What I've been listening to this week: Caught In The Wake Forever (35), A Winged Victory for the Sullen (11), Ian William Craig (11)


What I've been listening to this week: The National (37), øjeRum (24), Dalot & Sound Awakener (21)


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What I've been listening to this week: Peter Gabriel (23), Dustin O'Halloran (6), Skyphone (6)


I just sent off a piece of writing that has been through 5 sets of revisions with 4 different people, at two different publications.

I think if it doesn't get accepted now I'm just gonna put it on my website and move on.

For some reason I'm just noticing Wikipedia edit tags for the first time.

They are little labels that automatically get assigned to an edit.

Since January there's one for anonymous edits from Congress. Thanks @legoktm!


Here's an example from @congressedits


What I've been listening to this week: Beck (19), Moss Covered Technology (18), Bob Dylan (17)


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I've been working on getting ActivityPub Article types fully supported inline in the Mastodon home feed. I've got it working pretty well now, at least for blog posts from write.as. It supports a "safe" subset of rich text using a PR from @Thib (github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/) and then I added some code to support <img> tags that proxies images to the local server, just like we currently do with image attachments. Alt text and media blocking are fully supported/respected.

Video demo attached!

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