Hello fediverse! This account will toot a few stories a week that are examples of solutions-focused journalism: how people are working to address inequality, prejudice, and exploitative economic systems. Want to help curate stories? Send a private message, either to this account or to @eloquence.

This account is not a bot - all stories are selected and summarized with love. :)

@constructivejournalism @eloquence This is an awesome idea! Following for curated, solutions-focused journalism.

@eloquence @constructivejournalism
thank you! love it!

I had some time following idea:

- let others report issues they are effected by
- analyse together the issue and share informations with each others about
- creating an easy accsasable summary of it
- spread it
- let others report possible solutions and share their experiences with solving it
- research about solutions others have developed/used
- create an easy accsasable summary of it
- create a support group

@strypey Yes, very much so, and appreciate their work pioneering constructive journalism. I expect I'll summarize some of their articles in the future. I do try to focus on stories that show solutions that can be replicated by others, which tends to describe a smaller subset of PN content.

@strypey I think I've read some of their content before. But it looks like it's been inactive since 2015 :(

@eloquence that's a shame, thank for pointing it out. I will reach out and see if something can be done about that!
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