An extremely rare YouTube page with good comments.
“In 1984 Muji commissioned Haruomi Hosono to compose in-store background music.”

we lost UKL one year ago today and I’m still fucking wrecked about it

I made my protest sign in a hurry. It said:

today’s agenda:
- pancakes
- cold march & demo in Albany
- The Great British Bake Off
- cake & ice cream

[still going]
==> Installing gdal dependency: gcc
Warning: Building gcc from source

20 minutes ago:
$ brew upgrade
==> Upgrading 69 outdated packages:
proj 5.0.1 -> 5.2.0, gnumeric 1.12.42 -> 1.12.43, libtiff 4.0.9_4 -> 4.0.10, geos 3.6.2 -> 3.7.1, jansson 2.11 -> 2.12, postgresql 10.3 -> 11.1, wget 1.19.4_1 -> 1.20.1_3, ffmpeg 4.0 -> 4.1_1, ...
[laptop fan intensifies]

I wrote a script to find the least popular US baby names according to the Social Security Administration.

thinking of going cold turkey on Adobe Creative Cloud in 2019.

tab 1: `./ > backup.txt`
tab 2: `tail -f backup.txt`

tired: google's secret china project "effectively ended" after internal confrontation
wired: google was reading user search queries en masse in violation of its own internal privacy controls in order to build dragonfly block lists

Listen to an audiobook. has free, public domain books recorded by volunteers.

#riseup didn't make their donation goal :(

If you use their services and can afford it, please consider donating. If you don't use their services but think they're cool and can afford, please also donate :)


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