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'new audio documentary about struggles in the United States. Each six-episode season covers one local story, told from the viewpoint of working-class people.'

Well that was quick! (it was generated in just about 5 minutes on social.coop).

But it looks like the Mastodon archive download still lacks an index.html to provide some kind of view into the JSON and media files.

Maybe it would be a fun holiday project to try to work something up that's a bit nicer?

The National Library of New Zealand is doing some awesome (& somewhat risky) work to accept donated Facebook archives.


I think it's great to see work being done in this area, and will be interested to see if it is extended to other platforms with archive downloads.

I think more needs to be done to make these archive downloads actually accessible ... which reminds me, I haven't looked at the Mastodon export for some time. Off to do that now!

It's nice to dip my toes back into the fediverse and find that it is still thriving and interesting.

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This is an amazing avant garde documentary that says more about Mark Zuckerberg than anything else I've seen about him.


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Machine learning mysticism Show more

"The Book of Endless History is a deep dream of sorts — an infinite encyclopedia produced by an AI trained on the collective works of Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino. It is an experiment in narrative generation and machine learning."


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Enjoy my 2019 NaNoGenMo project, the romantic epic "Linked by Love":

crummy.com/writing/NaNoGenMo/2 🔗❤️

What I've been listening to this week: A Winged Victory for the Sullen (9), Prince (9), Brambles (8)


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I learned about (and started following) I learned about (and started following) @privacytools today.

As privacytools.io/about/ states, they focus on transparency in their reviews and recommendations for privacy tools and invite the community to participate. Good stuff.

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My @glitchlogos t-shirts are for sale once again! I've brought back the PlayStation and Starbucks editions, and I've added a glitched Seal of the President of the United States for good measure.

Teespring is running a promotion, if you order today with the code F3STIVE you'll get 10% off!


kinda loving a lot of things lately I guess ...

kinda loving how dark mode at night is changing my experience of the web

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So, I've learned a thing...

Android's "night vision" can also correct blurple (red/blue) LED grow lights' color in photographs!!

This image is of the plants in my tent with the blurple lights on.

Kinda love this vim plugin that lets me edit gpg encrypted files. So I can easily edit my exam questions & answers and commit them to a public git repo without worrying about enterprising students finding them.


What I've been listening to this week: Telefon Tel Aviv (27), Roy Montgomery (19), Future Islands (17)


What I've been listening to this week: Cosmo Sheldrake (50), Alaskan Tapes (11), Steve Hauschildt (9)


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