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The 3 pillars of present centralization and hierarchy, (patriarchy, capitalism and colonialism) are rarely acknowledged in the DAOs or blockchain spheres, where nothing is done to address the basic structural realities.


...To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to violence. The frenzy of our activism neutralizes our work for peace. It destroys our own inner capacity for peace. It destroys the fruitfulness of our own work, because it kills the root of inner wisdom which makes work fruitful.”

― Thomas Merton, Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander

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The wonderful @GeorgeCheney shared this brilliant quote when I shared my tendency to 'boom and bust' with my work ethic:

“There is a pervasive form of contemporary violence to which the idealist most easily succumbs: activism and overwork. The rush and pressure of modern life are a form, perhaps the most common form, of its innate violence....


Calling for some of that network magic :) @Matt_Noyes, @GeorgeCheney and I have been working on a super fun project that highlights some of the ways that worker co-ops can help address some of the challenges we are facing as humans trying to co-exist on this planet.

I'd love the opportunity to chat to someone at the following co-ops based in the states:
-brooklyn packers
-design action collective
-new frameworks
-opportunity threads
-community purchasing alliance


Happy New Year! In Japan, there is a custom to see the first sunrise of the new year “初日の出” (hatsuhinode) from the peak of a mountain. This year we were treated to clear skies and a moon so bright I hardly had to use my headlamp when walking on the ridge.

After sunrise, I spent the rest of the first day of 2021, traversing the mountain range, eventually being treated to a spectacular sunset behind the iconic Mt. Fuji.

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"What if care is everyone living lives of exploration, of ease, of connection?

What if care is the organizing principle of our society?

The kind of fierce love that helped us survive the pain, loss, and heartbreak of 2020. A world where this love is the uncompromising foundation of our society, is the hope that anchors me into the future. We got you, and each other, 2021!"

Amazing article by JM Wong!


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The DisCO Elements IS OUT TOMORROW! ✨

DisCO is a cultural & structural framework combining influences from other movements into a practical toolkit. It's based on existing, disruptive economic alternatives usually absent from blockchain space.

Image: fellow DisCOnaut Gui Maueler 💜


I love the Ampled's documentation! So clear! So concise! So easy to navigate!

I'm struggling to create documentation for our media co-op right now and this is definitely something to strive for!!



Call for papers for the special issue of CASC which aims to discuss racialized and marginalized communities and their relationship with the co-operative movement : ccr.ica.coop/en/newsroom/news/

To mark the Human Rights Day, on 10th December the International Cooperative Entrepreneurship Think Tank (ICETT) is having an online discussion on how cooperatives practice, protect and promote human rights in value chains.


summary of social.coop strategy summits 

Is this super confusing? I just threw our notes from the strategy summits into a visual mind map... but it's not as helpful as i thought it would be...

part of it is the software and not being able to make it look pretty... if that's the only issue i can give it another go with other software but... maybe it's just not meant to be visually laid out like this? Maybe it'd be better as a prezi?

Can anyone (maybe someone from the UK) help me understand the governance of Employee Owned Businesses (that are part of Employee Owned Association). It seem like they are different from ESOPs in that these businesses are mostly wholly owned by employees...

My question is why these aren't being incorporated as worker co-operatives? Is there an operational difference?


Wondering if anyone is connected to the Sustainability Solutions Group in Canada or is connected to Peter Hough in some way? I'd love to be able to chat to them about their work :)

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Excited to have our submission to the "Sharing & Cooperativism: Designing For Economies" workshop at NordiCHI 2020 accepted!

Not sure how it works really, but we're interested to engage with HCI (Human Computer Interaction) researchers about the intersection of grassroots resource saving initiatives, open source software, and democratic governance.

I'm not in academia but keen to try and support the bridge between theory and practise.


/by social.coop/@nicksellen

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Great to stumble across policykit.org - adding democratic governance features within software for communities, based on principles from Elinor Ostrom.

It's the same approach we are taking with @karrot.

Haven't read the paper yet...

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Unit VI of "How to Create a Solidarity Enterprise" is here! :TwinPines:


As always, thanks to @Matt_Noyes for the translation!

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Emailed Unit 6 of How to Create a Solidarity Enterprise (@luisrazeto) to @GuerillaOntologist

Razeto puts the concrete questions of economic organization that people want to address first at the end so as to focus on building the strong, coherent, solidarity group needed to succeed. Now we can talk about ownership form, admission of members, governance and management, treatment of labor, and distribution of surplus. We also meet a new character found only in solidarity enterprises, "Member C."

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