I attended the World Information Architecture Day event in Denver and learned some interesting things about universal design and designing for gender expansive audiences.

It's a very corporate marketing sarurated field but I'm glad I went and can learn from those spaces.


Good grief!

"designing for gender expansive audiences..."

[is now...]

"...a very corporate marketing saturated field"


What do they want to sell to them gender-expansive audiences?

@bhaugen well to be fair, the open-source/free software events I go to are so far behind in terms of understanding the role design plays in user freedom.

As for "what do they want to sell them?"

Well, everything. The more people you can sell to the more money you can make. :)

FWIW, I did get the impression that many there were genuinely interested in connecting people with what they need and are taking a "fighting from the inside" approach.

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