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Erik Moeller @eloquence

TFW you accidentally load Twitter without uBlock Origin enabled and notice just what a horribly ad-polluted garbage experience it is for most users.

@eloquence As a content creator, I resisted using adblocks for years because I wanted to support other content creators. Plus, I'm just generally conservative and don't like changing things unless I have to.

But I finally admitted to myself that I need an adblock, and twitter is a large part of the reason why.

@eloquence even with uMatrix/uBlock you can't escape the Promoted Tweets.

@dpreacher uBlock origin reliably filters promoted tweets for me. Version 1.16.10 on Firefox with the following filters triggering on Twitter:

Static filter[data-disclosure-type="promoted"] found in:

- uBlock filters
- EasyList

@eloquence It got to the point where I built a list and only ever browsed that. No I'm never there except on search when something's happening and the media are being useless (as in all the time).