Introduction to Economic Networks by @bhaugen

There is growing consensus that capitalism is unsustainable and that something simply must change.

Several of the strategies in experiments around the world involve economic networks of one kind or another(...)


MozFest is a unique hybrid: part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world.


Coops try to bring democracy to the workplace but their economic activity affects the chains of production & consumption. DisCOs extend rights of ownership & decision making to all those affected by its activities.

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Most companies & coops orient their production toward profit and meeting market demands. In DisCOs, production is explicitly guided by need, social and environmental priorities. This is the heart of a DisCO’s values and it is embedded in each DisCOs legal statutes.

Get your free copy of the DisCO Elements here:

MoneyLab Berlin, March 26-28, 2021 will present a wide range of livestream talks, participatory online formats, workshops and, if official pandemic regulations will allow, a workshop circuit for participants based in Berlin.

Select workshops will be livestreamed, some of them offering the opportunity for remote participation.

@Amateur Cities and the @Institute of Network Cultures present this cooperative future-thinking effort from the @MoneyLab network. We live in a an economic system that is global, competitive, and centred around the rational and egoistic vision of the homo economicus. How we can embrace different values focusing on locality, cooperation, and caring?

Get your copy of Radical Care: Embracing Feminist Finance here:

A token sale: Christie’s to auction its first blockchain-backed digital-only artwork

Artists themselves are also searching for new ways to use blockchain and other “distributed ledger” technologies such as Furtherfield. Other notable projects... include DisCO which examine how new tools for organisation can challenge the value systems of the traditional art market, rather than further solidify them.

EVENT: Economies of Care
Friday, March 5th – 12pm PST (3pm EST) Hosted by Aden Solway with virtual care lab

In a moment of economic turmoil and planetary crisis, Economies of Care is a series of participatory conversations and workshops with organizers, scholars and artists working to envision new models for community, ecology and exchange, within and in service to the digital forum.

Our first guest is Skawennati, artist and co-founder of Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace.

TOWARDS DECENTRALIZED CODE COLLABORATION: An overview of @radicle, what they're building and why.

"At the core of the open source ethos is the idea of liberty. Open source is about inverting power structures and creating access and opportunities for everyone."

"Our proposal is the DisCO form of distributed cooperative organization."

Get your free copy of the DisCO Elements at

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"To use disruptive technology for a wider benefit, we need counter-cultural alternatives to leverage the positive aspects of DAOs for radically different economic and social ends."

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"Developed (and invested on) unchecked, the affordances of the blockchain and DAOs could usher an algorithmically executed political economy, where legal recourse, human realities and divergences from the code can simply be ignored."

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"Meanwhile, the three pillars of present centralization and hierarchy, i.e., the patriarchy, capitalism and colonialism, are rarely acknowledged or addressed."

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See thread here to know how DisCO feels about the blockchain 👇 ✨

"Uses of blockchain and DAOs do nothing to address the basic structural realities. The promise of decentralization fails as the networks and implementations form centrally around those investors."

How does the trope of The Future of Work fit into a world that is accelerating toward something worse than capitalism?

Writer and scholar McKenzie Wark talks about the new ruling classes spawned by the IT age, techno utopian apologists & the agency over exploitation ✨

"C.A.T." stands for "Community Algorithmic Trust".
The DisCO C.A.T is a digital trust platform that upholds and maintains the agreed-on values of DisCOs. It enables trust by addressing complicated questions about value, fairness and power on their own.

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If you missed Pakhuis de Zwijger's "Tech for Society: Rights to the Blockchain City" livecast yesterday with Silvia Semenzin, Inte Gloerich, Alex Pazaitis and yours truly, you can watch the recording here! 👇 ✨

Silvia Semenzin: "One of the problems of the blockchain environment "is that there is a dominant technocratic and rational approach to technology. Blockchainers believe in individual empowerment and collectivity is diminished."

Food for thought!

TODAY AT 18:30 - TECH FOR SOCIETY: Right to the Blockchain City, the second episode of a trilogy of livecasts around digital ledger design by Pakhuis de Zwijger! Some DisCOnauts are among the participants!!

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