My advisor gave me this little list of questions for research when I started working with him, and I've kept it pinned up in my office space ever since. It's surprisingly relevant, even outside academic research.

Bookmarked: Media Infrastructures and the Politics of Digital Time | Amsterdam University Press In a crucial sense, all machines are time machines. The essays in Media Infrastructures and the Politics of Digital Time develop the central concept of hardwired temporalities to consider how technical networks hardwire and rewire patterns of time. Digital media introduce new temporal patterns in their fea

Bookmarked: Encoding for Robust Immutable Storage (ERIS) This document describes the Encoding for Robust Immutable Storage (ERIS). ERIS is an encoding of arbitrary content into a set of uniformly sized, encrypted and content-addressed blocks as well as a short identifier (a URN). The content can be reassembled from the encrypted blocks only with this identifier.

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@neil @ton @edsu @mike_hales I've noticed this Obsidian Obsession lately: an enourmous amount of people discussing linking and note-taking in depth, but barely a few that actually do something with them. Collectors gotta keep collectin'!

I just use a pen and a plain notebook and jot down thoughts, summaries, ideas, anything, usually accompanied with clippings, stickers and photos. I re-read it at semi-regular intervals. Sometimes. I used to adhere to the silly GTD methods, but in the end, I just do whatever I feel like.
Some chapters of my research come to me at night. Have a pencil ready in the vicinity.
As Ton said, while re-reading, I annotate and link (mostly implicitly), and then write something new that will become the "original" work.
Most of the times, it's just a simple schematic with a few arrows.

I wrote about how to keep a journal in
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Suggestion soliciting: Interesting and fun Sci-Fi short-stories and novellas. Particularly things that *aren't* Ray Bradbury, since that's what every teachers' resource gives... because apparently other Sci-Fi writers aren't real and don't exist.

(Primarily for use with 14-16 year olds. Doesn't have to be YA-focused. Just adding it for "Hm, I don't know if teenagers would be interested in this one.")

Bookmarked: Zettelkasten - Wikipedia A zettelkasten consists of many individual notes with ideas and other short pieces of information that are taken down as they occur or are acquired. The notes are numbered hierarchically, so that new notes may be inserted at the appropriate place, and contain metadata to allow the note-taker to associate notes with each other. For example, notes may contain tags that describe key aspects of the note, and they may re

Bookmarked: The Facebook Files - WSJ Maybe we're in a real watershed moment when the voice of finance & corporate power turns its back on FB? Too bad you have to subscribe to find out...

Government Labels In the lead up to the 2020 US Presidential Election Twitter implemented new labels for government officials, organizations and state-affiliated media accounts. This was a follow on from their previous ban on state-backed political advertising in 2019.
By their own description Twitter apply these labels to:

Accounts of key government officials, including foreign ministers, institutional entities, ambassadors, official spokespeople, and key

I'm not sure what my post-PhD life holds in terms of a job, but probably the only thing that will stick with me from my dissertation work is a fondness & appreciation for Science and Technology Studies (STS). But, I've actually never attended the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) conference.

This year it is fully online, and they have a very reduced registration fee for people who are not presenting ($20 for 4 days). Let me know if you are going too!

Departing all the Project Bluesky Matrix bridged Discord channels. What a waste of time.

I sometimes wish that calling pdf2rm would copy the PDF into my brain instead of scp'ing it to my reMarkable. But that would take away the fun, wouldn't it?

Zinnias are such easy flowers to grow in our yard, and they have so many colors and shapes.

Whenever I see them I'm reminded of my favorite US historian, Howard Zinn.

FB's new glasses for taking pictures/videos and their Metaverse plans can get in the fucking sea as well.

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Brendan Iribe (Oculus/Facebook) gave 30 million to my university to build a big glass building for computer science, positioned conspicuously at the entrance to campus. Now everyone is talking about immersive this and immersive that, and I kind of want to throw up.

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Noticing a weird thing here at - over the past hour, roughly, we received twenty-five account registrations, each about two minutes after the last, from email addresses of the format:

password.researchers.gatech.[number from 1 to 25][at]outlook[dot]com

with usernames [at]xa000000 through [at]xa000024 (one less).

Is anyone else seeing something similar? Anyone know what the story is? #FediAdmin #MastoAdmin

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