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🐦🔗: twitter.com/ColdWarScience/sta

What I've been listening to this week: The Prairie Lines (30), katya yonder (16), Of the Vine (7)


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I stumbled on a version of Genesis 1 written only with words starting with the letter 'A': llamasandmystegosaurus.blogspo

It's pretty amazing.

... I also learned about Liberté, Égalité, Beyoncé.

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Social.coopers – ideas, dreams, thoughts, concerns and feedback are all wanted on the current draft of our Code of Conduct and Reporting Guidelines. All the links are in the Loomio thread: loomio.org/d/cKeG8UIB/working-

If Apple iOS doesn’t allow me to change my default browser to Firefox the next time I buy a phone, then I’m leaving.

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One of Larry Wall's Three Virtues of a great programmer is laziness. So, instead of creating a nice #gopher site, I'm writing a script that would build a nice gopher site out of a bunch of Markdown files thrown randomly into a directory.

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"It's really hard to convince people that linked data is the future of cataloguing when they've just fired all their cataloguers" - @alissa


Actually the rest of the interview is much more positive than this!

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Converting Canadian authority records to SKOS Show more

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Hello fediverse, yesterday my team at the ACLU launched our first big project: aclu.org/voter

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I've been using the collaborative online with end-to-end encryption (and getting a lot of friends to use it) so much that I'm considering setting up an instance on a server.

@cryptpad is now fundraising for some awesome milestones:

- Spreadsheets and Office-like docs by integrating onlyoffice.com
- Commenting
- Shared Drives
- for pads with cross-instance commenting and messaging!
- Offline editing
- Suggested edits


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My #Physics World article was published today, and I got to include lots of fun anecdotes of #machinelearning gone wrong. physicsworld.com/a/neural-netw

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‪It was kind of weird to get this almost lighthearted SMS alert this morning about DC’s water system being compromised. ‬


I did a little bit of work to see who made the Internet Archive’s coverage of Pruitt’s (now deleted) Twitter timeline so regular in January.


It looks like the Environmental & Data Governance Initiative played a huge role.


Appraisal: 1
Dumb Luck: 0

I haven't exercised my set logic neurons enough recently, and was wondering if someone could help.

If i have 3 sets:

s1 = {1}
s2 = {1, 2}
s3 = {1, 2, 3}

Is there a set operation I can perform on s1, s2 and s3 to find the element 3?

Or maybe there isn't an operation to do that?

I’m working on a little utility that uses the API call behind the Wayback machine’s calendar overview page to summarize what collections have added a particular URL over time:


One remaining problem I'd like to address is handling the fact that collections can contain collections, which obscures the results a bit.