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@ntnsndr posted a great idea about "public remote works" programs.

Public work programs like building roads were big part of the New Deal.

What could be similar projects that could be done remotely during this crisis?

Few ideas:
- Gathering Census data and doing other phone interviews for surveys.
- Translations, transcriptions, recording audiobooks.

Writing an article about this to Mutual Interest media co-op.

Any ideas and retoots appreciated!!

I’ve been participating in several social virtual calls today and am feeling overwhelmed. Many social tools that I use in physical gatherings when feeling anxious or awkward don’t work in the virtual world and it’s going to take some adjusting!

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Agaric's awesome client, The National Institute of Children's Health Quality (NICHq) thanks us for the work we have done on their website. They have been helping to stop a lot of diseases from spreading rapidly. nichq.org We thank them for their work!

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Our reading group call is coming up. Time to read the text...

April 6th, 07:00 USA Mountain Time (UTC 13:00, Tyo 22:00, Bilbao 15:00)

Main reading: DisCO Governance Model v3.0
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If you are looking for alternatives to meeting face to face, MayFirst has several of them for you to use.

Need to Know webinar on Free software in the age of Corona Virus on Thursday March 26th, 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm ET - Register for free - tinyurl.com/rdj6a3g

Just back from cycling 600+km over 6 days across 8 prefectures in Japan. Was worried we were throwing caution to the wind by continuing with non-essential travel, but this was a domestic trip, and we spent most of the time outdoors talking to no one but a few shop owners and restaurant owners.

For us, the fresh air and endorphins from pushing ourselves, time away from the harried city life, seemed like the perfect antidote. social.coop/media/tbXrem8xquUL

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New DisCO article is up on geo.coop. A good piece to read before our April reading group.

"DisCOs systematize fairness and the recognition of care work. They help to keep projects geared towards the common good, towards the Commons. DisCOs are essentially a system, but systems are best understood when implemented and that’s where Guerrilla Translation comes in. Our small translation collective is the first DisCO—the pilot project."


@GuerillaOntologist @Stacco @emi

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@GuerillaOntologist @Stacco @emi
Innovation in several senses here:
-technological (value-tracking software)
-managerial (coordin of work)
-critical (model is itself derived from a critique of existing relations/practices/goals)
-regenerative (commoning as a return to roots)
-emergent (constant learning and care at center)

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"@GuerillaOntologist and I were coworking for a few hours yesterday using the Main Voice Commons room. I really enjoyed the process. I think it was a bit motivating to be working alongside others. Also he helped me think about some of the problems I am working on. It is great to have other people to work with that we can occasionally or like every hour check in and exchange ideas about our work. " Join us while you work 😀 at discord.gg/he8s9yD

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LibrePlanet is coming up and Agaric will be hosting a lecture /discussion on Platform cooperativism, surveillance capitalism, predictive analysis, and you, Saturday March 14th - bit.ly/agaricLibre AWWWWW, Come to Boston in the winter for a good reason!

The coordinator of an AWESOME worker's co-op in Tasmania is looking for advice in setting up a network of worker co-ops in Australia. resource.coop/

Any ideas or suggestions, tips or advice, resources you can think of offering her?

Also, would anyone be willing to get in touch with her directly to share experiences in setting up this type of network?

@mattcropp @michaelafisher ?

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Hi! People might know me for my contributions to scuttlebutt.nz - I have been working on a implementation of it, intensely for a year now. github.com/cryptoscope/ssb - Always happy to answer questions about it or SSB in general!

I could use some help in dealing with a personal conflict.

Community member X has very specific requests about the every day behaviour of other people in the community. These requests are small, but require all other community members to change their daily behaviour which sometimes leads to transgressions.

Member X then accuses community of disrespecting their requests and refuses to cooperate with other community processes. I'm attempting to engage in dialogue but it is stressful.

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Just finished first draft of Unit Five of How to Create a Solidarity Enterprise by @luisrazeto. Lots of editing to be done, but each unit makes me more confident that this book can be useful to people.

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Social.Coop double meta! 

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Here's the video on using for that was shared in the / Loomio webinar. I'd like to try this in Social.Coop.


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Call for Candidates: Coordination Working Group 

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Just finishing up another fun and productive .coop CWGOT (Community Working Group Operations Team) monthly meeting!

Minutes from the meeting can be found here: loomio.org/d/yh0aFRbU/communit

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