crowd at this little mountain behind my grandmother's house. I've been running there almost every day since arriving a week ago and hardly ever see anyone else on trail.

But there I was, sharing the first glorious sunrise of 2020 with 3 year olds and octogenarians.

Failed to defend the ol’ thesis today. It was extremely disappointing but was caught off guard that the prevailing emotion was an overwhelming sense of embarrassment.

Luckily the feedback I got was very helpful and gives me far more clarity moving forward.

Letting myself feel the feels for now and get inspired to jump back in!

Fonterra, a 10,000 member dairy co-op in NZ, found that it was their younger members that were demonstrating a stronger commitment to the co-operative than the older farmers.

Contrary to a lot of the research which usually states that older members are more loyal.

What true membership engagement looks like is consulting with each member and determining what their purpose is (and how that fits into the co-operative vision) and what member satisfaction looks like and going from there.

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Korea knows what's up:

"Samsung VP gets jail term for attempting to break up labor union"


History Co-operative (Australian, Canadians and Kiwi journals) collapsed in 2010: what can we learn from them?

There is a history but anything prior to 2010 is not talked about

Platform co-op movement needs to take lessons from history:

-We've tried this before: anyone heard of the digital democracy movement of the 1980's?

-Facebook isn't new, it used to be called a a bulletin board!

(talk from Greg Padmore)

Sometimes government “support” kill cooperatives. How do we as cooperatives and cooperative members and owners prevent this from happening?

There are phenomena in the cooperative sector that is common place but is completely unknown in traditional academic spaces. It’s our job to “find” new phenomena

Universities are looking for student employability so maybe more cooperatives should be approaching other departments other than business departments for future cooperators! Hmm!

A cooperative is only as radical as its membership, and sometimes the members don’t know how radical they are!

Worker coops in the manufacturing sector are taking steps to mitigate climate change for the longevity of their businesses but don’t recognize their actions as being “environmental”

Geddup.com is struggling to convert to becoming a cooperative because it’s main users are trade unions that move really slowly.

But they have contributed to a lot of wins including making it easy for unions to engage with their members. Fascinating.

Instead of crowd-funding, crowd-actions!

Co-op development process used by incubate.coop in Australia to get co-ops funded. Cultivate tribes not heroes!


Resource Co-operative: a Tasmanian initiative started by 5 dumpster divers is now a 25 member workers co-op with $1,000,000 turnover! Cool business initiatives including e-waste recycling, art supply shop from industry waste collection, art exhibition from art made with recycled waste.


An interesting take on co-op principle 6:

"businesses don't do business with other businesses...

people from businesses work with other people from other businesses...

so we need to create a network of people who trust and feel space to interact with one another"

maybe the most co-op minded thing I've heard in this panel session with co-op industry execs

From the director of the ULCCS, a worker co-operative of 10,000 members:

"We don't have any conflict within our organization"

.... really?!?!?!

I'm starting to have a very hard time trusting these co-op industry folks!

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