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☁️💦💧Water Bodies💧💦☁️

our call for pitches now open through 12 OCT 2022

Water cools the data centers that store these bits you see. It’s boiled into steam, turns turbines for the electricity that powers your device, the router it connects to, and every whirring, beating part of the network that brings you these words.

Pitches for Issue 03 due 12 OCT 2022 >>

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☁️💦💧Water Bodies💧💦☁️

our call for pitches now open through 12 OCT 2022

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We soft-announced the next #ournetworks a couple weeks ago and I thought I should share the call here!

Our Networks 2047: Redistributing the Future
November 14 – 27, 2022
Online, Distributed

After a year of hibernation, we're excited to invite you to join us for an experimental online event - something between an alternate reality conference, and wiki as collaborative science fiction. Drawing inspiration from our favourite sci-fi authors we’re headed to a future for Our Networks 2̶0̶2̶2̶ 2047.

We are seeking session leaders to spend at max a couple hours writing abstracts and pitches for the hypothetical conference programming and spending some time checking in on a wiki over the two weeks of the event.
To declare your interest, please submit a character’s name and bio, area of interest or talk by October 15, 2022. More details here:

The link on our last toot was broken so re-tooting now. :)

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☁️💦💧Water Bodies💧💦☁️

our call for pitches now open through 12 OCT 2022

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"This animation of black raspberries only has three frames because the other frames were too juicy not to eat." from my piece in issue two of @compost

"Collectively managed servers enable the creation of local digital territories, where services can be curated, created, and hosted by the community itself."

Read Luandro of Digital Democracy on how can communities can build networks for indigenous empowerment:

📣 hey! We got COMPOST stickers! 📣

Become a monthly supporter on Open Collective and you can receive them as a gift. Sign up now through *Sunday October 15* to get yours sent to you by the end of the month.

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This is SO beautiful, we just love @compost 💜 :

"A gentle choose-your-own adventure about mushroom foraging, coming to terms with Indigenous displacement and sustaining online community. What happens when the internet brings you closer to nature?" 👇 ✨

are you digging Issue 02?

Then maybe you'll want to check out the playlist we curated to go along with it, with song additions from our Issue 02 contributors.

(We know that Spotify is deeply problematic for artists, as they pay out almost nothing for each play they get per song. We'd like to explore other platforms in the future -- if you have suggestions for alternatives, we'd love to hear them!)

Heartbeats, dripping faucets, and the patterns of the stars… What are the life rhythms we take for granted in a world so tethered to networked, universally coordinated clocks?

An interactive visual piece by Benny Lichtner

The story of a low-tech, slow motion art project to pass a blue marble through the hands of everyone on Earth, as told by Andi Wong and Margaret Warren, through a nonlinear personal exploration of the waters that have shaped their lives.

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"Laying out a series of semi-living artifacts on the open eye of a mid-millennium scanning apparatus feels ritualistic. Protecting a memory of the moment I acknowledge their inherent importance. This animation of black raspberries only has three frames because the other frames were too juicy not to eat." ~wakest

from my piece in the newest issue of @compost, which you can read here: #compost

A gentle choose-your-own-adventure story by Celine Nguyen about mushroom foraging, the weight of Indigenous history, and sustaining online community.

What happens when an online forum absorbs you into greater intimacy with nature and digital connection?

our Issue 02 Release Party is tomorrorrorrow, sat SEP 25. There'll be some readings and short talks about the ideas in the issue, an open story sharing/discussion time, then we hang out on Gather.

registration (is free!):

What does it look like to work closely with indigenous cultures of the Earth to develop communication and information technologies that work for them?

Luandro of Digital Democracy on what it means to build collective, autonomous networks for local empowerment

psssst...don’t forget to check out the Killjoy Cooks Recipe Book. Vegetarian recipes with gorgeous photos and drawings, all which came out of this budding network of intimate food stories.

Scroll down the page to download the PDF

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The Killjoy Cooking Network, a space for mutual gratitude and honoring those who care for us and feed us by sharing their recipes and stories through letters.

Eeshita and Mrinalini ask you to consider: Who has fed, nourished, and nurtured you?

Kurt, a bored cybersecurity specialist, goes through the motions until a routine job in Raleigh, North Carolina goes far off-script and makes him confront his very conscience.

Read Qubit Guarantee, a short speculative fiction piece by Kola Heyward-Rotimi

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