I wish there was a restaurant called Hey Food

can relate to this answer... "If you want to find your mission, look to your desired future and ask what's missing in the present."

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To me the most obvious "missing" is not a transformation of consciousness, decentralised tech tools, or political revolution, but a reliable methodology that supports small groups in many different contexts to reliably settle into a pattern of deep collaboration.

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"The most effective way to enable the new economy is to empower people to set up and develop decentralised groups via a centralised, cooperative platform” says @DefactoDesign@twitter.com - thanks to @dilgreen@twitter.com for links - nod to @xdamman@twitter.com & @RichDecibels@twitter.com open.coop/2020/02/20/making-gr

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This new impact report on @Enspiral@twitter.com is heckuva interesting, because it doesn't try to fight the complexity of an emergent, self-organising "ecosystem of purposes", and yet it still manages to tell a simple and useful story.


Emma Kinema from Game Workers Unite on creative/tech worker organizing at XOXO youtu.be/dHp_DwVm2EA

the future of labor is better than the future of work, sign-up for the assembly by this Friday 9/27, details: navel.la/news/assembliesq2sign

Vote for these pro-worker panels @ SXSW Interactive! (before 8/23) Tech Workers of the World, Unite! panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/9580, The Rise of Contracting In Tech: Underground Story panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/1044, Meetup: Organize for Power in Your Workplace panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/9411, Turning the Tech Backlash into a Plan of Action panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/9661


Austin Software Co-ops is having an online discussion with authors of Enspiral's 'Better Work Together' book on 7/3 7p CT meetup.com/Austin-Software-Co-

Tech Workers Coalition is in Los Angeles! Intro meeting Thur. 5/30 at 6:30p, Peace Center, 3916 Sepulveda Bl, Culver City. Learn about TWC, recent tech + local labor action, and discuss what we want for our workplaces + for tech in LA meetup.com/Tech-Workers-Coalit

Back at work? Try Workers' Happy Hour, 1st Wednesdays 6-8pm at Mandrake (LA) starting tonite! plotting, strategizing, organizing, networking, ranting...

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The Ethical Tech Giving Guide put out by the Free Software Foundation has some good recommendations


The 3rd ep of The New Constructivist podcast features Zen Buddhist priest & author Karen Maezen Miller. She goes into how she went from running a "successful" business out of sync with her values to a fuller life guided by a spiritual practice she never expected to find. bit.ly/2zk7V3H

there's a 4-Part Workshop Series on Developing Worker Cooperative Businesses starting tonight in Long Beach, CA...
10/19/18 - Business Model Overview
11/2/18 - Co-Op Governance
11/16/18 - Legal Frameworks
12/7/18 - Financing a Co-Op and Developing Your Story

more info: facebook.com/EconDemocracy/

Inspired and honored to be part of the SolidarityLA project mapping the people & places that point to a better LA with Solidarity Research Center, Llano del Rio Collective, Data Commons Coop. Presentation: tiny.cc/slapresents

2 episodes of The New Constructivist, the podcast about ethical work, are up with more to come... The Rational Dress Society: Constructing Clothing (E1) on making a utopian uniform for the future... And Vyki Englert: Constructing Civic Services (E2) talking with a local (LA) civic tech data strategist & product mgr... thenewconstructivist.org


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