Here are a few of my favorite recordings that I've found while working on the site:

There are lots of gems in here, I'm still finding stuff.

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One approach to making the 90MB JSON lunrjs index a bit more usable was to use a Service Worker to ensure that it's kept in local storage once you retrieve it the first time. But even parsing that amount of JSON can take a chunk of time depending on your CPU.

I think one way of improving this would be to push the index searching itself into a WebWorker so that at least the JSON parsing happens outside the main window. Also it could start once any page on the site is viewed.

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For the last year or so I've been working on this project to bring together archival documents and radio recordings of the National Association of Educational Broadcasters (forerunner to NPR & PBS).

One small and gratifying thing was making all the programs available as podcasts.

Also it's a static site, where we've pushed search to the client, which has not been without problems. If you get a chance to try it let me know.

Also it's on GitHub:

I'm still lurking in FileCoin Slack, where I saw this 💾 🔥 ∞

Bookmarked: Challenges and Paradoxes in Decolonising HCI: A Critical Discussion | SpringerLink The preponderance of Western methods, practices, standards, and classifications in the manner in which new technology-related knowledge is created and glob

AltAir Звезда Альтаир

We use Airtable quite a bit at $work for building static websites. It provides a very well designed no-code or low-code environment for creating and maintaining databases. It has an easy to use, beautifully documented, API which makes it simple to bring data out for use in many different contexts, and also to update data programmatically if that’s needed.

Airtable is a product, which means there is polished documentation, videos, u

Bookmarked: Can Fake Images Show Us Something Real? "Memories are valuable in terms of emotion, even if they're not accurate as documentation."

The Internet Archive is celebrating its 25th anniversary:

I noticed that while there have been many "captures" of the page, none of the videos seem to play back.

As an experiment I used Rhizome's Conifer/Webrecorder to record the page including its videos, exported the WARC file, and embedded it on my static website using the web component:

The podcast is a byproduct of Aspen Institute's Commission on Information Disorder which recently released an interim report, that prefigures recommendations that they will make later this year:

It's not entirely clear to me who commissioned this work, and who the recommendations are for ... it feels like some .gov agencies must be behind it, but I can't really tell.

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I've been working through this series of interviews with disinformation experts, and have generally really liked it (despite it's DC policy wonk flavor).

It kicks off with some really excellent episodes with danah boyd (Data & Society), Renee DiResta (Stanford Internet Observatory) and Thomas Rid (author of Rise of the Machines, Active Measures, etc).

lol, sorry -- the rest is at the link -- my rss -> mastodon gizmo is a bit half baked

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Untitled Several years ago someone in our neighborhood was moving out of the area and was giving away their old piano. We figured out a way to get it to our house, and it has sat (still untuned) in a corner of our living room ever since.

The kids have sporadically taken piano lessons, and the various teachers who have heard it have all been polite not to comment on its current state. Mostly it just sits there, part table, part decoration, until someone

It works perfectly for situations where you are hosting the RSS and audio yourself and want to make it easy for people to subscribe.

And it was really important for this project since we had thousands podcasts to make available (their historical radio programs btw). It's not easy to add lots of podcasts at once to these podcast platforms.

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For anyone else who was interested in this, podlove is an opensource project that maintains a JavaScript widget that prompts users what app they'd like to subscribe to a podcast with.

You can look at a test implementation on this page:

If you get a chance to try the button it I'd be interested to hear what you find.

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Is there a friendly way of creating a Subscribe button on a webpage to subscribe to a RSS Podcast URL?

I've got thousands of pages like this: (shh it's a preview) where there's a subscribe button that points at the RSS XML. But that's not useful for people who don't understand how podcasts actually work.

Bookmarked: Why Were Daniel Hale’s Leaked Drone Wars Documents Ignored? "... only in the past decade has it become possible to watch an entire landscape, to track a whole network of men who meet at a location and watch them each walk home."

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