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* I studied . I'm a big fan of GE tech (""); AMA!
* Generally pretty .
* I enjoy in , , and .
* Currently working on my &
* I worry about how easy it is for viewpoints to self-reinforce.
* I'm a utopian technologist..but I don't see much value in _impractical_ utopianism.
* I don't use CWs much, sorry. You can rely on me to CW traumatic subjects, but not 'politics' or 'selfies'.

This is a pretty good description of Linux distros, especially Gentoo :tux:

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We can all thank @YaLTeR for making it possible to close this milestone.

Librsvg no longer has C code for the individual SVG element implementations. They are all in #rustlang now!

"I decided I wanted to do some #accountability studies of #algorithms in our lives. It's hard to study news feeds in a quantitative way. And I wanted something with higher stakes.. So I started with an algorithm which used in the criminal justice system. To predict whether a person is likely to commit a FUTURE #crime..."


The Mangopay exodus is proceeding well so far: €5100 and $600 have already been transferred from the wallets of donors to creators, while €4800 and $440 have been refunded to donors instead.

(If you don't know what this toot is about you should read our blog post: )

Let's make the Web free again, support open standards/protocols and decentralize everything.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

R. Buckminster Fuller

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Hm! Could be fun.. Joss Whedon's got "The Nevers" picked up by HBO, "an epic science fiction drama about a gang of Victorian women who find themselves with unusual abilities, relentless enemies and a mission that might change the world. Whedon will serve as writer, director, exec producer and showrunner".

In most places in India mains power is not present 24x7. Even in big cities, there are frequent power cuts. I self-hosted for a long time on solar power. But, I had to move, and now I run on mains power. Now, I suffer significant downtime due to power cuts. I'll have to work out some battery backup system to get my uptime back on track. Power cut issues are why I don't recommend XMPP to anyone, even though I use it. I wish P2P IM systems like Ring would improve. Over-dependence on server availability is an issue. Even in developed countries, will power supply continue to be reliable given our energy and environmental crisis? I think we need a less energy intensive and more delay tolerant Internet.
It's funny: a few years ago (according to Julia Reda MEP on the Techdirt podcast a few weeks ago), the EU Parliament firmly struck down a regulation to require pre-emptive monitoring an suppressing of uploads in the name of anti-terrorism. The position was that it was too intrusive, even if the goal was to prevent deaths and horrible injuries.

Yet, some years later, there's a real debate about allowing these very same intrusions, as though they're reasonable measures, to prevent copyright infringement. And the argument was nearly won. And may yet win.

The insight this affords is compelling: there is no extremely rich organisation, or group of organisations, interested in infringing rights for the sake of anti-terrorism, but there are so many interested in doing so for the sake of obsolete business models. And now we know who those MEPs see as their masters.

"Danish High Court ruling on data retention use and file sharing cases" - TLDR is they don't have to provide subscriber data in /#piracy cases. Good job Denmark! is more important than "", especially when quality evidence of harm from filesharing is very slim and often counterintuitive.

Heads up -
(the and recurrent donations platform) is in trouble, loosing its payment provider and in need of new ways to operate.

They are considering a alternative, where everyone who receives money on the platform would be a member of the Liberapay legal entity, and that all the collected funds would legally belong to that entity instead of to each individual user.

I'm sure they'd appreciate any help or advice.

" helps you find ICE employees using Microsoft's own facial recognition API. It's meant to be a critical and playful take on the relationship between technology and fascism. Take or upload a photo to find the most similar-looking ICE agent."

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A poet loved a poet he said to her:

When the rain falls at your feet,
as do I.

She said:

All our lives in which we meet and love have
been written by better pens than yours.
Shall I compare thee to a cherry pie,
I love the metaphor,
not how it stains the fingers.

Let’s talk of rain and cliches,
roses are red, violets are blue,
I prefer wildflowers, you prefer perfume.

He said:


#corvusrobotica #poetry #writing #mastoart

#Mozilla's holding a #MozFest #AMA todayfrom 13:00 UTC over on the birdsite

In the spirit of the rebellion, several of us space wranglers are actually right here in the Fediverse. So ask here too!

Thinking of submitting a session but unsure if the idea is a good fit for MozFest?

Not sure how to make a session “interactive” or “inclusive”? Questions about formats, spaces, scheduling, tech or travel stipends? Curious of the curation process or “Data and You” theme?

Today's the day to get help


Sweet Jesus, I am laughing so hard at this. #lovecraftiannightmare

one benefit of running a single user instance is that I've been using the "report" function as a "remind me why I blocked this douchebag" feature. if I come across a blocked user and can't remember why I blocked them, I just find them in my reports, and there is a note there that will remind me