I did it! Finally managed to push out first draft. Celebrating by donating blood... social.coop/media/z1EBHaKP1hdL

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Hi everyone! @mattcropp told me about social.coop. I am part of Polis — blog.polis.global/introducing-. We are working on building tools and social methods to create high participatory organizations that go after innovative and large positive impact projects using a cooperative model. I am here to learn and share about the legal forms and ways to fund these projects and share anything else that we are learning. Looking forward to participate in the discussions!

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#Seattle #MendTogether - Mending night at my house, this Wednesday Dec 4, 6:30-9pm.

I provide tea & a light snack, you bring your broken things! We have equipment & scrap bins for textiles, metal, electronics, and bicycles.

In Maple Leaf near bus routes 522, 73, 67; covered secure bike parking. Space requires a few stairs to access & there's a cat.

DM for address / other info.

I'm aiming for 1st & 3rd Wednesdays with these thru the winter, so keep an eye open for future announcements!

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Listening for the third time to the amazing speech of @aral at the EU Parliament, this time looking at a better video which contains also his slides:


At minute 12:20 he rocks and says:

"You are acting as an unpaid Research and Development department for silicon valley. Because if a startup here succeeds, it gets bought by Google or Facebook. If it fails, we pick up the bill."


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This is some of the best economic modeling I've seen, period, so obviously it's NOT being done by economists 🤔


tl;dr Even in idealized conditions where everyone starts out on equal footing, and all transactions are fair, market economies will inevitably tend towards highly unequal wealth distribution (i.e. oligarchy), simply due to quirks of statistics. If anyone paid attention, this would be the end of all talk of "meritocracy".

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So happy to be here! Here's my : I'm a lifelong social justice activist and Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs from the UK, currently involved in several initiatives that are transitioning into co-ops. I'm becoming very enthusiastic about co-ops and worker-ownership models as a way of democratising the economy and keen to meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, and help contribute to the movement! I'm also a big fan of decentralised social networks!

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Social.Coop members and other Mastodontists! We are having an informal debrief zoom chat on the recent Platform Cooperativism conference at the New School in NYC, with @LeoSammallahti @mattcropp @michaelafisher and other Social.Cooperators who participated. All are welcome to join. Details forthcoming. For now, please RSVP on Loomio:


Friends here in Tokyo are in the process of starting a media co-op. We are currently brainstorming a multi-stakeholder model that includes the following member classes: journalists, readers, organizations/special interest/unions, worker (editorial staff). This comes from a need identified by several journalists that there are no mainstream outlets for labour and minority issues related stories.

A few asks:
1) any successful examples?
2) ideas of where to file legal incorporation docs?

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Who wants to join a zoom call to hear about the Platform Cooperativism Conference?

I imagine we could recruit a few Social.Coop members who were there to share their thoughts and impressions...

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Just registered for the USWC webinar on Co-op Farms:


It's by donation (and free is an option)

Looks interesting :)

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Little win of the day:

To secure the space for the co-op brewery project that has been in the works for ~5 years, a group is forming a real estate co-op to buy the commercial condo that we'd like the co-op brewery to end up in.

We've set the minimum investment for the REC at $1k, and want the (future tenant) brewing co-op to be a members, but it's currently tight on cash, so we put the word out for new members & added equity from current members.

Raised the minimum $ needed today!

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Solid infographic from my giving the basics on the flow of a credit union and how it is differentiated from a for-profit bank.

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We just posted a great interview with Tribe Co-create, a "co-creating space for Black and Brown small business owners, creatives and doers who are from, live in, or love the Bronx. Started by Queer Black/ Afro-Latinx womxn, TRIBE was created as a space for Bronx folx to create together, build community and care for themselves and others."


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This week - I will be hosting a Town Hall at the Platform Cooperativism event at the New School in NYC 11/7-11/9 Learn all about the Platform Cooperative movement! bit.ly/2WKQrIo

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Wow, Sister Mary Baird’s “Village Wiring Vision” is my new favorite picture of anything. aire-nc.org/2019/10/31/village

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Been editing Wikipedia articles about coops for the last 2 years.

Noticed there's a Cooperatives wikipedia project with 38 participants.

I would like to start a fund (perhaps inside Social Coop) that people could donate to that would be distributed to people improving Wikipedia coop content.

Could we combine the Social Coop reading group with a Wikipedia writing group? Create Wikipedia portal for coops?

Anyone interested in getting involved?


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Of interest for those looking for more responsible retirement investing:

"The Next Egg creates resources, builds communities, and shares tools necessary so that millions of us can move our retirement savings out of Wall Street and into our local communities. These tools include self-directed IRAs, solo 401(k)s, and employee-directed 401(k)s. [...] If we succeed, we will see trillions flow into our communities and out of the global corporations."

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