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I'm a researcher based in Helsinki. my topics: , sustainable production, . interested in local economies and .

during the Communist times, a highly striking concrete industrial complex was built, Moxinor (1975), which now houses the enterprises one would associate with the New Industrial Revolution + the creative economy. including the Ecodesign FabLab.
(see eg,
in the 90s it was a key venue for raves.

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Les murs à pêches: a 'low-tech' innovation from the 1600s where the white-walled gardens served to reflect light + store heat to ripen fruit far from the orchards of southern France. still existing + viewable in Montreuil, near Paris. my photo Nov 2014.
see more, Low-Tech Magazine
the municipality has been Red-Green for a very long time, which has had interesting impacts on the material urbanity. ...

Counterculture, Techno-utopianism and the Social Good: A Conversation with Fred Turner

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This webinar with on how to start a will be great. Recommended for all &


📢 BeyondHERE webinars
30 Nov: Make your own Distributed Co-operative Org
Based on 7 unique principles that complement & update the original co-operative principles, DisCO offers hands-on micro-economic methodologies for a fairer future of work.
Book here:


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I've got a question about the Fediverse and our 13 year-old son 🤔

After watching 'The Social Dilemma' with him today, we had a chat about Instagram, Twitter, etc.

He asked what I use and I told him more about Mastodon and federated servers (he knows some of this due to me PM'ing @moodlenet)

My question is whether, based in the UK, there are any instances he can join?, for instance, says users have to be 16 years old because of GDPR...

White paper: 'Women, welcome to discrimination 3.0', by Genoveva López
"Aurora Gómez, a psychotherapist specializing in digital behavior and gender, points out that for a platform to be considered feminist it must seek equality on three levels: 'With users, with workers and taking into account behavior with other companies and providers.'
'Technology reproduces the biases we have in reality, it reproduces what society already is...', says Sofia Scasserra, economist..."

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instead of Koppelting, the Great Gathering of the , this year De WAR will organize Expo Keerpunt, a world fair, where audiences can be spread over a larger area and period of time. some of the programme will be live streamed or can be joined online. transition lab + organizing workshops, exhibitions, talks. Amersfoort, the Netherlands

"blaming people on the internet—as most of us are, helplessly—for not engaging in “good-faith debate” doesn’t just misdiagnose the problem; it’s stunningly naïve. Have you met the internet? Chilled speech isn’t new. Members of marginalized groups online have from the start dealt with threats, insults, and harassment campaigns for the crime of articulating their ideas in public. But free speech defenders didn’t sound the alarm about the marketplace of ideas then."

loving these healthy rhizome building cell generation activity everyone is doing during these weird times - and also just enjoying being a smasher of the patriarchy

hi all , feel free to add ideas to our brainstorming board - the target is fab labs / material peer production but all ideas around the idea of "Rebooting Economies" are welcome

FABx (the annual international Fab Lab meeting) has had to go online this year because of you-know, but precisely because of the opportunities for a better world, the line-up/programme is intriguing and worth investing time in, e.g. Juliet Schor is speaking on Wednesday on cooperatives and Rebooting Economies

registration for the whole conference here

this is really the time to promote coops where they are needed (!!!)

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Refreshed open-edit systematic →
⚗ What are some useful-important-political, not just "fun", things coming from hackers / hackerspaces?
⚗ please add if you're missing something

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Issue 10 of D.i.Y.Culture, is a homage to the class warriors of the Anarchist Revolution that started in Spain in July 1936. - Read more: #anarchism #antireport


Means TV is the world’s first worker-owned, post-capitalist streaming service."

"A reminder of the Keynote speakers: Gladys Tzul Tzul Maya/K’iche’ and Arturo Escobar. They will talk about:

Producción comunal de imágenes: trabajo comunal y memoria indígena // Communal production of images: communal work + indigenous memory


Comunalizando la participación: La co-investigación y el co-diseño pluriversales // Communitizing Participation: Pluriversal Collaborative Research and Co-design practices"

people should start overloading the P2P Facebook group with the current analyses of whiteness and how white supremacy operates. it's completely against the group's rules because it's considered 'racist' (against white people) and you may be blocked from the group and your post deleted. this has been common practice in the group for a couple of years now.

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Recently the .org domain was almost sold to a private equity firm.

Internet heavyweights, like the head of Wikimedia, fought to have the domain owned as a instead.

They blocked the sale and now plan to democratise large parts of the internet.

My new article on blog.

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