Let's organize a tech worker coop network in the US! Yael Richardi will share insights and experience from Argentina, tomorrow, 7/29, 12p PT at @agaric Show & Tell agaric.coop/show-and-tell

Dunno if “identity materialism” is a thing but trying to name this idea: “Today, one of the primary ways we deal with the anxiety of being ourselves is to construct fantasy versions of ourselves through acquisition. This includes not just the acquisition of stuff, but also of personal style, worldviews, sociopolitical identities.”

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MacKinnon’s alternatives to materialism reminds me of Alexander Stern’s proposals to counter identity materialism in “Authenticity is a sham” - historical awareness, acknowledging the constraints of time and place, and learning a craft. aeon.co/essays/a-history-of-au

24:53-28:50 - the system quality of mass consumption and the huge challenges of going against that
34:15 - what to do instead - relationships with those around you, time in the natural world, mastering skills, engaging with bigger movements, taking sabbath (a non-commercial break)

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J.B. MacKinnon on the Wardrobe Crisis podcast - an accessible, mainstream-friendly conversation about the role of consumption and system change IRT climate change. thewardrobecrisis.com/podcast/

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I think we on the left could use a lot more friendly, approachable media. While I love me some good aggressive graphic design, right now, I think the right is consistently winning the propaganda game in part because they wrap their ideas with really easy-to-swallow tone and appeals to common sense. We can do that too, in pursuit of a more compassionate, humane, and just world.

So I made a couple images for my local chapter of the IWW that I'm pretty proud of.

I have SVG versions of these if people want to play with them. I'm happy for these to be spread widely; please download them, share them, modify them, whatever. Information wants to be free!
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Possible Futures is a newsletter that catalogues movements towards ethics, social responsibility and systemic change in tech, design and culture. ✨🧡

You can subscribe here: possiblefutures.tech

affirmations from Duncan Trussell…
If you find yourself from time to time not meditating as I often do and think, “My God, I’m not meditating!” Remember, you’re thinking about meditating and that’s a wonderful thing. Even if it’s in the negative. You’ve been given the gift of feeling bad about not meditating. The grace is that you could be thinking about McDonalds right now. You could be thinking about, “Fuck man, when’s the McRib coming back?” But your mind is being drawn towards these things.

"Amazon isn't alone in reportedly destroying unsold goods. Nike, Burberry, H&M and others have also come under fire for torching their own products." businessinsider.com/amazon-des

May issue of Possible Futures with @clayton is on Current State of Open Source with resources about ethics, design, labor and what's next. possiblefutures.tech/

Etude de la plante : son application aux industries d'art (Study of the plant: its application to the art industries) by M.P. Verneuil 1903. Art Nouveau style illustrations of plants archive.org/details/gri_331250

My young house-nerd self marvels at the tech of innerweb 360º architecture tours and documentation. 1938 Gropius house in Lincoln, MA gropius.house/

coolest song I've heard about zazen... "The Meditation" by TNT Band, 1969 youtube.com/watch?v=XuRItWpulF

Launching Possible Futures today with @clayton - a blog cataloging movement towards ethics, social responsibility and systemic change in tech, design and culture. We share some of the inspiring (and critical) stuff we find by people redefining :futuristic: for the better. The first issue is on Workplace Democracy... possiblefutures.tech/

And we ran out of Repair Shop. Still got a few Worn Stories.

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