- a social network from and for #musicians that helps musicians to self-organize, communicate, collaborate and finally get independent from the music business at large
- run as a co-op with strong measures to prevent capitalist subversion
- bridges online and offline by building local outlets where musicians can meet, jam, do concerts, with recording facilities, rooms with instruments, etc.
- no corporate ads, no marketing businesses, no bullshit
#mastomusic #coop

if interested, please contact me at with a brief introduction and I will reach out with a doodle poll to figure out an appropriate time for a group call.

Goal is that this would be a part-time thing that would serve as a means for members to work on other projects. Workshops, deliberation, and other group discussions would be part of this. Looking for folks that would find value in something like this.

Members would contribute time and voice work at the end of projects to create audiobooks/podcasts. Videographer would serve as director of team for editing audio work.

All details subject to change if necessary. Just a basic explainer.

some of the details:

The cooperative would come up with a basic story and then the four writers would flesh it out and contribute to its creation. The idea is that each writer would produce 250 words a day (or 5-7 hours a week) to the story. Similar process for nonfiction projects.

The graphic artist would design covers and other art for the stories.

The videographer/producer would have the job of providing a short video for crowdfunding purposes (5-7 hours a week)

I'm looking for three other fiction writers (open to nonfiction writers too), a graphic artist and a videographer to start a part-time artist cooperative (less than 10 hours a week). Hit me up if interested. Signal boost if you know people who might be.

Looking for thoughts and feedback on this big picture blueprint for cooperative media. thoughts and comments are welcome:

1 thing we discussed is getting interviewers from all over the country (or world) 2 interview cooperative workers n their own community, asking them questions about the work they do @ their . These interviews would then be produced as podcast episodes (likely by a cooperative of podcast producers). This seems like a good way to spread the workload, allow for diverse perspectives, & create a stronger final product. In short: a podcast series about cooperatives done cooperatively.

GEO would like to host a miniseries on the working lives of members drawing inspiration from Stud Terkel's book Working and done in the style of PRX's Love and Radio. The podcast would also feature fiction on the same theme to complement the nonfiction narratives. We’d like to crowdfund the project, but we’re looking for people that are interested in participating and cooperatively building the idea. Interest on any level would be greatly appreciated.
@cadwellsocialcoop is a a coop-run corner of the fediverse, a cooperative and transparent approach to operating a social platform. We are currently closed to new memberships while we improve our internal processes and policies, and plan to re-open to new folks when that work is complete. [9/2/2018]