What's the move on and ?

I'd really rather not use any Microsoft tools unless I really have to, but I know there are a ton of folks using GitHub and it's a nice way of connecting with people.

This is all over again.


To express my distaste, I've:

- Unfollowed all GitHub users
- Unstarred all GitHub repositories
- Made my profile URL point to GitLab
- Pinned GitHub alternatives on my profile

It won't make a large change, but even if it moves *one* person off of GitHub it'll be a long-term success.

@christianbundy You unfollowed all GitHub users?

Why? I mean, isn't this a total overkill?
How do you know, which dev is using GitHub?


I've unfollowed everyone on GitHub, although I understand that it could be read as "I've unfollowed GitHub users on Mastodon". Sorry for the confusion!

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