Bookmarked: One researcher’s mission to encourage reproducibility in machine learning – TechTalks To encourage reproducibility in machine learning research, Papers Without Code, a new website, will regularly publish a list of unreproducible ML papers.

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ISSUE 01: Fertile Grounds has arrived! Our first issue contains eight creative pieces and a series of kaoani inspired animated GIFs. You can read it on the World Wide Web here >>

Bookmarked: COMPOST Even as existing digital infrastructure fails to embolden truth or bring people together, we are hopeful. In Fertile Grounds we explore how our decaying web can help new networks flourish.

This debut issue of COMPOST magazine features writing and art about technologies, protocols, and communities that enable authentic and trustful connections.

So is on IPFS, but is it on FileCoin? I know IPFS sits on top of FileCoin, but how would one go about answering this question with an example?

An I reading this right that the API for TikTok is download and link to these binaries for iOS or Android?

Bookmarked: Data Cards Playbook The Data Cards Playbook is a collection of participatory activities and resources to help dataset creators adopt a people-centric approach to transparency in dataset documentation. The Data Cards Playbook helps interdisciplinary teams build a shared understanding of transparency and create Data Cards to address the unique information needs of diverse stakeholders.

Somewhere between December and February this TokenizedTweets (puts tweets on the blockchain?) added a take-down request form:

I'm kind of a newb when it comes to the block chain data structure, but isn't removing ledger entries impossible?

This also begs the question of how one would even look at any of these tweets that have been "tokenized".

@sam_hames @betsybookworm not sure if communicating here about twarc2 will work -- but maybe for short updates?

I just pushed up some changes so that all of the client functionality is available via a twarc2 command, e.g.

twarc2 search-recent auspol > tweets.jsonl

Run twarc2 for the help :-)

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Social.Coop members -- tired of using surveillance capitalist platforms for video conferencing? Sign up for your account on our new BigBlueButton instance. Open source and cooperative.

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what's your favorite song about the depressing inevitability of mankind's destruction via climate change? mine is Dear Miami by Róisín Murphy

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I've been struggling a bit at work for the past few months feeling like my contributions as a technologist are no longer needed/wanted, & even that what I do as a professional is a source of problems. I'm not sure what to do with this other than write it down, slow down, and try to find understanding.

I'm upping my monthly contribution a bit to help support the new (BigBlueButton) collaboration.

I kinda wish parts of pinboard were open source so people could help out here and there, kinda like how @duckduckgo make pieces available. I sent Maciej an email asking and he sent back a thoughtful message about why he hasn't been focused on it. Basically he is already using significant pieces of open source tech, and there are also anti-spam / anti-abuse measures in the code that he would rather not have public.

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I opted-in to paying $22/year instead of $0/year even though I didn't need to as an old-timer. It's good to support the services you use regularly, and I use pinboard every day. Plus, Maciej has a pretty good sense of humor.

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