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I’m Jessica, an artist/designer based in Boston. My work is inspired by #nature. I make #generative systems and use them to grow #jewelry, #puzzles and #art which are fabricated by a mixture of digital tools (#3dprinting #lasercutting) and traditional crafts (#ceramics).

I love #cats, #macroPhotography, #lichen, #mushrooms, #scubaDiving, #vegetarian food, and #sewing.

I teach design at MIT.

In general I find that people who get a job doing what was a hobby they love will end up resenting that field *unless* they can find some space to work on hobby projects again outside of work, to remember why they loved it

Honestly it saddens me that there isn't more people talking about OpenToonz, and this fork in particular:


I was wondering "hey, why DON'T we have open source software for quality 2D animation"? -- except we *do* have it and not enough people know about it.

The end of many historical civilizations have been attributed to external invasions that are not substantiated by archaeological evidence. It's almost like xenophobic paranoia is bad for society...


1. is supported by the majority of US voters, both Democrats and Republicans.

2. The CRA to restore Net Neutrality already passed in the Senate.

3. All House seats are up for reelection this year.

We can do this.

Got to try out my CB500X in off-road conditions... thanks to construction (It held up quite well!)

Also, if you've already followed people but want to move to another instance: you can't move all your stuff (posts etc) to another instance yet, that feature is still in the works.

BUT there are "Export" and "Import" options in the Preferences that will let you save at least the people you follow and automatically re-follow them from your new home, as well as an option to flag your old account as having moved at the bottom of your Edit Profile page, which will leave a dedicated note on it!

Thinking about revising elplatt.com layout and structure. Suggestions for good practices for combination academic/professional homepages?

Realized today how much of my practical budgeting ability was learned by playing SimCity.

How's y'all doin' this Monday?

Hello mastodon! This is my first toot. I might post about #generative art, #nature, #3dprinting and #lasercutting (and cats of course)

Looking for a civic technologist or data scientist? I still have some availability for short term contracts in the upcoming weeks. Portfolio here: work.elplatt.com

Given the updates to my estimated wait time at the secretary of state. I think the office is orbiting a black hole.

I subscribe to YouTube premium because I get a lot of value out of YouTube and want to support creators. And because I want platforms to care more about users than advertisers. Also because I don't want my partner's child to be constantly bombarded with psychologically manipulative advertising.

Compelling argument by @hankgreen@twitter.com that we live in a corporate autocracy. Our lives are increasingly online, governed not by the laws of states, but the terms of service of corporations. youtube.com/watch?v=l3pkkSNRug

Boredom is the most interesting thing. Somehow the universe exists. And somehow humans exist in the universe. And somehow we still manage to be bored.

@elplatt I mean you have enough basil that you could definitely harvest a whole plant while muttering "I AM BECOME DEATH" and the remaining basil would be totally fine