2018 personal: Continued PT, improved posture. Legal Observed 2 antifascist protests. Bought CB500X. 2 weeks of inktober.

2018 fam: Bonus kid had open-heart surgery. Prepped Dad's apt for 5 bedbug treatments. 4 Camping trips.

2018 work: Did my phd field prelim in 4 months. Made candidacy. Published 1 paper. Attended 4 conferences. Accepted to and withdrew from DSSG. Did some civic tech freelancing. Ran my first lab experiment.

*sings "thumb gusset" to the tune of "Brass Monkey"*

So how would you replicate Facebook events on the fediverse

Finally found a decent data set to use as an example. Now to work on that thumb gusset!

@Gargron Trying to install mastodon with docker. Container exposes http on localhost:3000 but serves a redirect to https://localhost, which is not anything. What am I missing?

Why can only some people notice the "soap opera effect" with motion interpolated TVs?

Linguists! Is there a name for the recent trend of adding emphasis to a word by preceding it with a related noun? Examples: "brain genius" "food belly" "leg pants" .

Just realized that my rubber date stamp only goes up to 2014.

OK docker peeps. Why do all of my containers immediately stop running when I follow these stack deploy instructions? hub.docker.com/_/mediawiki/

allow me to criticize the state of the fediverse as much as love it:

- tiny brain: mega-node such as mastodon.social oh dang it we've reinvented twitter
- regular brain: I'll just choose an instance off of joinmastodon.org oh dang it got shut down everything I love is lost
- galaxy brain: I'll self host fedi software oh god this is hard I'm afraid to upgrade
- universe brain: we need to merge the fediverse with p2p network designs so a node going down isn't catastrophic

Rep Mary Gay Scanlon just agreed to support in the House. Call your reps! Very close to restoring NN protections, but must happen before the end of the year.


Why are bicycle companies so good at PR?

Anyone know of a good explainer about points of unity / principles and how they're applied in practice?

Contributing design to projects as a not established contributor is an invidious task. Most free software projects don't even have the capacity or expertise to evaluate any contribution other than a collective gut feeling. If you run a free software project, try to have a design team. Otherwise you'll miss contributions.

#freesoftware #design #contribute

Learning about wikum.org - wiki / forum with recursive summarization by Amy Zhang et al.

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