Bookmark: The Pandemic Heroes Who Gave us the Gift of Time and Gift of Information - Insight

Listening to the arguments being made before the US Supreme Court about web scraping and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

A super piece from folks at Witness about the critical role that youtube-dl plays in human rights work, and digital preservation more generally:

Here's what Parler thinks about digital curation, and its "neutral" platform:

David Harvey on why 73.5 million in the US voted for Trump, the peril it represents, and why FDR's strategy is still relevant. anticapitalistchronicles.libsy

A sweet little post from Leigh Dodds about work practices, the unexpected, and physical/digital media:

... So now I'm looking at pre-paid mobile phone options, and feeling like a criminal ;-) if you any advice let me know.

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After some recent conversations I thought it would be useful to see how feasible it is to analyze what Parler discourse looks like using something like parlance for data collection.

Unfortunately a Parler account is required, and their account registration requires a phone #. None of the temporary services I tried (including Google Voice) seem to work & there is *no chance I'm going to give them my actual phone # ...

What I've been listening to this week: David Newlyn (40), David Bowie (16), Mariem Hassan (15)

I spent the day catching up on grading and got to read lots of discussion in Canvas on the topic of curation and the politics of platforms.

It's always a good idea to assign work that you genuinely find interesting--the discussion was a lot of fun to read and engage in.

This was in spite of the absurd transaction that is Grading in the Time of Coronavirus.


It is beyond fucked up that Trump & Pompeo, after being denied the ability to attack Iran directly appear to have worked instead with Israel to enact this unconscionable act of terrorism. I've never understood why the one country to have actually used weapons of mass destruction against an adversary, and that sits on an aging stockpile of them, feels entitled to the moral higher ground on this issue.

So I'm having my eye surgery in a week so I needed to get tested for COVID in advance. The form I signed said that results would be emailed and now I'm curious about how all this medical data is traveling around on the Internets. If you have read about this somewhere let me know!

Bookmark: What does doodling do? - Andrade "Unlike many dual task situations, doodling while working can be beneficial. Future research could test whether doodling aids cognitive performance by reducing daydreaming."

One big one for us has been managing static site content in Airtable, which some of our curators like for managing metadata. There is a Gatsby plugin that makes it easy to query this data at build time using GraphQL.

But the build is now very sensitive to changes in AIrtable, and can break easily. I guess at least the site itself is shielded from this because this only happens at build time. But I kinda want to be able to pull and persist the Airtable data local to the static site git repo.

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At work we've been moving lots of previously dynamic web sites over to being static sites. But it's interesting how the need to update and deploy them, as well as fetch content from various APIs renders them dynamic again.

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