I fed over 8,000 CNN Business headlines to a neural net to see which new headlines it would predict.
For some reason, it predicted companies behaving rather badly.


With PayPal leading the march on removing access to online services to left-wing groups it is clear that we will soon need to fill in the gaps as this trend deepens within the liberal technology community.

Tired -> drink coffee -> tired and irritable

idea: pension fund as a cooperative. Shares voting rights are exercised by first taking an internal vote and then voting as a block.

When white men criticise things as being "identity politics", they are generally engaging in a form of identity politics themselves to reinforce their own position.

There can be no agency in a hierarchy - only the receiving of orders from above and the compulsion to push them below. Individualism and hierarchies are mutually opposed, but they are sold together in through obfuscation. Many believe that hierarchies somehow produce individual autonomy, although this is clearly an ignorance of the highest order. Tell me when you're packed on to a commuter train or stuck in your car on a motorway at your boss's order how free you feel.

Work hard so you can buy presents for the people that you can't see because you're both working for so long to plug that hole in your scarcely existent relationship. Work hard to produce and sell those presents so that everyone who works hard can plug that hole.

Because currently it sucks and that's the best way to have it organised independent of governement (which is probably important for a communications service).

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Worker cooperatives / worker ownership of businesses should be way more common, partly because they'd help eliminate C level executives being a narrow point of failure that can tank the whole business. This Deciem stuff, wherein the CEO went on some drug trip over Christmas, lost his mind, and has, over the period of 10 months, destroyed a very successful business, is fascinating, and he would have been deposed and the company would still live on, if worker's had a say: nytimes.com/2018/10/10/style/d

That voice that's telling you that you didn't do enough today is capitalism and it's lying.

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Looking forward to Doctor Who tonight 😀

Pokémon was honestly years ahead of it's time by not only inventing cloud storage but also noting that it's just someone else's computer.

PSA: If you're a #maker, please, if you can, design your stuff in the #openstructures grid! Modularity makes things so so much more sustainable, by making them easy to repair, customize, repurpose, and reuse - but the benefits only come with widespread adoption


Please boost this if you support sustainable inventing!

"We didn't like the way profit-driven corporations captured and enclosed the web. So we've decided to start our own profit-driven corporation to reverse that trend"


kinda wild how white australians cry real human tears about sport but don’t view refugees as people

kinda wild how men cry real human tears about sport but don’t view women as people

The thing I'm thinking about ReCaptcha V3 is that it seems like it should be really easy to write a bot that goes around crawling the web to download ads, cookies, get tracked and generally pretend to be a real, advertised to, user.

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