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Hiking with friends on a mountain near Vancouver, BC, Canada today. None of us realized there would still be this much snow when it was quite hot outside. Had fun throwing snowballs though. And saw a black bear from far away! business: can you make it to the group call re: the Code of Conduct final review?

The tide was quite high earlier today and the water was coming through holes in this wall.

I’m wondering what the purpose of the holes is. What would happen if they weren’t there?

the industry term for bottle-return machines is RVM, which stands for Reverse Vending Machine.

Hey all, I need some help rethinking community calls for projects.

At Moodle, as we did at Mozilla, I've been using a public Etherpad for people to:
- Sign in
- Introduce themselves
- Contribute ideas to the project

We're also using Zoom to:
- Discuss things via video and audio
- Record the call for later viewing

After a conversation with our data privacy lead today, I've got to delete the existing data we've captured in this way, and come up with a new approach.

Any ideas? 🙃

Standing at bus stop with several layers of clothes, thinking: right, this feels like June-uary right now.

Not feeling that much like it’s nearly officially summer here in Vancouver Canada

More and more I think my doctoral research will focus on the process of change. What troubles me is much of my reading list: Foucault, vonHippel, Womack.... today I added Centola.

What troubles me is that it is very white and very, very male. So I’m asking, begging really, for recommendations: Non-white, non-male scholars studying the process of change (any discipline) - Expecting the responses will make me feel embarrassed for having had to ask...

WE WANT TO PAY YOU FOR MICRO SCI-FI! This is an open call for diverse sci-fi writers that never expires.
- Indigenous
- Neurodiverse
- Disabled
- Chronically ill
- All marginalised voices
We're open from Day 10-24 every month.

#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

More questions for Mastodon! Especially the crowd.

What do you do to shake up your creativity when you're in a rut?

#MastodonArt #Artists #Question #Art #Creative

When I joined masto, I gravitated towards following creative peeps and noticed a thing that's pretty common to all of us: we feel guilty for promoting places that people can buy our work or otherwise support us financially. So I started the #CreativeToots hashtag for that very reason. Got an Etsy page? Online store? Patreon? Selling a piece of art? Throw that tag on it. Do it with unfettered abandon. Everyone else: Look at that tag for artists to support. Buy their stuff. Help them create. <3

Do you know that when you share your pics you also share so much more? #Metadata can contain the location where the picture was shot, the date and time of shooting, your phone model, aperture, exposure time, etc... Why sharing all this private info with the internetz and #surveillance capitalism when there's no need to?

Scrambled #Exif is a #FOSS app that removes metadata from your pics before sharing. With one click they're all gone.

Gah...I keep staying up late to catch up on Mastodon! It's great to read all about what you wonderful folks are doing and thinking and all, but sheesh I need to find some time to do so before late at night because I get all into it and suddenly I'm thinking...damn...not enough sleep again tonight!

But there are much worse reasons for me to be staying up late, and I do enjoy this one! 🙂

OERu's Critical Media Literacy and Assocaited Digital Skills #lida104 micro-course starts next week. You can signup here if you would like to join us:

Beginning June 11, no more free API key for Google Maps (now Google Maps Platform) if you don't provide a credit card.

A lot of custom Google maps that have been created over the years will likely no longer work.

Time to use #leaflet and #openstreetmap


Hey, everyone! I'm still open for avatar commissions in the style of the ones pictures below! Very colourful, sketchy portraits that you can use anywhere on the web.

- $50 CAD each (Payment accepted through Square)
- 2500 x 2500 px. high res JPG file to make your own resizes
- Procreate timelapse video of your avatar being created

Please get in touch if you're interested! Email would be best: rheall[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you! [Boosts hella appreciated. ^^]