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A reminder to myself:

I came to & the fediverse as a place to share what I enjoy in life, to learn from others, to deepen practice, and to build solidarity.

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More details for Our Networks 2047 are up, with some early submissions and examples as well as an FAQ about the event--

Drawing inspiration from our favourite sci-fi authors we’re headed to a future for #ournetworks 2̶0̶2̶2̶ 2047.
To declare your interest, please submit a character’s name and bio, area of interest or talk by October 30, 2022 (extended!). More details here:

Our Networks 2047: Redistributing the Future
November 14 – 27, 2022

I recognize that there is some poetic/pragmatic justice in having railed against OAI-PMH 15 years ago, and now having to work with them again, because that's just how the data we need is made available.

Grace Blakeley did an excellent interview with Ben Tarnoff about his new book Internet for the People (which I'm in the middle of):

Tarnoff provides a succinct, crystal clear history of the Internet's origins in public infrastructure, through to its privatization, and commercialization.

But he also describes what we can do to improve things using lessons from different pockets of the Internet that exist today (including here!)

Maybe that seems like magic, but the archive view that the ReplayWebPage web component provides is a static web page with some JavaScript that downloads things dynamically from a ZIP file on cloud storage (in this case S3).

Ok, I guess that is kind of like magic, but it's basically just serving static files with a plain HTTP server (which can do HTTP Range requests).

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Hmm, what if podcasts could be linked together? What would that look like? What would it sound like?

🔖 Landlords of the internet: Big data and big real estate - Daniel Greene, 2022 - Who owns the internet? It depends where you look. The physical assets at the core of the internet, the warehouses that store the cloud’s data and interlink global networks, are owned not by technology firms like Google and Facebook but by commercial real estate barons who compete with malls and property storage empires. Granted an empire by the US

🔖 New online OONI training course launched by Advocacy Assembly | OONI - We are excited to share that a free, online OONI training course (“Measuring Internet Censorship with OONI tools”) has been launched today on Small Media’s Advocacy Assembly platform!


I don’t use Twitter much anymore, but I still help maintain some tools
like twarc for helping to
work with it. Twitter announced
a big change in that they are now going to allow certain users edit

I haven’t read much about the reception of this, but I do know it has
been requested for a long time. I have to admit I do like how Twitter to
took a tip from Wikipedia and journalistic practice and chose to
implement it with a publicly viewab

This is a well told story about time, standards, maintenance and protocols:

"Finding consensus can be difficult for both clocks and people."

It's actually kind of timely because I was just listening to an interview with Tim McNamara, who spent extra time when writing Rust in Action to show how to implement NTP as an example:

Which actually sounds fun.

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At the stage of listening to Music for Animals (Nils Frahm's new album) where if it were the late 1990s, when I had set CDs I always took on trips (e.g., AFX's Selected Ambient Works Volume II, Monolake's Interstate, DJ Krush's Kakusei), this would 100% be in the travel case.

What I've been listening to this week: The Weather Station (31), Nils Frahm (21), John Reidar Holmes (18)

Kinda want a program that will (slowly) download my Bandcamp collection as FLAC, instead of the MP3 that I usually have done.

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📂 Bookmark audio from the web (podcasts, videos, lectures, interviews, radio segments, news articles)

🎧 Listen to it later in your favorite podcast client!

Whenever people at work say "linked data, who thought that was a good idea" (and they do) I feel vaguely implicated. But I rationalize it away thinking they probably thought it meant rdf everywhere behind a SPARQL endpoints.

I'm a fan of the Radio Web MACBA podcast interview style, where the interviewer's voice is removed, and sparse/ambient music is layered underneath the interviewee's voice.

I've sometimes started putting music underneath Zoom meetings where I'm mostly listening to help smooth them out. I just need to remember to pause before unmuting :-)

Commons.Hour getting started w/ @ntnsndr leading a conversation about decolonizing software stacks:

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