Nature art!

Some kind of cauliflower from farmer’s market.

It’s not even been the worst in the province here but earlier this week the air quality from wildfires was really bad. Had to use inhaler for asthma for first time in years (preventative asthma meds are great). It sucked to feel like literally the air you breathe is causing you health problems.

It must be awful to live in a place where that is the case most of the time.

My son is at dentist & then goes to bike camp right after. Bike theft is such a problem here I am standing in the parking garage while he’s there, waiting with the car with the bike on the rack on the back.

No, we didn’t bring a bike lock. Oops.

Hi, if anyone knows of a #mastodon instance that is basically intersectional feminist tech/design ladies, please shout.

If not, this feels like an instance that I need to create. 😎

My 11 year old son loves making mazes that are super complicated and near impossible to do.

He has just taken it to the next level with this work in progress.

It looks like a cat version of shadow of the colossus 😂
RT Elle a l'air super cette nouvelle édition de Chaton Warrior


Just had a lovely coffee and chat with fellow social coop folks @caseymerie @nathan here in Greensboro North Carolina, USA! Somehow my alarm didn’t go off after getting to the hotel at 2 am so I was an hour late to the meeting, but we still had some time to get to know each other a bit.

Lovely to meet you!

Arrived at hotel. 1:40 am. Fortunately no early morning plans. Goodnight!

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Taxi here! But has to stop and get gas before we go anywhere. Let this be a lesson to me about late night arrivals at smallish town airports. As in: don’t.

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Make that 30 minutes and counting. Maybe I just sleep at the airport. Except they have those damn bars/armrests across the lines of chairs so you can’t lie down. Rug is looking kind of comfy at this point.

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Arriving at small-ish town airport in US at midnight and looking for a taxi at 12:30 am -> yeah, that’s gonna be another 20 minute wait. Sigh.

Gig search 

I’ve got some time in my schedule, so I’m looking for a new small to medium sized project. Blogs, folio sites for writers, photogs, illustrators, etc. I’m also sw friendly, so if I a provider needs some web work done, don’t hesitate to reach out.

To get a feel for the kind of work I do, check out I’m a designer and developer, so I prefer end to end projects.

If there are any questions for me personally about my background, feel free to DM.

Please look at @mattcropp 's proposal for a temporary moderation jury. It seems like a good thing to do while we move forward on the Code of Conduct and Reporting Guidelines.

Sad but true—saw a female airline pilot at airport today and it’s so unusual it was something to notice. I know there are female pilots but it seems not very many overall in North America. updated & we're really excited by our curent print selection. There's gorgeous brand new animals, we've restocked some favourites & found some older work that hasn't been seen much before. The colours came out super vivid & true on our mini prints, which are really pleasing oversized-postcard dimensions.

@Damage also has some beautiful originals for sale+my free 2nd design riso print deal is still running! Check it out!
#CreativeToots #MastoArt

More sailing trip shots.

Me on the boat. One of the places we anchored for the night.

Some photos from our 3-day sailing trip last weekend, here and in next toots.

The boat we sailed on; partner and son on the boat.

I could use some #WordPress help - I'm in Weird Territory.

I've moved a site from a stand-alone installation to a Multi-Site installation; it's site 2 in the WPMS install. Everything seems to be working EXCEPT that the Media Library won't recognize any of the images. The stored URLs are correct, and when I click through (first to the attachment page, then to the link) the images load properly. But the thumbnails don't, and so they don't display in article summaries etc. Advice?

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