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COLLECTIVE WISDOM: Co-Creating Media within Communities, across Disciplines and with Algorithms, an awesome series of studies of co-creation in the media industry. This is the intro, by Katerina Cicek and William Uricchio 💜 ✨ 👇

"To be autonomous might mean to know our synergies and connections, to make powerful decisions about our interdependences, to walk an specific path with others. To be interdependent might mean to know our autonomy and from there reach out to embrace our entanglements and connections."

- Manuela Zechner: Commoning Care & Collective Power 💜

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@disco_coop Of course. If we don't care about people, our machines won't either.

Just a reminder that the DisCO presentation at the Metagovernance Seminar can now be found on @internetarchive 💜👇

"Technology is a force multiplier. When we make machine learning software that categorizes people based on available cultural data we get racist search engines or corporations using behavioural marketing to sway public opinion about global warming on an unprecedented scale. Look what we taught the machines to do"

Algorithms of Late Capitalism #1: "The Things We Taught the Machines to Do"


Great article by our folks at P2PModels:

"Blockchain 2.0 culture promotes competition and meritocracy as forms of social reproduction, where these views are further emboldened by the arrival of a new technology that is seen to fit these goals."👇

"DisCO is a funky & fair framework based on 7 Principles, combining the best of worker-owned coops, the Commons & P2P, Feminist Economics, cutting edge & 3.0 tech into a fun, woke and deadly serious package ripe for easy uptake & replication."

Pic: Dr. Irene López de Vallejo's presentation at @tostratosferica ❤️

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I'm going to print these zines: algorithmsoflatecapitalism.tum Let me know if you're interested in them!

This is SO beautiful, we just love @compost 💜 :

"A gentle choose-your-own adventure about mushroom foraging, coming to terms with Indigenous displacement and sustaining online community. What happens when the internet brings you closer to nature?" 👇 ✨

“There's a sense of acceptance that you can't speak up in the workplace's, it’s a top down system. Surveys show people would like to have a union but they fear that if they ask for what they want, the unions won’t actually have the power to protect them."

Interesting article about Democratizing Work.

After firing employees who objected to company policy, Google is facing an unfair labor practices case with huge implications for the future of U.S. democracy. 👇

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September’s Redecentralize Digest is out. In this issue:

• Cryptoeconomics as a Limitation on Governance
• Ecological awareness
• Backchannel petnames
• New Public & Unfinished
• Other tips & updates and events coming up

From @ntnsndr recent paper "Cryptoeconomics as a Limitation on Governance" via @redecentralize:

(On how economic logics can erode democracy):

"To overcome these limitations, designers should envelop cryptoeconomics within a logic of politics capable of seeing beyond economic metrics for human flourishing and the common good.”

💜 💜 💜

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RT @bathreya1
Brilliant commentary from @Jayati1609! We cannot *decommodify* work until we recognize the VAST amount of *uncommodified* work on which all else depends. #DemocratizingWork #CareEconomy

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Black Lives Matter no es solo un eslogan para EEUU, también desafía a cuestionar y transformar la historia de Europa.

"Aún menos reconocidos que los crímenes del colonialismo son los de las grandes empresas europeas que se apoderan y extraen las riquezas de la tierra. Este proceso es la piedra angular de su riqueza actual y el origen de muchos desastres ecológicos. Transforman la relación de los seres humanos con la tierra, destruyendo las maneras de vivir indígenas."👇🏽

Just a reminder: fabulous DisCOnaut Irene López de Vallejo
will present DisCO at Utopian Hours' panel on Open Collectives - New Platforms and Communities on Saturday 9th October along with Rafi Segal, Marisa Moran Jahn and Mercedes Bidart from Quipu Market.

@guerrillamediacollective instead does:

- Factor care work into payouts & have on-going discussions about its distribution & compensation.
- Respect each other & expect the same from their clients.
- Try to provide their services without feeding the capitalist machine. 🔥

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@guerrillamediacollective doesn't:

- Lose the human touch required to render a truly quality text.
- Use CAT tools or machine translation, both on principle & because they yield sub-par work.
- Contribute to the demise of their art, craft and profession. ✨

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