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I'm a researcher based in Helsinki. my topics: , sustainable production, . interested in local economies and .

there are some extremely interesting and could be relevant presentations for coming up at the - see

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Fascinating talk from the Feminist Future(s) programme about “World-Building and the Black Imagination” in which Terry Marshall from Intelligent Mischief shares creative storytelling methods to develop visions & practices that prefigure the future world we desire.✨ 🔮

You can watch it here:

went and put a lot of chimp grooming likes on fb posts

"Lytton and the surrounding area has experienced tragic losses from the fire. We are still trying to account for all our people, and countless family homes were lost. We are raising funds to support community members during this horrible emergency and to help us rebuild. On behalf of Lytton First Nation we have created this page and we are a qualified donee with Charity status and can provide tax receipts.

Bauwens' conshake brings all the fash to the yard
and they're like it's better than yours
propaganda it's better than yours
he'll teach you but he'll have to charge

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Multi-Talented Makerspace is a DisCO LAB whose aim is to create a self-designed learning centre that provides marginalized community members with free access to technology, tools, resources & materials so they design their own community-based, individual & relevant education in Zimbabwe ✨

Learn more about MTM by reading this article by its founder, Brian Tinoota:

and Rosina Santana Castellón presented grassroots activism work in eg Mexico where crafting has served to foster politicization, engagement and visibility of issues related to femicide in Latin America, or corporate poisoning of a river. super powerful work.
totally inspiring symposium with robust discussion on commons and commoning in varied contexts

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the recording from the symposium will be published in due course - the programme is here -

very compelling panels and a great keynote from Torange Khonsari from Public Works

for me another standout was the short commentary from Dimitris Papadopoulos, who spoke about eg DIWY, do-it-without-yourself as an approach to the more-than-human work we need to do in the face of environmental crises.
I'll be checking out his book

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found out about this edited volume today in a fantastic symposium where Peter Linebaugh was a keynote (!!)

Space, Power and the Commons: The struggle for alternative futures
"Across the globe, political movements opposing privatisation, enclosures, and other spatial controls are coalescing towards the idea of the ‘commons’. As a result, struggles over the commons and common life are now coming to the forefront of both political activism and scholarly enquiry."

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"In many ways ‘hackerspace’ is an elitist name for middle-class white guys screwing around with computers and making a big deal out of it. Come on!"

@lizhenry , “The Rise of Feminist Hackerspaces and How to Make Your Own” 💙

'Value Sensitive Design for Peer Production Systems: Mediating Social Interactions', 2017,

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useful short paper on an Ethical Matrix tool using the principles of value-sensitive design

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what are the best references (academic and 'practitioner') on how values-in-design get translated into UI UX when designing/developing tech platforms for collaborating, socializing?

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Bookmarked: Mikorizal Software We are developing software for transitioning to the next economy.
Not this economy, the next economy. The next economy must be driven by human and ecological needs rather than profit. And it will be networked.

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“The rise and fall of ‘appropriate technology’ can offer important lessons on the role of technology, and its limitations, in envisioning social transformation.”

Read every word of this article.

Via @hugh #SmallTech

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Hey again, Spanish-speaking friends! The amazing @guerrillamediacollective members Marta Cazorla and Silvia López will be talking about feminist coops, DisCO model of governance and carework today Thurs 10 June at 5pm (Chile time)/ 11pm (CET). 💜

Register here ✨ 👇

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