If I actually do start using this account for things I think I might want to use a different handle than @cnc. @mayel is migrating myself to a different handle within this instance a thing I can do?

I like your community and I hope yall flourish because the world needs more places like this; people taking control of their social media and their data.

Although I really like this instance's ideals I have a sense of allegiance to cybre.space and I'm not really sure I want to have (or indeed NEED to have) two masto accounts. It's been an honor to have had an account here though!

Anyone else having issues accessing cybre.space? :( I get a "something went wrong" page.

Wikipedians Want to Put #Wikipedia on the Dark Web

'...Creating a dark web version of Wikipedia would make the encyclopedia available securely in the many places where it's censored. Countries like China, Iran, and Russia, have chosen to block their citizens ability to view a significant portion of the site's entries, or sometimes even the entire encyclopedia altogether...'


h/t @jd


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