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Postdocs and the academic job market (-) Show more

Exciting brainstorming around platform co-ops here at the YSI Asia convening. Loving the energy and excitement!

Another epic in the bag!

Set off at midnight, reached the summit by noon :) Sea to the summit of the highest peak in Japan.

Got attacked by sleep monsters but had a blast with these kiddos! social.coop/media/aTnli46SKgXF

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Thanks to everyone that participated in our first social.coop poll!

"How do you use/participate in social.coop?"

Looks like the most popular use of social.coop is to "post and read toots about co-operatives"

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Well, I got this new novel a few days ago and hot-damn it's a page-turner! I flew through about 200 pages of it yesterday and will be finishing it today. Turns out @cadwellsocialcoop is a hella good writer (though I have to say I'm not surprised) 😍

Had another epic weekend in the mountains. It was absolutely perfect despite dire weather forecast. We cranked out 24 km and over 2400m of elevation gain. Body/spirit felt amazing. I’ve neglected work for the past two days though, and I worry I’ll never grow up to take my “real” responsibilities seriously. What is the balance between self care and selfishness? How much”contribution to society” is enough to permit some days of pure pleasure?


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It's the last few hours of crowdfunding for #Mobilizon, a free open federated alternative to Facebook Events:


You can follow it here:


It's already achieved its funding goals for events, groups and ActivityPub federation.

Further funds will go to mobile apps, UI development and advanced maps.

It's backed by @Framasoft , the free software organisation that backed PeerTube and many other alternatives.

#DeleteFacebook #Facebook #Alternatives #Activism

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Here is a link to the first episode of our Legacy Project series on converting to worker ownership. The next episode will premiere on July 15 at 10 am. youtu.be/LDB1UVBsNhQ

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In an effort to better understand our community and strengthen ties, volunteers on the community working group are currently running a member survey. They are using a "snowballing"-type networking approach in which members reach out to other members. Please help by doing the survey and helping spread the word.

If you have strong objections to the survey, feel free to share them.

I hope we will all take the "good enough to try" approach.


Is self sufficiency the ideal goal for urban food policy?

"it is important that cities remember that their objective is not so much self-sufficiency, but decreasing the environmental footprint of their food system"


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Thanks to @luisrazeto I am reading a little book by Albert O. Hirschman, "Getting Ahead Collectively"

"As an economist I had expected that the need to mobilize a minimal account of capital would be at the root of at least some of the cooperative, worker-managed enterprises. But it turned out that a more fundamental need is, once again, some experience dispelling isolation and mutual distrust."

People carry this positive legacy of solidarity with them from experience to experience.

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Finished the next chapter of @luisrazeto's Solidarity Economy Roads, on Alternative Development. Should be online in a week or two. I like the idea of "desirable development" because it calls attention to the importance of the desiring subject, when development typically reduces people to inputs or theoretical beneficiaries of progress.

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Framasoft is gearing up for their next big fediverse project, which is an events platform intended to replace Facebook Events. Show more

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Hey y'all, I'm putting together a compendium of interviews with members for the ed.coop site. Suggestions are appreciated (all content types welcome)

It was supposed to be a wash out, weather wise, but we decided to brave the rain and wind and found ourselves above the clouds in the morning. Mt. Fuji, always so powerful. social.coop/media/tQATeVKGaxDX

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#HappyBirthday to Grace Lee Boggs! a #US human rights activist, writer, and speaker who fought for civil rights, labour, #Feminism and the environment for seven decades. Passed away 4 years ago, she is forever remembered for her vision of justice and #EqualRights in humanity.

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social.coop is a cooperatively-run corner of the Fediverse. The instance is democratically governed by its members, who generally share an interest in the co-op model, but topics of discussion range widely.

If you are interested in joining our community, please review our Bylaws and Code of Conduct. If you agree with them, you may apply for membership on our instance via this link

Our instance is supported by sliding scale contributions of $1-10/mo made via Open Collective. You must have an active Open Collective account to apply for membership; you may set one up here