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Cool! Austin Cooperative Business Association is running a series called "Commit to Co-ops!" and posting the audio online.


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This article lays out the argument against the NCG/CDS food co-op model in great detail. Worth a read for anyone interested in what's been going on with food co-ops:


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@GuerillaOntologist Does anyone know of US examples of hybrid worker/consumer coops? Eroski, in Spain, is largely organized this way with consumer members and worker members sharing governance 50/50...

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> “There are women involved in every single step of this amazing project,” said Sara Issaoun, 24, a graduate student at Radboud University in the Netherlands who worked on the research [...] But Ms. Issaoun warned against a “lone-wolf success” narrative. “The diversity and group effort and the breadth of our collaboration, I think, is worth celebration,” she said."


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CryptPad v2.20.0 (Upupa) is available, and features a first version of an admin panel, among other things. The full release notes are available on GitHub: github.com/xwiki-labs/cryptpad

Admins should review the notes carefully, as there are many changes!

#privacy #libreops #DevOps

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The saga of a bald eagle triad! The two dads stayed together after the mom died, and are now raising chicks with another female.


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Do you live in the NY/NJ area?

Are you interested in the basics of unionizing? Organizing your workplace? Or helping others to organize their workplaces?

The Central New Jersey IWW is holding an OT101 (Organizer Training 101) in a few weeks in New Brunswick. You can get there from NYC via NJ Transit.

Free of charge, registration required.

No cops, no bosses, no scabs— so DM me for details if you’re interested!

#IWW #OT101 #solidarity #solidarityforever #theunionmakesusstrong

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Sent off first draft of a new series on popular education facilitation for - the idea is to publish a series of participatory learning activities that people can try out and critique/improve for use in Japanese worker organizations.


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Cooperative hive mind! Trying to compile a list of courses (in English) on worker co-ops at universities or other education programs. Suggestions?

Please boost! Thanks 🙇‍♂️ :TwinPines:

@emi @GeorgeCheney

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@Matt_Noyes @emi @GeorgeCheney has been doing "short-course" style offerings recently under the "School for Democratic Management moniker: democraticmanagement.org/

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Amazing line up of speakers for this online conference: gatheringsummit.com starts today.

Sustainable communities, ritual design, new divinity... sounds like

My talk is up on Sunday

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Looking forward to seeing what the next few hours hold during the Ethical Educational Technology WIki inaugural editathon. ethicaledtech.info/wiki/Meta:I also in chat: chat.ethicaledtech.info/channe

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Coming up in just under an hour: Social.Coop chat with @ntnsndr about his book "Everything for Everyone."

DM me for the zoom link.

For those who would prefer to follow the session on Everything is Everyone in text rather than through audio/video, we'll be taking notes here:


"Harmony becomes precious when it's not a given, and soon the discord obstains a beauty of its own. That's the sound of freedom and free aossociation, of living by choice and not coersion." (p 18, Everything for Everyone)

Hope you can join us for a discussion of Everything for Everyone

April 3rd @ 10pm GMT!


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UK Farm Hack 2019 - Call for Contributions


UK FarmHack is back
Do you have a burning idea that needs to be out there? We are looking for 3-4 projects

We are in the planning stage of organising a FarmHack in South Oxfordshire for August 2019. The project should be small scale, replicable and solve a need of small-scale agroecological farmers/growers

If you have a project you’d like to pitch, get in touch & ideally come join us for a planning session in 13th April

Are you able to join us for the next session of social.coop ? Happening April 3rd @ 10pm GMT.

Loomio check:

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One of the most interesting suggestions to come out of our conversation about fiction and writers was @emi 's suggestion that we put together a Brain Trust to serve as advisors for authors who want to have realistic co-ops and cooperators in their fiction.

I think it would basically just be a call list of ppl w/ co-op experience who are willing to answer questions for authors. Anybody in?


Hope everyone has been getting their co-op reading on in preparation for our session with @ntnsndr on April 3rd @ 10pm GMT

Even if you haven't rsvp'd on loomio, I hope you'll join us. We'll also have some folks joining us from the cooperative working group of YSI (young scholars initiative) ysd.ineteconomics.org/

Attached is a photo of my set up at new years where I got most of my reading done (book in the foreground!)

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