‘The Pleasure of Friction’ webinar Sept. 24 with Miriam Rasch "If we want to change something in our dealings with technology, it will help if the alternatives have something pleasurable to offer. What can we learn from writers and philosophers from the past and present about maintaining a positive outlook on friction?" futurebased.org/topics/sixty-m

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Hey everyone! We're having our annual meeting tomorrow at Noon Eastern. docs.google.com/document/d/1Wo We'd love to see you! Check out our updates on Data Use Agreements, Data Fields, and an updated datacommons.coop website. Give us feedback and ideas!

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Data Commons Coop Annual Meeting tomorrow morning. Check out what we've been working on! twitter.com/datacommons/status

Journalists from Awl, Splinter, Gawker, Deadspin and more are looking to start the Brick House media cooperative. With 7 days left in their kickstarter campaign considering donating: kickstarter.com/projects/14789

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My first-ever Kickstarter is on! Pre-order the audiobook and/or ebook of Attack Surface, the third Little Brother book, and help me redefine the way publishers, writers and readers deal with Big Tech monopolies!



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Before g**gle streetview, Ed Ruscha took 10,000’s of photos of LA starting in 1966. Esotouric picks some highlights, which is a good thing because the getty archive website is a doozy. esotouric.com/2020/09/05/rusch

"Do you really believe those things you tell your children?... Because if you take these moral principles to their logical conclusions, you arrive at anarchism." - David Graeber theanarchistlibrary.org/librar

Sad to hear David Graeber died yesterday. Today I'm checking out this talk between 2 of my faves - Cory Doctorow interviewing DG in LA about Bullshit Jobs. mamot.fr/@pluralistic/10480169

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What surveillance equipment is law enforcement using in your area? EFF and @RSJNevada are mapping police technology in use all over the United States atlasofsurveillance.org/

this is your brain on neoliberalism "Divinity consultants are designing sacred rituals for corporations and their spiritually depleted employees."

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Recent tech labor organizing panels from NYC DSA Tech Action featuring Kickstarter, Glitch, Google and Amazon organizers. youtube.com/channel/UCgOLhX2zZ

there's punching down and punching up, but most people punch at whoever’s in striking distance

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We are not atomized individuals, incapable of effecting change beyond the scope of what one person can do - or what one billionaire can coerce. We are a society, and we can steer our course.

The posters are union made, 18" x 12", and cost $24 each. You can get all six in a $90 bundle.



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by The Disabled List is an inspiring project that does the difficult work of changing frames on current representations or conversations that are problematic but seen as the opposite. social.coop/web/statuses/10472

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