first to use hashtag #FLOSL here. Means Free and Libre Open Source Lifestyles

Nice definition from section:
CHT is a infrastructure, not a community.
- Community-based systems are reproduced through people explaining things to each other (over and over again).
- Infrastructural systems are formed and reproduced through defining processes.

🏝️ The open-for-all CHT Hackbase Lanzarote [] is re-convening for JUNE/JULY 2019 subseason as CHT6-C.
Major news: The lab is fully mobile now, after fixing and legalizing our VW LT2.8 van in the past months.
🏜️ More context:
🔬 Collaborative subseason planning:
👩‍🔧 All costs: 100€/week

@panayotis I noticed you have another profile on a different pod [@panayotis ] - probably a good idea to avoid confusion and point the one here on there.

I'd like to see a list of my existing Twitter and Facebook contacts on Mastodon. I'd happily cross-associate and support the transition.

I decided to buy the strongest Lenovo x230 in existence: the i7-3520m , for 250€. It has a new battery, IPS display. I'll reuse my 16GB of RAM, 2TB HDD, 128GB mSata. If I don't like the keyboard, I'll mod it to the x220 (mechanical).

Is there a way to not show toots that start with "@" ? Like, quite sensibly, on Twitter.

New CHT hackbase season announced!
END OF SEPTEMBER - END OF OCTOBER 2017 @ Lanzarote, Canary Islands. 100€ week stay+food+lab. (Join the mailing list:

Made a list of mailing lists, Facebook groups etc, related to bases/activism/transition etc, at … . Please add yours

Is there some simple, currently working way to bridge Twitter and Mastodon?

Automation under socialism = liberating people from labor, fruits are shared among all.

Automation under capitalism = labor force becomes disposable, capital is liberated from labor and then can dispose of the former working class.

It recreates the resource curse in societies that did not already suffer from it.

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