Huh, it seems like Marx is easier to read than I thought.

Cool gay date ideas:
Spray leftist graffiti
Go for a nice walk in the park
Commit ecoterrorism

Clicked around on our Loomio page, and what the Tech WG is publishing is fascinating. The level of professionalism and openness is commendable.

Yo what's your instance dog? Gimme your @ bro we should federate you seem chill as fuck dude.

It's okay if you didn't get it all done today.


Вы уже наверняка знаете эту новость: закон об автономном рунете принят в третьем и последнем чтении.

Кто как планирует обходить эту заразу? Что вы об этом думаете?

<< Fun fact: You can make any Wikipedia article dystopian by changing it to the past tense. >>

the oil industry + ecological catastrophe Show more

Auto-filling content warning on replies was a mistake.

I already know this conversation contains X, I clicked the first toot. And got a long chain of "This is about X". Do you expect me to expand every single toot? What am I, a... a... a toot expander? 😤

Extinction Rebellion at Marble Arch

Very nice vibe here

Lots of tents

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