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I'm a researcher based in Helsinki. my topics: , sustainable production, . interested in local economies and .

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Proud to announce:

The New School has launched
the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy (ICDE).

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'p2p' now appears to me only as lines joining nodes. there is no human there in those lines, nor blood, nor conflict, nor soil, nor joy, nor collective action.
I join the network and have agency to do so. I fight for my right to join. then I stop thinking about how my actions affect the rest of the network. I'm still an atomized individual. the most important thing is ME in the network and doing what I want, not how I make the nodes and connections shudder and weaken or strengthen and flourish.

this results in complete commons-wash. the commons! the commons! they bleat, without defining what exact commons they are building or protecting - nor noticing who is not speaking or in the room. a commons of 'opinions' expressed by libertarian-right Euro-US white men in the marketplace of ideas?

I think I need to look with more focus at other counter-culture and activist activities, e.g. South American, and replace the vapid 'p2p' with 'horizontalidad' (horizontalism) and autonomia (Escobar)

I'm so tired of the commons-wash in the p2p movement.
at least in the largest groups/communities/ networks I'm most active in, most people don't have a clue about actual p2p 'theory'; relevant knowledge from social movement studies or organizational studies (academic or non-academic robust analysis) published by activists and researcher-activists; or even a passing interest in learning from other groups or the past.
when they do know some 'theory', they fail to apply it to their own groups.

journal article: "Women’s roles in the ‘leaderless’ Occupy movement" - as ‘Admin’, ‘Documentarian’ and ‘Connector’.

very sorry, paywall.

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Some spaces left for our decentralised organising workshop in May 16&17. Decisions, roles, power, conflict, comms + more!

We have a couple scholarships so pls share this with people in etc

journal article: van Holstein, E. (2019). Strategies of communities in a gentrifying city. Urban Studies.
DOI 10.1177/0042098019832468
(sorry, behind a paywall.)
"While commonly pitched as potential spaces for the empowerment of marginalised minority groups, self-organised projects such as community gardens are also susceptible to neoliberal discourses and governance mechanisms. ...[L]ess is known about the grassroots strategies of garden groups..."

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An article I wrote about how the Preston/Cleveland model could be used to support .

What are "lighthouse" institutions and why we need them in addition to anchor institutions? Read the article to know.

It's a commentary on a recent NESTA and Cooperatives UK report titled "Platform co-ops and the capital conundrum"

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22 showcases from sociocratic organizations plus some talks in this online conference.

a package of materials, tips and exercises on climate change: for subject teachers but useful for all of us

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Helsinki city is conducting a large exercise called OmaStadi.
a game is used to facilitate discussion and decision making (see 'Material Bank'):

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There is one blockchain that is not wasting energy by securing the cryptocurrencies through cooperation instead of competition. Intended for shifting society towards a cooperative, ecological economy: The 5 year old FairCoin

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