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The landlord subreddit thing is such an example of how capitalists can make almost anyone into an enraged communist by just having their behavior be visible.

Bad dream: Mastodon becomes popular and mainstream, then Microsoft comes and invests fifty bajillion dollars into instances "to support open source", then their engineers start introducing features, independent instances can't keep up, and then Microsoft stops federating with all non-Microsoft instances by default "for security reasons".

Embrace, Extend, Extinguish

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Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Minnesota will be striking during Prime Day, July 15! bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

In solidarity, don't order from Amazon, visit the site, or use the app.


I am grateful to instances that show which domains they suspend & silence.

I know they're taking a chance, but for single user instances like mine that don't have the benefit of dozens of people reporting things to them it's legitimately helpful.

Hopefully once Florence has a sensible way of sharing allowlists/blocklists life will get a little easier 🙂

The most effective, available and scalable #carbon #capture technology is reforesting our planet. There are practically no downsides to this. #Restoration could become a driver for a new kind of eco-nomic growth. Imagine a tax-funded initiative to massively deploy forestry programs. This would be a jobs programme as well. Give people housing in the newly reforested areas so they can maintain them. Combine agro-forestry and permaculture techniques to feed the local populations and restore biodiversity. Make it possible for people currently in bullshit jobs or carbon-intensive jobs to retrain to this new system. It is possible. We have the means.


@dankwraith But without a billionaire somewhere making money off of an activity, is that activity valid?

'There is an unspoken hierarchy of passports out there, and those of us with ‘weak’ passports are keenly aware of it,' writes @Nanjala1@twitter.com


sometimes i cant help but think that the mechanisms through which people are oppressed are a lot more flexible than the lenses through which we interpret them

great events in internet history: 'the battle of pixelgrad' - neonazis attempt to expand across pixelcanvas only to be utterly wiped out by anarchocommunist resistance

Students at a Cambridge University College have been BANNED FROM PROTESTING against the college's President, who is, let's not mince words, a fucking monstrous criminal.


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