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I'm a researcher based in Helsinki. my topics: , sustainable production, . interested in local economies and .

people should start overloading the P2P Facebook group with the current analyses of whiteness and how white supremacy operates. it's completely against the group's rules because it's considered 'racist' (against white people) and you may be blocked from the group and your post deleted. this has been common practice in the group for a couple of years now.

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Recently the .org domain was almost sold to a private equity firm.

Internet heavyweights, like the head of Wikimedia, fought to have the domain owned as a instead.

They blocked the sale and now plan to democratise large parts of the internet.

My new article on blog.

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Also Finland has an excellent public daycare system. We don't really need any private equity investors to run daycare centers for profit.

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the special issue of Science & Technology Studies on 'Expertise and its Tensions' is published! along with our article:
'Collaborative Confusion among : Ethnography and Expertise in Creating Knowledge for Environmental Sustainability'


photograph: Koppelting: The Great Gathering of the Commons event organized by De War, Amersfoort, Netherlands, Aug 2016

'The team of professors developing the vaccine are foregoing intellectual property rights to their work. In practice, they have gathered together research data in the field, refined it, added their own observations and are making it freely available.
...Professor Saksela has described the goal of his team's project as the "Linux vaccine".
The downside is that it will be harder to generate profits off an open source vaccine.'

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back on Secure Scuttlebutt with a new account!

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On BBC World Service right now talking about contact tracing apps, surveillance and privacy.

Listen now:

#NHSApp #ContactTracingApp

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I'm helping on Scuttlebutt (a p2p social network) and we're looking for feedback and advice like: what are your privacy needs? How would you like blocking to work?

If you'd like to help with a survey or phone/video chat, please let me know by DM or at

This is an anti-commercial open source project. We want to make something accessible that meets the needs of people who have been harassed online and want a safer space to hang out with friends, and don't want to be dependent on Twitter/Facebook.

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If you don’t want .ORG – the top-level domain used by civil society, not-for-profits (like Small Technology Foundation), etc. – to be sold off to a faceless private equity firm for $1.1 billion by ICAAN, please comment here now:

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Take Back the App! 
with Micky Metts, Agaric Web Tech Cooperative, Stacco Troncoso, Guerrilla Media Collective , Ela Kagel, Supermarkt Berlin, on the Laura Flanders Show

I went for a whole 5 hours without checking the rona dashboards and updates ftw

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Does anybody know and where they're coming from?
> Developing new methods for citizen participation with the support of Vinnova
Free no-signup video chat rooms (jitsi)
Subscription accounts for . . kanban task management (Trelloish), messaging in channels (Slackish), cloud storage/calendar (NextCloud). Under coop ownership.
Developers are DigidemLab Gothenburg

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Ventilators are the tip of the iceberg. See this Facebook group about Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies


A friendly reminder that exists and is a fantastic resource. For those worrying about and availability there are some great blueprints for open-source ventilators available:


forestalling a panxiety sorrow-horror-spinout by having grilled cheese sandwich treats for quarantine week 2

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CollectiveTools, a is providing free, encrypted, open source alternative to Zoom.

What are some other things movement can offer for remote workers?

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