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FediEmbedi is a plugin that displays your / timeline in a widget

It’s still in early stages, so feel free to open issues or comment on here

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Trudeau could stop Trans Mountain with the stroke of a pen. Instead, grannies are being forced to risk jail time to protect the land and the climate for us all. — #politics #Trans_Mountain #cdnpoli #bcpoli

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This is a joke 

Refusal to figure out the correct definition and usage of the word "praxis" is the most praxis for you

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Mention of citrus fruit that not everyone can eat 


May I suggest

Peeling a pomelo, even if you can't eat it?

It's so fluffy and comes off so nicely

It's a satisfying fruit experience all around

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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meta, kolektiva 

The size of a community is really a big issue with a lot of moderation, especially with federation.

A lot of the popular instances on here aren't actually that big, you'll often find that their active users don't reach much higher than 150. Once they do, registrations are usually closed, so moderators can focus on providing a good service for their existing community and ensuring bad actors are dealt with ASAP.

This same service just cannot work as effectively with larger instances. It's why so many people have defederated from, why was completely unable to deal with its recent massive influx.

Kolektiva now has over 2,000 active users, with registrations still open, and its small mod team has proven incapable of dealing with its explosive growth. When you only have a handful of people modding at any one time, bad actors just aren't going to get dealt with at the rate they need to be to ensure a healthy community.

(This is not to say small instances are inherently good, there's a bunch of small instances that are utterly horrendous parts of the network, just that smaller instances are more manageable)

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if you've spent any length of time on the fediverse and value anti-racism, community building, decoloniality, challenging oppressive cultural norms, and generally making spaces safe for vulnerable folks, then you've benefited from the work that @CaribenxMarciaX has done here

if you can afford a few quid each month, i highly recommend subscribing to show your appreciation and help them continue their work (and you get top content and updates straight into your mailbox!):

wait is that GZA rapping astronomy? Totally on brand!

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lol, I'm more into than my kids!

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I want to make sure this is clear to all. is open to having people join our instance. The creator and admin of our instance is me, Ikora. I'm a black femme, but you don't have to be to join us. We are creating a community space based on restorative justice principles. So, yes, everyone is welcome! But, it's in context, right? Unearned advantages will be addressed and acknowledged. We won't be gaslighting each other. Listen to experience, etc. Join me if you want to help. <3

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Happy 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century!

Remember when liberals in Mexico were pissed about the Zapatistas not endorsing AMLO?

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PWA on Firefox still having to wave flags!

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Trump by the numbers:

3 million jobs lost
400,000 dead Americans
30,534 lies
545 children separated from their parents
315 days golfing
12 new miles of border wall Mexico did not pay for,
2 impeachments
1 term LOSER

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