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's Facebook banning story gets more interesting. First FB said people have objected. Now they say his content violates their community standards ("El contenido infringe nuestras normas comunitarias".). I looked -- it is a series of slides, each presenting a different concept, such as
"Humanizing the Economy" or "Elites and Masses"

Razeto is asking people to upload slides that they like to whatever social media seem appropriate to them. I will upload some here and on FB...

Some gems from @Matt_Noyes

"we should have a contagion of co-operating" (i might be misquoting but that was the sentiment :) )

"急げば回れ” : if you're in a rush, you're better off taking the long way round


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By the way, I'm happy to find local activist/leftist groups for you if you DM me your general area (county, closest city, etc). I've been doing this for a while so I know generally what to look for, though I'm not as familiar with the organizations outside of the so-called US, and the language barrier will make it tougher in countries where English isn't the primary language. But I still try and rarely ever come up with absolutely nothing

Please boost this! Getting organized at the local level is very very important!!!

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Yours truly babbling about and on a local podcast.

Peak Environment: 28 Cooperatives and Solidarity Economy for Colorado Springs - Studio 809 Radio

@natstein @ntnsndr @clayton @appleseed @ssvette @GeorgeCheney

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SAVE THE DATE for Co-op Shop Talk: an open forum for cooperators to meet, converse and share information!

**Wednesday June 12th, 1 pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific** on Zoom.

Zoom MeetingID: 311-082-102

This first in a series of Co-op Shop Talk sessions will focus on P2P mutual aid and training models as an alternative to non-profit led co-op development.

Please drop in and join us for what is sure to be a stimulating conversation!

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I'm looking for a new work laptop. This'll run and be used primarily for work.

Desired specs:

* great battery life
* on the lighter side
* works well w/ OS
* good performance (e.g.: common to be on video call, browser, Figma, simultaneously)
* Storage less important
* Cost $1-2K ideally

Thank you in advance! 😊

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Hi! a friend of mine is looking for a or for using mastadon for producing this prototype for a group feedback application.

Do you know anyone he could speak to?

@mayel @mattcropp @emi @ntnsndr @kavbojka

I sometimes get lost in numbers and theory sometimes, and often feel frustrated in countering neoliberal economic arguments against cooperating. It’s really nice to be reminded about other ways of examining a problem. If only I could figure out a methodology for researching the “c” factor...



Re-read @Matt_Noyes ‘ chapter 4 translation of Luiz Razeto’s Solidarity Economy Roads. It really did help in reminding me of the underlying emotion that I feel about cooperatives/ism & solidarity based organization and the energy that exists when I talk to members of successful ones.



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Social.coop stats for the week!

1221 users
126 active users
1523 interactions this week

We also have a new member! Welcome @ssvette :)

I used to sing a community choir when I lived in Vancouver. It was a free, drop-in, non-auditioned weekly community choir. It was truly a diverse group of people who gathered weekly and I always left feeling buoyant.

This is one of the songs we used to sing, and it was perfect for this sunny Friday morning as I try to work through a particularly sticky part of my research:

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I wrote another piece! This time, I consider what kinds of things might do here in Madison.


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@brainblasted Perhaps a platform co-op, where the customers would be the members of the platform, some of them offering products/services and some of them buying them, without a corporation in the middle?

One platform co-op I'd like to see in the world is like #Resonate (resonate.is) but for ebooks and audiobooks.

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I'd love to form a co-op of marginalized folks that want to work in this FOSS space. We could push actual social change forward. I don't know where we'd start, though, or who our customers would be.
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", talks about her pursuit of art and activism that elevates the needs of people and the planet over profits. ...Hear about Cheyenna’s roots, her belief that everyone should be able to weigh-in on the way our economy works—just like everyone has a right to vote!—and what the organizations she’s involved with, including the Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City, are doing to support what she calls “solidarity economics.”


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Latest chapter of submitted to our fearless GEO webcomrade @GuerillaOntologist

This one is a "bottom-up" analysis of participation and self-management with implications for any organization, but especially co-ops.

Thanks to my supporters @emi and @LeoSammallahti !!

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Wow. Down the rabbithole looking for FLOSS alternatives to ArcGis. So many cool projects!
GreenMap, MappingBack, Umap, Transformap, Communecter, OpenAtlas, SemeOz...

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