What the fuck, a single bitcoin transaction uses like a 2 megawatt-hours? You could run an entire high speed train for like 100km with that amount of energy.

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Eno presenečenje za četrtek v Gali!
Z Duma v Ljubljano prihaja specialni gost iz Ugande, raper ECKO BAZZ - zavrtel ga je celo Aphex Twin, na prvencu pa so Eckotu beate posodili Slikback, Dj Scotch Egg, Debmaster, Dj Die Soon...

There will be a hacc session today at divoc!

14:30 - 15:30 CEST

This session will be like the other sessions at past Chaos events. A get-together of hackers that are or want to be active in projects concerning climate change, the environment and sustainability.
The session will be in English.


You say epub's coming soon, do you still mean that? :)
Waiting for epub to be able to e-read it. Thanks.

it's interesting how many signatories to the letter are ex-P2P Foundation. very mysterious indeed. must just be a weird coincidence.
@dcht00 @KevinCarson1

Letter of Disassociation from Michel Bauwens by P2P Left and supporters.
Please read and - if you wish - sign.

Sara Ahmed on complaints. Those who complain become strangers or suspects, "persons to be interrogated.” Complaints about hostile environments are made in hostile environments.

structural racism, bigotry, transphobia, IDW 

A Letter of Dissasociation from Michel Bauwens, by P2P left and supporters.

A person I formerly respected. Please read, sign, and boost.

@dcht00 Hi! Thanks for the feedback we'll work to fix it. Meanwhile you can read it here: disco.coop/manifesto/

Hey @disco_coop I wanted to read your manifesto but your website doesn't work in my Kobo Reader experimental browser. That probably means it's not very accessible in general.

I've found another reason, besides the global recession, why I feel discouraged to find a new 'career.'

I've noticed this trend of people becoming their work. Where every part of your life, your online and offline identity revolves around your job. You no longer just work - you're 'living a passion', and 'growing a brand'. It feels like the human being behind the job disappears. As if, in order to be successful, you need to commodify every aspect of your life.

Idk is this relatable in any way?

@Gina Of course - this is Marx's alienation in late capitalism. Chin up and keep struggling → en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marx%27s

Who's on IRC/Freenode or Matrix? Interested in - coliving hackerspaces? →→ If there is a confinemenet, would you prefer to be stuck with a bunch of hackers in a hackerspace? →→ Come discuss this in on Freenode.

Element link → app.element.io/#/room/#freenod


(bug microscope pics/video per request, or on my twitter)

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Long shot, but, if you piked up some tiny bug/nymph at your place, put it under a microscope and took photos of it, then wanted an ID of it, how would you do it?

📄 Kalí Tal, The Unbearable Whiteness of Being: African American Critical Theory and Cyberculture, 1996 gseweb.gse.buffalo.edu/fas/bro

“In cyberspace, it is finally possible to completely and utterly disappear people of color. I have long suspected that the much vaunted ‘freedom’ to shed the ‘limiting’ markers of race and gender on the Internet is illusory, and that in fact it masks a more disturbing phenomenon—the whitinizing of cyberspace. The invisibility of people of color on the Net has allowed white-controlled and white-read publications like WIRED to simply elide questions of race.

The irony of this invisibility is that African American critical theory provides very sophisticated tools for the analysis of cyberculture, since African American critics have been discussing the problem of multiple identities, fragmented personae, and liminality for over a hundred years.”

Refreshed open-edit systematic → totalism.org/real-hacks
⚗ What are some useful-important-political, not just "fun", things coming from hackers / hackerspaces?
⚗ please add if you're missing something

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