[moved from @caseyg to @caseyg, mostly just to consolidate accounts — but, hi!]

Anybody on Scuttlebutt? Is there a pub you're on? (Just joined so no idea how this works yet.)

I'm @Dioy8PPiLbOteNnQFtbazctHJ7fHZ62c0Bg8Cr551GM=.ed25519

social.coop reading group 

Realized — after a convo on digital commons, and the energy people put into open source projects — that I wasn't yet backing @Gargron's Patreon


Now I am! 👍 Thanks to everyone who makes and maintains this thing.

To me @davidbollier is one of the most cogent teachers on the commons out there. Hear him interviewed by @thenextsystem: thenextsystem.org/learn/storie

Last time I played around with Mastodon a few months ago I found it missing a bunch of
critical features...

Returning here to an updated version, it's now easy to pin timelines of hashtags like and make lists of users, so I can imagine I'll be using this a bunch more.

A bit late to joining in, but started reading Elinor Ostrom's Rules for Radical yesterday & got up through Ch. 1

Hi, I'm Casey! 👋

I'm an artist, teacher, designer and web developer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Interested in learning more about the history & future of cooperative structures, especially around higher education, distributed collaboration, durational organizing + activism.

You can find me online at my personal site (cag.wiki), my work site (hire.caseyagollan.com), and on twitter (twitter.com/caseyg).

—excited to be here + to jump into some discussions soon.


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