So great meeting @GuerillaOntologist IRL! Just as engaging and warm as the personality I met through endless video meetings. So fun! And Lordy I sure did miss soaking in mineral water!!

Glacier National Park has been a treat and everyone has been so so so kind.

Rangers have been so knowledgeable about wildlife, geology and forest fires... helpful since we'll be trying to head through a the big fire area today...

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15 people responded Yes to the check poll about tomorrow's Meet You Social.Coop Ops Teams event.

I really hope people who are new to Social.Coop or curious about how we operate will come to the meeting.

Tuesday, July 19th, 08:00-09:30 MDT (UTC -6 hrs).

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It's happening right now!

RightsCon, the world's leading summit for human rights in the digital age, will host over 560 sessions on intersectional themes from indigenous rights to health & gender justice.

Watch the recordings of the sessions here:

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RT, creating resources for organizations to build ownership and control with their community. 🤝

Check out the grant:



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Great strategy session yesterday! Love the energy :)

Meeting notes can be found here:


Hey Will! A while back you mentioned something about Loomio- Mastodon integration. I was wondering if you would be open to exploring that a bit more? What would that look like and how would it work?

Would you be up for coming to the next CWG Ops team meeting (usually the first week of the month... next one will take place in May)?


A good quote for your monster trilogy :)

“Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions.” — Primo Levi

Seen posted by @aral

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New publication from, which "shows how #cooperatives can promote economic, social, and environmental sustainability in their communities in an inclusive, democratic and collaborative way."

Lasting Impact. Measuring the social impact of worker and social cooperatives in Europe: focus on Italy and Spain:

What do you do when you're snowed in and can't go anywhere? Some stay inside a cozy cabin and do work, I chose to dig myself a little quinzee.

Didn't get to sleep in it though, since the plows came a few hours later and we decided to get back the city while we still had the chance!

Heck yeah!

"One of the greatest distinctions between the coopyouth movement and much of the broader Cooperative Movement is its explicit and actionable commitment to social transformation."

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What's the best coop/open source alternative to Mail Chimp for sending newsletters?

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Adventuring in the snow on Mt. Asama in Nagano, Japan. I *think* I have less than 7 weekends left before I leave this country that I've spent the last 8 years! So much more I want to see and experience before I go!

My three favourite photos from this weekend. Toasty toes and full of smiles.

(three photos of snowy mountainous landscapes)

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Hey all! I'll be joining this discussion on moderation in decentralized communities at 3pm ET. Come join.

#fediverse #moderation #fediblock

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