"Pinterest employees organizing around issues that we care about" changeatpinterest.com/

Cory Doctorow Keynote at Hope 2020 on open source & free software, IP, right to repair, interoperability and tech’s relationship to freedom archive.org/details/hopeconf20

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Remember back in 2018 when Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the Senate and was asked the dumbest-ass questions you've ever heard? You know, the "We sell ads, Senator" hearings?


Congress aren't fucking idiots on tech by accident - they were lobotomized by Newt Gingrinch in 1995, when the "Contract With America" killed the nonpartisan Office of Technology Assessment, which spent peanuts producing cogent, neutral reports explaining tech to lawmakers.


Allied Media Conference is the vanguard of movement thinking and communication. Must see/hear discussion in this moment: From Dreams to Practice: Abolition in our lifetimes [English Language] youtu.be/tQLiqN3f0AM

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Join abolitionist dreamers, thinkers and practitioners in today's From Dreams to Practice: Abolition In Our Lifetimes plenary. We're glimpsing into a policing free future that is increasingly present. Tune in at 12 PM EST. amc.alliedmedia.org

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Allied_Media/statu

I’m a slow learner but realized to succeed under capitalism you don’t have to be smart or hardworking so much as willful and amoral.

An open source algorithm for (co-op) perishable production: cafes, bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores. Please respond if you think it's helpful as I don't completely understand it. medium.com/conchaml/introducin

“Don’t think of movement work as protest, think of it as imagination. What is the world you want to see?” - Alfredo Lopez, May First Movement Technology

techisnotneutral.com/ Tech companies develop and sell systems that turn neighbors against one another, wreak havoc on workers’ lives, aid police brutality, and automate the surveillance of Black and brown communities.

design/labor conference going on now thru July 7… (How) do we (want to) work (together) (as (socially engaged) designers (students and neighbours)) in neoliberal times)?

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What changes might this pandemic write on our societies?

Authoritarian nightmare? 😷
Fully automated luxury queer space communism? 🍆

Join me and @RonanHarrington@twitter.com at this collective sensemaking event on the 20th and we'll work it out together: psychedelicsociety.org.uk/even

Book now!

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