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This is an actively used railway. This is what we could take to work, shop, and hangout instead of miles of asphalt. Human technology and nature can co-exist if we fight for it, and if we're willing to let go of failed projects like the highway system.

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Artifice & Intelligence by Emily Tucker

Good advice for anyone writing on technology, actually.

"Words matter.

Starting today, the Privacy Center will stop using the terms “artificial intelligence,” “AI,” and “machine learning” in our work to expose and mitigate the harms of digital technologies in the lives of individuals and communities."


"Corporations have essentially colonized the imaginative space that Turing’s paper asked us to explore. Instead of pursuing the limits of computers’ potential for simulated humanity, the hawkers of “AI” are pursuing the limits of human beings’ potential to be reduced to their calculability."


"Instead of using the terms “Artificial intelligence, “AI,” and “machine learning,” the Privacy Center will:"

* Be as specific as possible about what the technology in question is and how it works.

* Identify any obstacles to our own understanding of a technology that result from failures of corporate or government transparency.

* Name the corporations responsible for creating and spreading the technological product.

* Attribute agency to the human actors building and using the technology, never to the technology itself.

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Panthology (noun): a pathology that consists in seeing everything through the lens of one's own discipline or practice. Panthology can be understood as a particular form of apophenia. Notable examples: "everything is architecture", "everyone is a designer", "my dog's poop is information", "making a sandwich is a form of publishing".

meme source:

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The new issue of Possible Futures is here!

In this issue we explore the topic of ,

how we got to where we are now
and how people are fighting back against surveillance capitalism

There's a new office to study UFOs in the defense bill. Watching this video from June is a mix of a boring news segment, a summer blockbuster and a psych trip. I’d think proof of inter-dimensional or alien phenomena would be a bigger story.

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Want to chill and talk about the role of technology in the solidarity and cooperative economy with @anaulin and I?

We will be pair programming on , a worker and community owned platform to decentralize the internet that focuses on enabling mutual benefit programs in the real world.

Join us at at 6pm PT!

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just published a newsletter that's been 6 months in the making: a big hot list of web3 people & projects with real social impact potential

if you're into coops, self-managing orgs, or mutual aid then I think it's time to pay attention to web3

Does anyone know of alternative stock photo projects? I know of Blixel by Kenya (Robinson) and a project by WCCW (that didn't seem to launch)., stockphotoproject.womenscenter

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great interview with @penpot CEO Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz by @clayton

Designers to developers at Kaleidos:

> Look we are not first-class citizens in open source. We are happy with Inkscape. We are happy with GIMP. We are happy with some tools, but you developers have everything to choose from. You can choose the best of the best. You live in this paradise world where you don't know how privileged you are.

> We agree with you. We are all about open source absolutely but you have to understand that we are frustrated with the professional quality of some tools. We want to achieve parity with you developers.

Does anyone know of a viable open source Facebook alternative (especially for replacing groups)? Anyone try Diaspora?

I'm a gray thumb but love these resources (SoCal). Theodore Payne Native Plant Tour and Wild Yards Project

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Designers at Kaleidos six years ago: "we're not 1st class citizens in Open Source. You, developers, don't know how privileged you are".

🎙️The whole story on how & were born within Kaleidos explained by on this podcast.👂


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Here are a few things related to making technology more humane, cooperative, and free.

Humane Tech: (@humanetech)

Cooperative Technology: cooperativetechnology.codeberg (by a few from Mastodon)

Small Tech: (by @aral)

Ethical Design:

Feel free to share others you know.

I know many people aren't aware of some of these, and it helps us to see what others are doing so we can learn and work together on solutions.

#SmallTech #CooperativeTechnology #EthicalDesign #HumaneTech

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Our new issue of Possible Futures is out.

In this issue we cover the heated topic of 💸 FUNDING 💸 .

How can we ethically fund projects so tech projects don't end up scaling at all costs, ditching all morals along the way?

How do we fairly compensate people in open source?

This issue also includes our *first* piece of original content.

I interviewed the CEO of @penpot on how they fund their open source projects among other things.

Let's organize a tech worker coop network in the US! Yael Richardi will share insights and experience from Argentina, tomorrow, 7/29, 12p PT at @agaric Show & Tell

Dunno if “identity materialism” is a thing but trying to name this idea: “Today, one of the primary ways we deal with the anxiety of being ourselves is to construct fantasy versions of ourselves through acquisition. This includes not just the acquisition of stuff, but also of personal style, worldviews, sociopolitical identities.”

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MacKinnon’s alternatives to materialism reminds me of Alexander Stern’s proposals to counter identity materialism in “Authenticity is a sham” - historical awareness, acknowledging the constraints of time and place, and learning a craft.

24:53-28:50 - the system quality of mass consumption and the huge challenges of going against that
34:15 - what to do instead - relationships with those around you, time in the natural world, mastering skills, engaging with bigger movements, taking sabbath (a non-commercial break)

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