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Hi everyone, I'd like to make my !

I'm interested in exploring platform cooperatives as an alternative model for building things, interacting with people, and making change. I'm part of a network that recently (and somewhat unsucessfully) developed a "sharing economy" tool - I'm interested in learning how it might be done better.

Finally, I'm a techie, and I want to learn more about cooperative tools and help others to use them.

My other handle is: @Argus

Update. So the video has shown up but is not fully downloadable. progress!

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So! I ran a test of Big Blue Button with some colleagues in Spain. They really liked the functionality and are thinking of joining and converting from Zoom.

I had a good time with the tool, but my recording of the session appears to have disappeared into the ether... has anyone encountered this?

Is there a way for us to access the platform to set up a BigBlueButton meeting?

On that end, does anyone know any good books/readings about agrarian co-ops, especially outside the US?

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I recently switched jobs to work as the Product Manager for Tech Matters, building open-source tools for sustainable landscapes. Co-ops are common in this space, with small holds farmers joining together to bring their goods to market. It's a really fascinating new place to be.. members, participate in an important poll about tools on Loomio.

My "3 Takeways" Document from :

* Collaborative ownership of communications tools
* Open protocols to support decentralization efforts
* Cooperative effort governance models

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I only attended day two, but I found the discussions on governance and open protocols to be very interesting. I got a bunch of links on these, will share out as I explore.

@Matt_Noyes @emi @nicksellen I saw that y'all were going to Open 2020. I missed the first day, will be there for the second. Is there a crowd-notes doc, or other material you'd want to share out?

Thanks to a friend, I'm finally experimenting with linux and open software on his old tablet. So far, it doesn't feel like an experiment because everything works the same and feels very very very easy to use...


, normally a $15 purchase, is now included in this extraordinary racial justice charity bundle (proceeds go to NAACP LDF, Community Bail Fund):

Amazing to see so many indie developers coming together to raise quite a significant amount of money in small donations; it'll easily reach its $5M goal.

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Hey folks, it was great meeting you today. Sorry I had to jump off the community-tech bridge call early. I look forward to talking and learning with you all more.

Degoogle a Google phone

"With all the privacy and security concerns going on with our smartphones. I wanted to switch today and not wait any longer. So in this video, I go over and moving to a completely google service free ecosystem. I go over what works and what doesn't. "

FairMarket ( is an online marketplace where products and services can be purchased in FairCoin.

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