What I've been listening to this week: Keith Jarrett (24), Miles Cooper Seaton (23), Foresteppe (22)


"Let’s imagine a world of trustfullness and care, where protocols work on behalf of those who need the most support."


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What will the machines debate when the humans are gone? I fed 4,369 British Parliamentary style debate resolutions into #textgenrnn to generate new topics suitable for the post-human era.


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great interview, looking forward to seeing the film sooner or later
'Alyssa Battistoni interviews Astra Taylor on her new film What is Democracy?'

I *really* enjoyed this talk by @anxiaostudio about the narrative forms of memes on the web & social media -- it is jam packed full of references and amazing Internet stories. I can't wait for the book to arrive!


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Just to emphasise my point the other day about the impact of stemming on searches for naturalisation/naturalization in @TroveAustralia. Compare these — the stemming on/off results for ‘naturalisation’ are pretty much in proportion, but not for ‘naturalization’…

I also learned that Zuboff's new book about surveillance capitalism (a term she coined) is now available (as of yesterday).


I enjoyed this Harper's Podcast Machine Politics: harpers.org/blog/2019/01/machi

Violet Lucca talks to Fred Turner about the historical & political context that the web has grown in. The gist of it is that regulation of the social media industry in particular is coming, and the question is whether our representatives our up to the challenge.

Turner name drops @ntnsndr at the end when the discussion turns to how we might think about social media as civic space.

I was washing my hands in the Charbucks bathroom and noticed some tasty ambient music playing. I thought they had really upped their game until I discovered the bandcamp app on my phone had started playing in my pocket.

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The most positive thing to come out of the Tumblr debacle is seeing that the immediate response, instead of "get the Internet Archive to back up everything", has been "everyone should take responsibility for backing up their own work, here are tools you can use"

It kinda makes me mad that SoundCloud don't seem to provide RSS, which means I have to use their app instead of listening to audio in one place.

turns off Guttersnipe & turns on Chvrches

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When you’re watching Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift is watching you.

“a kiosk was set up for adoring fans to view videos of her … the kiosk took photos of people looking at the videos. The images were sent back to a “command post” in Nashville where they were cross-referenced, using facial recognition technology, with a database of people who had been identified as potential stalkers of the pop star.”


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