Any favorite guides for starting small-ish co-ops? Asking for a friend.

Statutory asset lock proposals also MIA, although can see why that wouldn't get much attention anyway. It'd still have been nice to get some kind of commitment for it.

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A little gripe with the election campaign in general: co-ops barely came up at all. Only a promise to double the size of the co-op sector in like 10 years? Wildly unambitious! It's not that big to begin with, something like 235k people work in the sector, or less than 1% of the UK workforce. I mean it's big in terms of the scale of the co-op movement at the moment in the UK but it's not exactly "transformative" is it? And that's what the co-op party asked for.

Worth stating I voted for both remain and Corbyn so lots going on in my brain right now. I should probably just sleep on it

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It looks like the electoral reality of Brexit is finally coming home to roost. Worth remembering that 2/3rds of seats had a majority leave vote in 2016. So we're seeing a lot of Lab->BXP=Con style swings, but Labour has also picked up Putney from the Tories.

Caveat, though: imo Corbyn has shocked the right into a coherent voting block around the Tories, many of them should have peeled off to the Lib Dems. Obviously hard right-wingers not given the option for BXP in key seats helps them too

why is everything exploding in my face every day for the last like two months? oh that's right it's because I agreed to do a big merge.

Hottest July day on record and just 0.4C short of the all-time record. Phew!

"Ubuntu 19.10 and future releases will not be officially supported by Steam or recommended to our users." Boo.

Reminder that Green Arrow is the libertarian socialist superhero we all need in our lives

I can make a living off tricking people into watching videos where I tell racist jokes & show them ads from big companies but setting up a community garden to feed my neighbourhood will leave me penniless and evicted.
Surely, we are living in the best socio-economic system possible

Go-op bids for forward-thinking co-operative run railways in the UK 🚄

I find this very interesting. Here George Orwell complains about the UK media as being self-censoring and overly centralised in ownership - far from needing government intervention the industry simply decides that certain topics "won't do" (the example in this case being criticism of Stalin during WW2) for discussion and those who step outside of this agreement are silenced (presumably with a swift reduction in column inches rather than by other means)

@captainbland yeah, there's a whole bunch of cool stuff (via ) a real TIL moment!

Fun(?) fact: If you type !py into DuckDuckGo, it redirects you to python docs!

I suppose by hand you could probably just boil that torn up, greasy paper up in a pot of water while stirring and eventually the grease would just rise to the top. It's probably not the most energy efficient thing to do in the world, though.

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Okay this seems to partly answer my greasy paper recycling question: It's possible, but you need a centrifuge at about 80C. It's patented but it looks like that patent has expired.

Grease soiled card and paper apparently cannot be recycled - which is bad news for would-be plastic replacements in packaging and environmentalists who like pizza. Is this a physical limitation or a cost limitation? Don't centrifuges work in this case? Not even with a surfactant? Anyone know any research or examples where anybody's done something about this?

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