My @glitchlogos t-shirts are for sale once again! I've brought back the PlayStation and Starbucks editions, and I've added a glitched Seal of the President of the United States for good measure.

Teespring is running a promotion, if you order today with the code F3STIVE you'll get 10% off!

over the past few years I have made a whole bunch of tutorials for creative coding with p5.js and put them here: creative-coding.decontextualiz I made them primarily as notes for me to follow along with when I'm teaching, so they're sketchy in some parts (and very out of date in others). but some (non-student) folks have told me recently that they found the tutorials useful, so I'm sharing here in case they might interest the fediverse!

(btw text is BY-NC licensed and the code examples are all CC0)

How are you resisting capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy? Do you have a vision for something better? Are there ways to start embodying that vision today? If not why not?

here is what I'm up to today.
1. full disk backup
2. clean install

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Have you heard of Eunice Newton Foote? “She was the first to suggest that changing the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would change its temperature”

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Yes I realize this is the “sorry I stopped blogging” of social media.

Hello fediverse, I logged off for a while but now I'm back. I will try to come back here more regularly. I had a good day today and I am glad you're all still showing up here.

An extremely rare YouTube page with good comments.
“In 1984 Muji commissioned Haruomi Hosono to compose in-store background music.”

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