@renatolond glad to see the crossposter is back up, but is it no longer possible to do twitter mention rewrites?

Just want to state my appreciation for all the journalists out there.

Microsoft employees: "Drop the contract with ICE!"
Microsoft: bids on project to "increase lethality" of US military.


Voting won't save the world. But it's a lot easier to save the world if you have healthcare, education, a legal right to protest, net neutrality, and don't need to work 80 hours per week to survive.

Any followers in Colorado? Over the summer I helped create an impact calculator for Amendment 73, a grassroots initiative which would raise $1.6bn for public schools. casb.org/Page/754

What would you call a person whose friends are all friends with each other?

Very grateful for @CivicMIT@twitter.com and @schock@twitter.com co-design course materials while I'm working on my dissertation design and proposal. codesign.mit.edu/

There's no federal (US) law against voting in 2 states. Many states prohibit voting twice in the same election. "Election" is legally ambiguous and could refer to a particular office. W/ the electoral college, votes are cast for state-level electors, not presidential candidates. It might be legal to vote for president in multiple states?

Friends who use or are interested in learning NetworkX. What are the features you find most useful? Most confusing/difficult?

i’d like you kind folks of mastodon to know we are hiring at glitch glitch.com/about/careers

Grad school is 90% rescheduling dentists appointments to attend academic events.

Reminder: the Supreme Court decided you can be denied a job based on your haircut.

Increasingly convinced that income inequality is driving housing prices. When some can easily afford 2+ residences, increasing supply does not reduce prices.

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