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Support by donating through our @opencollect page!✨DisCO offers content and programs out of love for the communities our project supports and creates. We rely on donations, from organisations and individuals like you! 💜

Hey folks! Metapolis V2N2 IS OUT!!! Our sisters from @guerrillamediacollective work hard to curate its articles. This month it features fascinating pieces by @davidbollier, Judith Butler, Sofía Coca, Patricio Cabello and Jean Wyllys, among others! ✨

Download it here! 👇

Our awesome DisCOnaut Brian Tinoota will be presenting the DisCO model at Njombe Innovation Academy and BUNI to explain how it harness decentralized technologies to create systems that are based on trust, fairness and CARE ✨💜💚 Register here!👇

How can we build our future on the legacies of those who've been existentially oppressed by the ecological-economic complex? How can we make such struggles a source of inspiration for a common cause?

Check out the After Extractivism Project 👇✨

Reviving these two rad publications from the "Technology and Affections" hackfeminist meeting in Chiapas in 2019💜 @sursiendo :

1) Technoaffections. For politics of share responsibility
2) Let us imagine: hackfeminist writings for alternative technologies

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Grandmothers in Action (Abuelas en Acción) is an exciting podcast that focuses on health equity & economic justice, climate change & immigration justice. Its guests share stories that inspire us to break through limits. 💜✨

One of us DisCOnauts won the raffle for the inspiring SUPERRR's Feminist Tech Card Deck and we've made it a tradition to use it during our retreats to codesign and imagine better, more caring futures. 💜✨

Download the printable version here!

Less than 24h for the launch of Visions for the Future: Systemic Justice's report, “Surfacing Systemic (In)justices: A community view”, which provides an insight into priorities as reflected on by marginalised communities themselves.🌼💛

Support by donating through our @opencollect page!✨DisCO offers content and programs out of love for the communities our project supports and creates. We rely on donations, from organisations and individuals like you! 💜

Are you an innovator working on , , or ? ✨

We recommend joining @enrolyourself 's new training - a 4-week immersion to learn how to design spaces and structures that cultivate peer-led learning, support and action 💜

"We want to help people learn, discern, and invest in creating governance for themselves; in through the eyes and out through the hands. If we can be a link in that kind of chain, we’re even willing to be just a little bit shiny."

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"If powerful actors have ably exploited the messaging and narrative of the alternative digital paradigm to push products and services, it is because the Web 3.0 space continues to be saddled with the same issues that a lot of open source projects have suffered from."

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People have been taking to Web 3.0 while looking for alternatives to dominant forms of predatory & destructive capitalism. But does Web 3.0 have the same power structures & logics that govern Big Tech?

by DisCOnauts Ann Marie Utratel & Stacco Troncoso for Bot Populi 💜

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@andymakes congrats on the coop! I'm a part of Immers Space worker coop and we have a lot in common: 3d/VR practice area, using margins to find our mission work, and wanting to stay small.

Have you come across the DisCO principles? We drew lots of inspiration from @disco_coop

Can DAOs meet the 7 Cooperative Principles? Great reading by Andi Argast for @HyphaCoop 💜✨To use disruptive technology for good social ends, we need counter-cultural alternatives to leverage the positive aspects of DAOs for radically different economics.

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🚨Aligning DAOs and Cybernetics

I spoke to, a qualitative researcher on resilience in decentralised technologies and governance who co-wrote a piece on using cybernetics as a framework for understanding and designing DAOs.

"We’d love to have a tech-focused DisCO. A DisCO that helps build DisCO. This has always been the dream, a coding collective."

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"In DisCO we call things that are considered admin "care work". They’re not externalised to a management position, they’re shared within the group. Management, historically, is a professional class imposed by capitalism to extract value from workers."

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Here's the interview conducted by NKCProductions to DisCOnauts Ann Marie & Stacco for Radical Spreadsheets, a zine curated by SODAA club, the first DisCO disco (yes, you read that right!). Read the transcription here! 👇💜💜💜

This open-access book by David Nemer shows how the oppressed by technology don't just reject it, but consciously resist & appropriate it. Their experiences with digital technologies enable them to navigate both digital & nondigital sources of oppression.

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