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So, yet another school shooting followed by outrage and the usual call for change. The ugly truth is that we are all the problem, even those of us who don't own guns and who want . We're the problem we because we're too passive. We demand far too little of ourselves as citizens of a supposed democratic republic by the people, for the people, we've been content to watch passively as "our" government, proves ineffectual at solving problems. Voting and typing isn't enough.

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Moving to so posting a new I'm a bit fuzzy on the moving process and what I need to do. This will do for the moment I suppose!

So, a quick list of interests with tags:

Important abortion news - Louisiana 

Abortion is legal until July 8th

If you know someone in a surrounding state who needs an abortion and Louisiana is closest - let them know

Clinics are just now reopening and the backlog will be significant but please spread this info!!

While women in Missouri can no longer get an abortion, our civilized neighbors in Illinois still respect the full human rights of women and their right to choose what happens to their own bodies. Just over the river is the Hope Clinic and they need to be supported.

An excellent article about the work being done in Illinois to provide abortion access to Missouri women.

DHS warns of violent response to repeal of Roe v Wade 

US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warns of 'potential violent extremist activity' in response to the actual extremist activity of 6 right wing Justices overturning Roe v Wade. I suppose people take exception to having their rights taken away.


The road to fascism is lined with people telling you to stop overreacting.


I don't think cars are going to go away over night, or that an end to gas cars alone would magically reverse climate change. However, can we agree that "summer driving season" maybe needs to get tossed in the trash? Give us bus and ticket vouchers if you want to encourage people to travel.

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"summer driving season"
"gas tax holiday"
"the RV renaissance is going strong"

why am I reading those things, and not "decline in oil profits", "stop driving", and "we are all going to die if you keep doing this"?

#OtD 20 Jun 1912 Voltairine de Cleyre, American anarchist-feminist, atheist, poet and free-thinker, died at the age of 45. Two thousand attended the funeral at Waldheim cemetery where she was buried next to the Haymarket Martyrs.

Selfishly hoping that gas goes to $40 a gallon so I never have to hear a gas-powered lawnmower again.

Yes, it’s now a Federal holiday. Yes, it deserves to be a Federal holiday. Yes, you should know why it’s important. Yes, ESPECIALLY if you’re white.

Especially if you were taught (as most of us were) the Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves all at once.

This decade will see the American south attempt to secede from the US, and most likely they’ll be successful.

They’ve laid the groundwork for it for the last twenty years, with ever escalating rhetoric and voter suppression to replace democracy with some sort of oligarchy while cosplaying Christian fundamentalism.

The Texas GOP now openly calls for a local vote on secession in 2023.

This is going to happen. And it won’t be pretty.

As coming from a country that slowly descended into dictatorship, fascism and state-sanctioned genocide: this is exactly how things started in my country.

It pains me so much to see this happening here in the US. And it’s even more painful that the “good people” are apathetic and pretending it’s not their problem. Again, exactly like it happened in the country I’m from.

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