Striving for a sustainable future for independent open access publishing, Quartz Open Access proposes a new platform coop to create an ecosystem that'd help retain the value in the hands of the academic community & re-distribute the flows of funding fairly ✨ 👇

In this paper, David Rozas, Ámbar Tenorio-Fornés & Samer Hassan from P2P Models analyse the potentials of blockchain for opening new avenues for commoning practices and cooperation in these unsettling times, focusing on Digital Global Commons. Great work! ✨

You can read it here:

Amazed at the discovery of this podcast. We first came across episode 05, where Cyn Bahati shares herstoryDAO’s creation story, mission, underground crypto-culture and tribal DAOS. 💚

You can see the list of episodes here:

This game is brilliant!! ✨ 💛 💚 💙

A cli-fi game of choice and consequence.

"You are the senior editor of the world’s most popular and trusted news organization. You have the enviable power to set the news agenda, and thereby shift the zeitgeist. Can you make it to 2030?"

Give it a try!:

Let's change the future of work!

✨ Remember you can get your free copy of the DisCO Elements here:

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Key traits:

1. Always source-available.

2. Software as a public service.

3. No discrimination on ability to pay.

4. License excludes proprietary forks. Why would you even want this anyway?

5. Keeping it always public avoids the most blatant forms of corporate capture.

6. Don't give your copyright to a company. I ought to get a tattoo of this in allcaps.

7. Developers rights are not more important than those of users.

8. Profit?

"Communally moderated platforms implement interfaces that allow for varied standards to emerge organically."

Read the full article "Designed to Thrive: Communal Approaches to Collective Platforms" here:

"For them, the future of technology is really about just one thing: escape."

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Remembering this article by Douglas Rushkoff that @guerrillamediacollective translated a couple of years ago, "The Survival of the Richest":

"The rich are preparing for a digital future that has less to do with making the world a better place than it does with transcending the human condition altogether & insulating themselves from a very real and present danger of climate change, rising sea levels, mass migrations, global pandemics and resource depletion."

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“The rhetoric and history of celestial exploration reveal how the logics of capitalism, colonialism, and corporations have always been intimately, and violently, intertwined.”

Awesome article "Lost in Space" by Alina Utrata ✨ 💜

Read it here:

Hosted by Divya Siddarth, this edition of the Metagov Seminar features Ann Marie Utratel & Stacco Troncoso talking about DisCO and highlighting the need for person to person relationality as the baseline for designing governance tools and practices!✨ 👇

Watch it here!:

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Western idea of freedom is reductionist to the point of being meaningless. Freedom is the amount of agency a person has within society. People who spend majority of their lives toiling just to meet their basic needs are hardly free in any meaningful sense.

"What are the costs of our cultural ecosystem’s shared reliance on centralised platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify? How could we begin to move away from them?" by Taeyoon Choi (and his amazing drawings) ❤️ 👇

Explore this amazing project here:

The newsletter that the P2P Models team crafts always brings us interesting discoveries such as @redecentralize , which aim is to connect, facilitate and promote projects pursuing decentralisation by supporting "decent" tech.

Learn more here:

The Multi-Talented Makerspace aims to enable the Sakubva community in Zimbabwe to reimagine its future. Support this marginalized community to access technology & resources so they can design their own community-based education.👇 🌻

Just discovered the Tech Won't Save Us podcast, which offers a critical perspective on tech, its worldview, and wider society with the goal of inspiring people to demand better tech and a better world. ✨

You can view the episodes here:

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Powerful words by Mohawk Warrior Kanenhariyo on the recent discovery of unmarked graves of children in several residential schools in Canada

Today at 2:30pm (London time)! ✨ 👇 SURVEILLANCE AND PRIVACY IN A DIGITAL AGE

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