Unpacking economics:

"When the world is facing large systemic crises, why is the economics profession celebrating small technical fixes?"

Thought provoking piece re: recent nobel prize in economics.


This is soooooo good!!

From Cynthia Stohl and @GeorgeCheney 's paper "Participatory Processes/ Paradoxical Practices"

The seven paradoxes of participation:

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【世界的チェンジメーカー支援組織が認定するトップリーダーによる来日特別講演】「チームで大きなビジョンを達成するために、リーダーに求められること」 ~モンドラゴン・チーム・アカデミー共同創業者 ホセ・マリ・ルザラガ氏~

Tue Oct 22, 2019
10:30 AM - 1:30 PM JST
Nagatacho GRID Tokyo


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Sadly, Switching.social was discontinued but, thanks to the efforts of @tobias, it is being reincarnated as Switching.software.

Follow here: @switchingsoftware

Site: switching.software/

Thank you, Tobias. And thank you to the original anonymous person who created and maintained it until now.

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Calling all PhD-students doing research on platform coops -- check-out this workshop in Utrecht, the Netherlands, 9 December 2019. Contact @Collectiveactio@twitter.com for details.

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NYC folks: if you'd like a free ticket to my day long workshop this Friday about, essentially, how to run a great Mastodon instance for your community, I have discount codes!

It's based on my runyourown.social guide but it uses the guide as a jumping off point and I get into some of the nitty gritty, including things like "how to stay on top of Mastodon releases and keep your community informed of new features if you don't know anything about programming"


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Solidarity economy in action at my grocery coop, the Dill Pickle @Chicago

Opened up my podcast feed and saw a familiar name! @cadwellsocialcoop is having his story Jump read on the amazing “Levar Burton Reads” podcast!!!

Congrats!! Can’t wait to listen!


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What is social.coop? Who are we (it's members)? How do we contribute?

We've started a thread on loomio, where we will post one question every couple of weeks that will help us to get to know each other as members, with the objective of using this understanding of each other, our motivations and expectations to launch the next phase of social.coop.

Third question: "I would be a bigger social.coop fan if..." (in 500 characters or less)


112km, 5060m elevation, 23hrs19min

Beautiful weather, less than ideal performance but managed to make it through the pain cave and emerge on the other side.

Next one... 100 miler?

Photo description: before and after photo with course profile and ranking below. social.coop/media/5v4yOMP3naR9

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Just joined social.coop, and this is my . I'm excited to check everything out, and to participate in all things social.coop!

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I'm William and I'm a software developer. I just read @ntnsndr 's book and am very curious about the movement. I'm very interested in co-op governance for open source projects, and ways that co-ops could promote humane and non-exploitative technology use. I'm starting to get involved in local co-ops, too. I'm also happy to try to help out with software stuff, if I can.

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"Searching for an alternative to platform capitalism? Join us at Who Owns the World? platform.coop/events/conferenc November 7-9, 2019 @thenewschool Register now and find the others. eventbrite.com/e/who-owns-the- @PCC_Global @platformcoop"

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I’m sorry this has taken an unreasonably long time, but my slides from #SOTB2019 are finally up on my Notist profile. (I wanted to make sure the slides had a proper transcript—it’s a “tightened” version of what I said on the day.)


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I am looking for site that specially helps potential platform co-op partners find each other (match skill with need). The only thing close (relevant co-op) doesn't seem to be supported.

I am thinking, if one doesn't exist then we can start one.

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At the moment, my view is something along the lines of:

- Do what you can as an individual, to the best of your ability
- Don't be overburdened by guilt if you can't do it all
- Be very conscious that not everyone is in a position to do what you think is 'doing the right thing' (including yourself)
- The system is pretty rigged against doing the right thing, so ultimately the system is the one that needs to change
- Individual behaviour change is probably a part of bringing about system change

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This was a good piece by Lisa Nandy I thought.

Some of the calls for individual action on climate crisis don't take into account daily life for a lot of people in working-class towns in the UK. e.g. guilt shaming about driving a car, when public transport systems have been neglected for years.

Green new deal and green jobs could be a good positive framing I think.


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Interesting story on 60 Minutes this evening featuring farmers cooperative -- the tech angle was particularly interesting, farm meets platform...

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