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I'm a researcher based in Helsinki. my topics: , sustainable production, . interested in local economies and .

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I'm a moderator in this chat group about all things coop related.

The movement should build an ecosystem of social media groups, blogs, youtube channels and email lists that are interlinked and help people around the world to connect.

is a great example of exactly that.

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'Hacking Diversity: The Politics of Inclusion in Open Technology Cultures':
"Christina Dunbar-Hester shows that within this well-meaning volunteer world, beyond the sway of human resource departments + equal opportunity legislation, members of underrepresented groups face unique challenges."
"Hacking Diversity reframes questions of diversity advocacy to consider what interventions might appropriately broaden inclusion and participation in the hacking world and beyond."

repeating as on the birdsite:
there is so much thinly veiled misogyny and anti-antiracism (antifeminism, anti-postcolonialism) in technology circles nowadays that if some dude follows me on any platform it takes me a long process of checking to see if I should follow back, ignore or block.
I'm a feminist and committed to anti-racism and environmental justice. I follow/want to learn about postcolonial theoretical frameworks. if this bothers you then stop following me. cheers!

special issue of CoDesign journal, on and in collectivist/cooperative platform projects 'in the age of platform capitalism'

good *grief*. if you ever want to feel how power operates and conventional thinking dominates in self-proclaimed nonhierarchical networks, just stand in the force field of staunch himpathy and gaslighting.

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Workplaces are filled with unrealised potential for adult development, every single day.

Most orgs can't activate this potential because the price of entry is personal vulnerability across the board, and we've learned that leadership is toughness.

nice story about the Inuit 'Holman Eskimo Co-operative' in northern Canada that operated from the 1960s

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Days between Christmas and New Year's Eve r often used 2 reflect on what happened last year, and what lies ahead professionally. R u in Tech? Sign the as part of your reflection & start 2020 with a renewed human sense of your professional self.


our article is still forthcoming in Science & Technology Studies so I've put it on Zenodo, a study on environmentally oriented DIY makers, by Eeva Berglund and Cindy Kohtala

finally deleted whatsapp and feel a sense of peace and freedom

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Exarcheia, Athens
[image description: stencil graffiti reading



Plaka, Athens
[image description: graffiti reading 'our cities turn into commodities'

Plaka, Athens
[image: graffiti reading SOLIDARITY WITH SQUATS with anarchist symbol]

Exarcheia, Athens
[image description: graffiti on a street column reading STOP AIRBnB]

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