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Edward L Platt @elplatt@social.coop

I don't know how I'd make it through these readings without instrumental hip hop.

"Paradoxes are a welcome antidote to theories which explain everything all too neatly." –Mark Granovetter, "The Strength of Weak Ties"

A few days ago, I'd asked for a word that had the expert connotation of "leader" without the hierarchy. In Spain, the word is "dinamizador." In English, "dynamo" means both a "generator" and "an extremely energetic person." Let's make dynamo happen.

I had a nightmare about walking home in front of a bunch of houses being built that I could never get a mortgage for.

18-year-old Ed believed without doubt that everyone had the power to reduce the amount of suffering in the world, even if only a little.

Current status: pączki and rage.

There needs to be a word like "leader" without implying hierarchy. A word for someone who is proactively collaborative.

@cwebber Still thinking about federated MUDs? I still haven't committed to a summer project...

My dad's landlord refused delivery of USPS certified rent pmt and is now charging a $50 late fee because they think he can't do anything about it. CC @KillerMartinis@twitter.com

Look, bro. Not fooling anyone with hypothesis 2b. That's totes post-hoc.

Wrote a Clauset-Newman-Moore community detection package (fast modularity maximization) for . @aaronclauset@twitter.com


"A [Yir Yoront] man has no dealing with another man (or woman, either) on exactly equal terms. And where each is at the same time in relatively weak positions and in an equal number of relatively strong positions, no one can be either absolutely strong or absolutely weak." -Lauriston Sharp

If anyone needs a python priority queue with a BSD/MIT/GPLv3 license: github.com/elplatt/python-prio

Priority queue code works, passes unit tests, now just a simple matter of documentation.

There's something calming about watching the occasional snow plow saunter down an otherwise empty major road.

Anyone have thoughts on ways to organize projects/portfolios on a homepage? Applying to internships and not sure how separate to keep professional stuff from silly side-projects.

Looks like it's finally time to read Habermas.