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Emoji of the 1970s (from The Friendly Orange Glow by Brian Dear) friend.camp/media/d5DN8rKVtiOV

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that project is basically an extremely advanced version of Fabrice Bellard's JSLinux which was already a crazy achievement at the time (2011 i believe?) bellard.org/jslinux/

if the name rings a bell, that's the creator of QEMU and ffmpeg

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in 2005 bellard figured out how to use standard pc graphics cards as dvb-t (that's a real digital tv signal) transmitters bellard.org/dvbt/

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i know that "haha check it out win95 as a standalone app" is supposed to be a stab at electron (the whole "ololol 1gb ram per app" circlejerk)

but it kinda bugs me that this joke gets way more attention than the way more interesting "virtual x86 in a browser" project it is based on copy.sh/v86/

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The people writing the "simple english" wikipedia are the real heros.
It's where I go for all my Maths needs.

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There's maybe 18 months before New Statesman types come over here and start bemoaning the mastomob. Which will promptly become a new instance.

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Counter-radicalisation strategies, or "how to stop your friend becoming a Nazi" Show more

anti fascism in action Show more

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Maybe jet lag catching up or something but I'm feeling super emo and listening to sad indie boy bullshit.

Send halp.

Feeling really pleased with the rate my current job involves a cycle of:
1) I go learn a thing off coursera (or whatever)
2) Some related thing comes up
3) I'm doing the thing.

Amount of diversity of work available in information security is pretty amazing.


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I just read the phrase "stealing memes" and like... My brain.exe just kind of stopped working? Like, isn't the whole point of memes to share and remix and share and remix and share ... And I'm mostly referring to net memes/know your meme type shit, but that applies to the general cultural concept as well? Memes by definition are shared? W ha tttt th o ugh

bad things happening to fash, child abuse Show more

bad things happening to fash Show more

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Interesting thing to note on Mastodon is that for anything other than public/fed timeline toots (i.e. even for public but unlisted toots), hashtags are completely irrelevant.

Northern England is not one of the parts of the world where people do much/any outdoor skating. I'm in one of the UK's major cities and there is not a single shop for adult skaters that I'm aware of here. There is a tiny aggressive skate scene, and the RCRG Derby team.

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