Heard of a cool tech-bro-weeding interview technique the other day. A male and female engineer conduct the interview session together. If, when the female engineer asks the candidate a question, he directs his answer to the male engineer, then he's out. They said it happens a lot

Wow this technique is so effective just talking about it will trigger some people into letting you know they are a tech bro misogynist

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directed answers 

I agree with the strategy I just respectfully request careful application of it.

I'm shy in person. If I turn away from a woman to answer a question or gaze directly at someone else... well, I'm a jerk. But if I'm facing towards her but only occasionally making eye contact, that's just my personality.

directed answers 

@mike that's why I liked that this wasn't just a will-they-make-eye-contact test, but by putting two interviewers in the room they can look for a pattern of bias. Definitely open to hearing the thoughts of the disability advocates in our community on this, though

@datatitian I keep reading this as "cool tech bro wedding technique" and all I can think about are those git merge wedding cakes

@datatitian I remember interviewing for my first job and it was a man/woman team. I ended up directing all of my answers to the woman because she was the only one asking technical questions and seemed to understand what I was saying. I later learned she was a recruiter with a limited technical background but understood enough of what I was saying to know I wasn't just spewing made up crap. The other guy was a designer who didn't know any tech and drew the short straw to come interview that day.

That's usually how we shop for audio equipment (we are both signal processing engineers, but she's the one who specialised in audio, also she's the audio buff). I was really surprised first time it happened, when the salesman continued, we looked at each other and decided to go some place else.

@datatitian we now have two or three generations of boys and men who are convinced that they don't need any social skills, or are better off without them in tech

they've gone from not knowing how to talk to women, to despising women who won't talk to them, to hating women, period.

aaaaand we're losing technology to their bosses, and we're losing the internet to their influencers.

what do we have to do to stop losing?

what do we have to do to not lose another generation?

@hirojin @datatitian find a way to welcome cismale tech to a better way of working in tech while also managing the trashfires they start when they say sexist/racist/ablist/queerphobic/transphobic things. Maybe this translates to having queer-led startups or tech co-ops with allies in psych/counseling positions for damage control? I'm not sure tbh

@amina @datatitian i don't know either 🤷‍♀️

my way to deal with (toxic) masculinity, was to exit it

@hirojin @datatitian and that is a totally valid response. We can't expect the most vulnerable or burdened people to fix this. But also, someone else has to or corporate shitheads will shape these people.

@hirojin @datatitian This is so wrong oO
First of all: It's all platitude and exaggeration.
A generation does not go from not knowing how to talk to them to despising and hate in one sentence? Are you making that experience?

Same goes for loosing the internet and technology to anyone. Is that your experience or what are you founding on?

@worp @datatitian yes, it's one of those platitudes meant to evoke a reaction, or some thought.

The fact that Google is now pushing the HTTP/3, after it wasn't able to put all its … things… into HTTP/
The fact that to many people Facebook + WhatsApp == Internet, is another.
The fact that most people do their computing and internetting on mobile devices which we have zero insight into
The fact that the Chrome logo has become the Browser logo

these are indications that something's off

@hirojin @datatitian @worp I'm pretty excited about QUIC. Better latency, connections with an ID independent from IP+port, so they can be uninterrupted by hopping between WLANs and 3G, these are things I want.

I'm not sure what ... things ... you are talking about. Header compression and push-caching?

@hirojin @datatitian Second: We are definitely not loosing any generation, but specifically not two or three ^^

Even more especially not in tech. Two to three generations spans around 180 years. Unless you take the average of 30 years, then it depends what you define as "tech". But I guess that counts overall.

Sry for the rant, but it just souded so out of place and flat ^^ I guess you can add some substance to that!

@worp @datatitian

This photograph depicts four generations of one family: a baby boy, his mother, his maternal grandmother, and his maternal great-grandmother. (2008)

@datatitian I did this with co-op students, justifying it with the part of their duties working directly with clients the one time my co-pilot raised an eyebrow. Did us well.


> people have noted that this is hard to accomplish when there are one or zero women in a department to help with hiring. Hell yeah it is.

@datatitian As long as they have enough candidates to chew through ...

@simsa03 I'd rather have an open position than some garbage tech bro misogynist because the latter quickly turns into multiple open positions when all the female talent leaves for a less hostile work environment

@datatitian That's a rather judgemental response towards the candidate, infering from manners to character, and already supposing it's a male candidate. (Women can be jerks too.) If having bad manners already invites being called a "garbage tech bro misogynist", well, that would lead me to withdraw my application immediately. In the end it's still about economics, not HR, and the tech candidate will find someplace else to land. (Provided, of course, s/he's not above 40 years old and age discrimination sets in.)

@simsa03 thank you for withdrawing your application, garbage tech bro misogynist. Saved us both a lot of trouble

@datatitian Mind your manners. Getting het up when people don't share or question your beliefs is not just a sign of immaturity but of incapability to cope with reality. I suggest you stay behind your screen, little boy.

As an interviewee, if one person seems to be leading the interview, I will direct answers to them, some. Even if the other person asks a question.

After reading this, I reckon I should be directing my answer always to the person who asked the question... I don't wanna screw myself out of a potential job because of something like that!


@supergoose this is part of why it is so effective. You see, a misogynist will always perceive the male to be the leader of the interview no matter the reality

@datatitian I love the comments on birdsite where someone is saying "[hey, don't call me a misogynist techbro, I'm just saying you should verify the validity of your method]", and then you look at their timeline and ... yeah.

@datatitian as a female presenting tech person that performs interviews... yeah. I see this a lot.

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