Ahhh!!!! I’m sooooooooooo excited!!!!! This is the best possible present to be waiting at home for me as I finish my whirlwind week of presenting my research about cooperative governance!!!!

Thank you @Matt_Noyes !!!!!!!
(And @ntnsndr for writing the book)

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Hey, could you lot share this:

I'm looking for music reviewers, editors, and anyone who covers audio. But I am looking for people who *actually* review queer artists who actively avoid working for labels. Small blog/big site, no matter.

I have a punk power pop album coming out in 2019 so I need to compile contacts before I start on a promo landing page.

DM me, link me to yr site/profile/email, but ONLY if you *actually* cover queer people who refuse to work within shitty boundaries.


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Me and @GuerillaOntologist interviewed Emma Back from Equal Care Cooperative in the first episode of Platform Cooperative Podcast.

It's a UK multi-stakeholder owned by care givers and receivers.

Here's a link to the video of the interview:

Here's a branch of the coop:

They have a crowdfunding campaign going on over here:

For every boost this toot receives, I will donate 0,50£ to their crowdfunding campaign!

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UjimaBoston does it!! We are launching the first democratically governed investment fund in the country.

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'momentum building for global grassroots democracy' – our report on Collaboration Incubator activities in 2018 is out. Enjoy our co-created 74 pages full of pictures, stories and resources.

@kavbojka @mattcropp @Matt_Noyes @ntnsndr @emi @yova @wolftune @richardb – I'd love to hear what you think about this work!

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A proposal for a Global Co-operative IT Network from the International Co-operative Alliance

"The purpose will be to serve the IT needs of the coop movement.

It will be a forum where ICA members can go to get advice on different IT products, services and service providers and where IT professionals from coops or who serve coops can work together, learn from each other and recommend products and services to help members."


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Mondragon Principle Cards by Caroline Woolard
1. Place all ten cards on the table, showing the ten principles
2. Pick one.
3. Read the card and talk about what that principle means to you.
4. Talk about how that principle of cooperation is (or is not) present in your organization
5. Repeat.

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It's short notice, but Recurse Center is giving out $10,000 fellowships for women to participate in the next batch. This is a huge and great opportunity! RC has been extremely significant in my development as a programmer and it's a wonderful community. I'm happy to answer any questions if you have them! recurse.com/blog/145-fellowshi

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Would love to see some people join the IRC channel for Platform Cooperativism:

We are on the Freenode server

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There's a in Indonesia that's bridging the digital divide with locally-produced, low-end smartphones that have built-in platform for users to access services from other cooperatives.

They want to eventually launch a cooperatively owned satellite.


Here's one of the co-founders talking about it in Hong Kong Platform Cooperative event.


Not exactly what you're talking about, but lot of overlap.

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The Equal Care in the UK has 9 days left in their crowdfunder campaign. Help them create the first multi-stakeholder platform social care cooperative: crowdfunder.co.uk/equal-care-c

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I'll be talking about 'Cooperatively developed software tools for food saving communities" (aka Karrot) at Newspeak house in London this coming Wednesday.

6:30pm upstairs in the drawing room at the start of ration club (so you can hang out after for eating and chatting).

More info ----> nwspk.com/events?id=445#event-

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@LeoSammallahti and I interviewed Emma Back from the Equal Care Co-op a coulple weeks ago. Here's the video: youtu.be/oWUrJ1vb-hA

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I'm writing a new piece. Please share pop culture stories that show how a small intimate group can be an amazing catalyst for personal development. Think authenticity + vulnerability + true belonging (@BreneBrown) e.g. @QueerEye@twitter.com w/ @jvn@twitter.com @bobbyberk@twitter.com @antoni@twitter.com @karamobrown@twitter.com @tanfrance@twitter.com

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Big shout-out to @ntnsndr and all the rest of our donors for kicking down some dough to help keep GEO up and running! :TwinPines: 😍


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:TwinPines: GEO is running our end-of-year fundraiser. We're asking our subscribers and supporters for just $1/month. If you appreciate the independent media platform that GEO provides for cooperators and solidarity economy practitioners, please consider making a small donation. :TwinPines:


The big ethical/moral question for me arose from the sentiment that the actions of the workers were aimed at achieving the highest quality meat possible.

If stressing the animal or beating the animal prior to slaughter would result in a better quality meat, I was told they would do this with no hesitation.

Luckily (?) meat from animals that are not stressed result in better quality.

If the end result is similar, is there a difference in intention on the part of the practitioner?


Had a very very very interesting experience touring a slaughterhouse yesterday. I have yet to fully process the experience.

The term 'animal welfare' is an introduced term in Japan, and the men/women we talked to made it clear that the livestock were products not living beings.

They were treated with the same respect that those who take pride in their work would treat non living objects, which is to say, quite a lot of respect.


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