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Hi everyone, I'd like to make my !

I'm interested in exploring platform cooperatives as an alternative model for building things, interacting with people, and making change. I'm part of a network that recently (and somewhat unsucessfully) developed a "sharing economy" tool - I'm interested in learning how it might be done better.

Finally, I'm a techie, and I want to learn more about cooperative tools and help others to use them.

My other handle is: @Argus

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Awesome story about making policy!

How to Save a Planet: An Origin Story of the Blue New Deal

Update. So the video has shown up but is not fully downloadable. progress!

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So! I ran a test of Big Blue Button with some colleagues in Spain. They really liked the functionality and are thinking of joining and converting from Zoom.

I had a good time with the tool, but my recording of the session appears to have disappeared into the ether... has anyone encountered this?

Is there a way for us to access the platform to set up a BigBlueButton meeting?

On that end, does anyone know any good books/readings about agrarian co-ops, especially outside the US?

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I recently switched jobs to work as the Product Manager for Tech Matters, building open-source tools for sustainable landscapes. Co-ops are common in this space, with small holds farmers joining together to bring their goods to market. It's a really fascinating new place to be.. members, participate in an important poll about tools on Loomio.

My "3 Takeways" Document from :

* Collaborative ownership of communications tools
* Open protocols to support decentralization efforts
* Cooperative effort governance models

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