Consider sending an or private message (no, an issue or comment won't count) to someone who has made an impact on you recently. In our world, hate often seems to outshine , and it's so easy to become overwhelmed by it. It's amazing what difference a little love can make on someone, especially given you might not even realize how much they need it.

We don't love enough. Love more.

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self care is throwing your computer out of the window

May 24 

Accidents aren't just accidents, that gives the driver too much credit.

It's not just a school shooting. It's domestic terrorism. It's the violent, heartless murder of children.

Time to treat this shit like what it is. Wake up.


Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to remember some from the . When I do, I like to go to the comment section.

There is something intimate and special, reading about the moments of normal people while listening to beautiful .

Today I read this comment when listening to "save tonight". I have this feeling in my chest, first from the song, then magnified by the story. I kinda hate the feeling, but it's good to feel it once in a while.

So I've been thinking a bit about what makes a place I to enjoyable. I've certainly noticed some places feel better then others, but there was discernible pattern.

I finally figured it out. I like being where people are happy. Be that communities, tourist towns, or hearts of cities. Lively places where people are happy.

I like going, so I'm curious where you find yourself happy? Where you find the people around you happy? Happy places feel like home.

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I’ve wondered this same thing about photos of Japan for years, and he nailed it.

Hey all. I'm Evan, and I am excited for the opportunity to use this platform to discuss , the , the and .

I picked @SocialCoop :TwinPines: as my instance after observing their community & CoC. I have been impressed with their goals, rules, and terms and find them in perfect alignment with mine.

That's my , I'm excited to meet you, and so happy to finally be a part of this peaceful coexistence!

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