death of a colleague 

Toda died Pablo Fernández, a great man that always worked for others, and a great example that having a physical disability has nothing to do with a person's value (in Spanish):

Many knows him for hist TEDx talks (16 minutes, translated to english):

His family, friends and colleagues are devastated, but his example will still inspire us while we live.

muerte de un compañero 

Hoy falleció Pablo Fernández, un tipazo que siempre trabajó por les demás y un impresionante ejemplo de que una discapacidad física no tiene nada que ver con el valor de una persona:

Muches lo conocen por su charla TEDx:

Además de su familia y amigues, sus compañeres y colegas de UX y Diseño Inclusivo estamos devastados. Su ejemplo seguirá inspirándonos mientras sigamos vives.

For Social.Coop members 

Dear Social Coop members, we are thinking about the current 500 character limit in our Mastodon instance. In order to see if it is an issue to discuss/increase or not, we'd like to know your experience.
"The current 500 chars limit has been..."

Dear Social.Coop Folxs: we now have 500 characters as post limit in our mastodon instance.

I think that having a higher limit may allow deeper posts and conversations.

I've searched on our Loomio space to see if it was discussed before but couldn't find any mention or reason why it is so.

Is anyone interested to discuss a proposal to increase this limit? Or do I had to propose that directly in Loomio?

Sorry I'm new here and still learning the customs. 😊

Thanks a lot...

Recién veo esta foto:

"Si vienes a rezar a mi escuela, iremos a pensar a tu iglesia".

Muy bueno; todes merecemos respeto, pero no mezclemos.

Me encantó. :)

Dear @Matt_Noyes

After joining Social.Coop I received my invitation to Meet.Coop, but while I was traveling to give some classes in Ushuaia (Southest city in Argentina, bordering the Beagle Canal) the invitation token expired.

Sorry for bothering you, but how can I ask for another?

Thanks a lot for your kind help... :)

Warm regards...

to Social.Coop (my new Fediverse home)

I'm 54, live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. M and me have 28 years together and 2 kids. Studied Biology in 1988. Work on -design (1994), (2008) and .

Love the , and caring for life. Relatively new to Cooperatives. Organizing with some friends to make a semi-rural housing coop based on , and .

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