You know what's cool about federation? Even though one node is suffering a major outtage, the others are running fine.

a friend of mine works as a pet-sitter, and few days ago she wrote a negative feedback about a huge scam from a company that sells dogs with fake pedigrees (fostering the reproduction of dogs with genetical diseases, etc).
Now this company started slanders her over social profiles.
She seems to be up to go ahead and go with layers if necessary, tough she has not so much money and experience meanwhile the company is quite big and seems used to manage with all this shit.
Any suggestion?

@Bigwavetuna @LuigiEsq @Gargron please submit this into evidence

8======={{LONG ASS DICK}}========D

how about u stop wearing clothing and start communicating in grunts like us civilized people

Other economic classes? I dunno, seems like forced diversity to me.

There're only two classes: proletariat and political.

Vegetarians are anarchists and vegans are MLs.
I will not be taking questions at this time.

How do people mentally cope with having to get up & go to work every day? For some reason I have a lot of trouble with that

I would [REDACTED] it if posting like this became a trend

@dtluna im gonna stage an elaborate fake second coming of jesus where i just say "boomers, please just divorce each other, i'm really really worried about you guys"

Hollywood's attempts at diversity verges on the uncanny valley, vaguely resembling a real life mix of people but the longer you look, the wronger everything really is

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