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After yesterday's call we decided to organize a second one to dig deeper into Ours To Hack And To Own.

Poll will soon be up on Loomio, don't miss out on your chance for a great call!

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After reading and discussing chapter 28 of Ours Yo Hack And To Own, I feel like though we're onto something big here at social.coop, we still need to figure out a key aspect of platform cooperation: how to orgnize the divion of labour.

Some jobs are self-evident (eg. maintaining the software and the machines), others a bit less so (eg. facilitation, onboarding, editorial etc.).

Bauwens suggests open coops use open-value accounting, like , maybe we should look into it?

Totally awesome discussion tonight with re: Ours to Hack and Own

So awesome that we want to do round two.

Notes from tonight's discussion: scalar.vector.im/etherpad/p/!I

Looking forward to engaging on some of these topics again!

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you might like the work of @maxlath who's build a plattform enabeling to make books you'd like to share with others easy discoverable.
As I remember you're also able to create groups with whom you then share your books.


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Resource for The Discourse Show more

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social.coop "Standing Jury" for the Community Working Group? Show more

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Would it be cool if we did a book swap every now and then? I need new things to read soon & ?

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Social.Coop CoC Show more

As always, a little social.coop reading brings a sprinkle of inspiration before bedtime.

Really like the structure of the Snowdrift CoC that was brought up in loomio discussion of social.coop CoC. I'm not sure it would work for social.coop verbatim but a good example of how much you can communicate in terms of tone/intention with very few words.


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social.coop vote Show more

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There is a vote and associated discussion going on about a proposed Code of Conduct for social.coop, closing in 6 days. As a coop member, everyone's eyes, minds, and voices are important in matters of governance, especially where things like this are concerned.

Please engage with the draft document itself:


and the discussion thread for the vote on Loomio:


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social.coop CoC Ratification Vote Show more

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Friends! We have been busy here on social.coop & Loomio. The issues we are dealing with make our choice incredibly relevant: Ours to Hack and To Own, A New Vision for the Future Of Work and a Fairer Internet.

We meet on June 22nd. Feel free to participate!


&own &practice

After a day of feeling frustrated under gross fluorescent lights of a windowless grad student office...

5 charming, co-op minded, supportive and efficient people working on a Code of Conduct for social.coop have totally re-inspired and re-energized me! Thank you!

now time for bed...

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@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist @richdecibels @mattcropp @emi @risabee @ntnsndr @appleseed I asked Nick Srnicek a question about platform coops at an event a couple of years back (versobooks.com/events/1487-tec) - his answer is here at 1:26:08 (drive.google.com/file/d/0B8MzG - apologies for the Google link, that's where the event host posted the recording).

Summed up at the end: "I like them, I support them, but I don't think they're going to transform capitalism." 🤔

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@ntnsndr @michaelafisher @emi Just came across IndyCube, mentioned in Stir To Action. It says they're a Co-operative and Community Benefit Society on their website.


Anyone in Tokyo tonight? Journey to the End of the Night: dash around the city and complete challenges at five checkpoints while evading pursuit.

We have over 250 people registered. It's free! We've been organizing for months!


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@appleseed I find his pessimism helpful -- it is good to have a clear sense of just how big the problems are -- but his treatment of alternatives is superficial and he doesn't have an eye for points of leverage and opportunity. A good contrast is Kim Moody's book On New Terrain which sees the logistics industry (very platform intensive) in terms of the opportunities if offers for worker organizing and collective action. Others?
@ntnsndr @risabee @emi @mattcropp @richdecibels @GuerillaOntologist

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A very positive informational meeting for the group exploring a -op investment club in Raleigh this evening. Great questions asked, and good energy around the table. We set our next steps as recruiting friends and returning to the table later next month. I think this may be a "go". @tbeckett

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social.coop folks with an interest in agriculture might enjoy Robert Biel's open access book "Sustainable Food Systems":


It's a primer on a radical approach to the problem of food insecurity. Its call to "unleash the associative and co-operative traditions of the working class" is one of the many interesting strands it brings together.

An interview with the author about it: climateandcapitalism.com/2018/