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I'm a researcher based in Helsinki. my topics: , sustainable production, . interested in local economies and .

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A new in Finland called Tarjoomo, with 60 members (individuals and businesses) that provides care, wellness, cleaning, health and other services to elderly people.

Already the largest such online platform in eastern Finland!

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if Silicon Valley was Norwegian...

Kjempe (Uber)
DittRør (YouTube)
Flekke (Spotify)
LydSky (SoundCloud)
Sløve (Slack)
Splid (Discord)
Hurtigram (Instagram)
Tennved (Tinder)
Rapprat (Snapchat)

spotted on the birdsite
"The rioters were hypnotized by antifa temptresses who hid psychoactive drugs in their vaginas," said Lindell [CEO of MyPillow]. "If you look at the video, many of the rioters had crazed looks in their eyes."

also spotted on the birdsite, "MyPillow guy is onto us"

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Solidarity Economy in the world

An English-speaking discussion group to promote and exchange Solidarity economy experiences and practices in different language and cultural contexts. If you have a critical mass of people sharing the same language, it could be a good idea to include those who don't speak English, while this group will work rather as an intercultural hub where people from different cultures come to mingle.

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DisCo principle #2: MULTI- CONSTITUENT.

DisCOs extend decision-making and ownership to all contributors, whether present in all value chains or affected by the coop's actions.

Get your free copy of the DisCO Elements here:

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DisCO is one of the participants of MoneyLab Berlin, an encounter that seeks to shine a light on emerging communities that are starting to organize themselves around sustainable finance, inclusive tech, community-based currencies and progressive monetary systems. 💛

Check out the program and participants here:

this event is live now on Facebook
or on zoom if you register

Towards a social-ecological contract, organized by the European Trade Union Institute

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#5: Creates community-empowered platforms for sustainable activism

Get your free copy of the DisCO Elements here:

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good review article on

"Community archives and archiving projects represent unprecedentedly democratic venues for information work centering on essential documentary concepts such as custody, collection development and appraisal, processing, arrangement and description, organization, representation and naming, collaboration, resource generation and allocation, activism and social justice, preservation, reuse, and sustainability."

ETUI (European Trade Union Institute) conference 'Towards a New Socio-Ecological Contract' (Mazzucato, Schor, Jackson and more)

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DisCO aims to prototype new and radical forms of ownership, governance & value accounting to counteract economic inequality by combining concepts from cooperativism, the commons, P2P & feminist economics.

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First take: "The DisCO Elements" is how do you say, de-groovy? de-gorgeous?

Great graphics, playful & efficient text, links to music & more. Provides a great re-cap of the DisCO model & adds key elements, especially the "Governance and Economic model" (mostly about how to compensate livelihood, love, & care work).

Disappointing to see the value flows software platform still described as "coming soon." Leave "em wanting more.

Nice shoutout to Social.Coop.

Kudos to @Stacco @disco_coop et al.

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Only 2 days left! Part one of the DisCO trilogy – the DisCO Manifesto – answers the question why, and the DisCO Elements take it a step further to address the how. It is a call to reexamine the world around you, take action and explore templates for building an economy based on equality, inclusive technology, mutual support and care.

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"DisCOs, and the networked interlinkages between them, are meant to facilitate the creation of an entire postcapitalist counter-economy within the interstices of the existing capitalist economy." by Kevin Carson

this is good, the Reith Lectures on the beeb. 'From moral to market sentiments': "How does the way we assess value both shape our values and constrain our choices? Dr Mark Carney charts how we have come to esteem financial value over human value."
(note that Mazzucato is cited and is in the audience asking a question)

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