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⚗ What are some useful-important-political, not just "fun", things coming from hackers / hackerspaces?
⚗ please add if you're missing something

🏝️ I am still at (CHT Hackbase, Season 7 Act B).
The cheap flights re-opened 2 weeks ago & you're welcome to join in. Info @ the page. 🏝️

Who is using RSS feed readers, like Feedly? What are you using? Would you be open to share your list of feeds (in OPML or however) with me? (Especially if following left politics)
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Tactical living hack/theory/art points of interest in EU metropolae 2010-2020 (London UK Berlin DE Lanzarote-Canarias ESP Amsterdam NL Brussels BE Hamburg DE Paris FRA Ljubljana SLO Kranj SLO Bologna IT Leipzig DE Rotterdam NL Vienna AT Prague CZ Madrid ESP Zagreb CRO ... )

Where do you get news? Expand this & share

TOTALISM.ORG hackbase, edition CHT7-B in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands , extended into April+May+maybe more. Current stock for ~3 weeks. In a good place. Happy lockdown everyone. ->

[in Slovenian] Supermarket worker wages raised 30%. "Mercator is a company of systemic significance for Republic of Slovenia and is the biggest local and regional merchant."

We are almost done with this, right?
Join a revolutionary union or some other form of coordination, PM if I can help with navigation.

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The aims of anarchists and true communists are identical.
-- Johann Most

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A languages rant. The Home feed is not useful for me since I have to scroll through ~50% of posts in French/Catalan/Spanish/German/etc - languages I might partially understand but do not want to see here. I don't follow people posting only in these languages. Anyway, many people who I would really like to follow (their ENG stuff) post multilingual. Why? The people who don't speak the other language can just scroll through, or what? - is there a better solution to this?

... Analyzing small & large contingencies, and specifically pandemics, was on CHT's menu since CHT7A (late 2019). What's happening now, in reality, is a demonstration how States are not doing a stellar job at being States. The responses are being improvised day-by-day (why weren't scenarios preprepared?), and key questions are not only unanswered, but unasked.

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