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I'm Sumana Harihareswara, a woman in New York City. I have a consultancy, Changeset Consulting and provide short-term project management services for projects. I'm writing a book on maintainership skills and have accidentally developed expertise in packaging tools.

I'm married, a stand-up comedian & fanvidder, a frequent poster on & , Indian-American. Just moved from!

evidently Helaine Olen had a COVID-related opinion some people are criticizing and that reminds me of Olen's previous behavior

(if you signal-boost that link, please do so WITHOUT attributing me, to avoid flamewars finding their way to me)

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I made a bonus thing as part of my video prep duties for @PyOhio

Enjoy! 🐍❀️🎢

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In the spirit of repairability: does anybody know of good modern phones that have easily swappable batteries?

My current fandom: laughing at the pratfalls, mishaps, and elegant catastrophes in The Goes Wrong Show, a farcical British show whose first season is streaming free in the US.

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Do you:

– Use Python or pip behind a corporate proxy?
– Use an internal / custom CA?
– Run an internal PyPI repository?

If yes then we need your help to test the future of trust stores in . Please RT and share this article with others for reach πŸ™

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Google Search Liaison
You can now request removal of personal contact information like a phone number, email address, or physical address, as well as login info, from Google Search. Learn more:

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There are people I love whom I keep on mute because of this behavior.

I was trying to breathe with that oxygen.


Just going to gently remind people that before RTIng enraging content, to pause for a minute or so and consider that RTing it, even to dunk on it, will spread it, and that outrage posting has greater chances of being spread. Is giving bad content more oxygen what you want to do?


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6. Prepare two conclusion statements.

Academic talks often end with a Q&A. But this can mean that the last thing you audience hears is a subpar question or an awkward β€œNo more questions?”

You can ensure that things end on a high note if you prep a post-Q&A conclusion.

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With one week left in our security key giveaway, we've decided to open up eligibility to any existing PyPI user.

Get yours while supplies last, and before the giveaway ends when the codes expire on Oct 1st.

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I wrote up a very very very rough proposal for what I'm thinking about:

I think it's time for something like a `robots.txt` for code repositories -- something that could inform automated tooling that bot-created PRs aren't ok.

Some people find them useful, but many don't. To some, automated PRs can feel downright absuive. We need opt-out mechanisms.


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It used to be possible to wire up the stock Android browser as a client for Firefox's history / bookmarks / passwords / etc sync services. I believe the app that mediated this was called "Firefox Sync" or something to that effect. I can't find it anywhere anymore. Does it still exist?

Well that was a first!
Went to open the front door and the delivery driver ran away down the drive.
"Sorry mate! I thought you were a really big dog."

Perhaps I need to give my beard a trim?

Let's talk about #Doordash and how it sucks, from the driver's perspective. Their app uses a bunch of tricks to help the driver get to their destination and contact the orderer along the way, but it's BRITTLE. When it works well it's fine, when it doesn't, it's AWFUL. can now archive entire git servers regularly. If you have one, go here to get it archived

@mairin - This morning I was looking at the MIT-licensed openai *whisper* speech-to-text tool and noticed it didn't have Irish as a language (though it has many others).

Interested beyond just the whisper tool, are there floss models that include Irish? Any reason why Irish isn't this (or other) training sets?

Just curious. Hope you're well!

Do you write code for free and open source projects? Would you like to learn the basics of the Rust programming language? I’m offering to teach the basics of Rust to free and open source software programmers, for free.

#Rust #RustLanguage #FOSS #Training

When you come across some new headline or initiative or statistic about open source, it's worth checking: do they only mean "on GitHub"? Kind of like when I see a headline about "everybody" and they mean "in the US".

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Finally wrote a post that's been stewing for a while: What You Miss By Only Checking GitHub

Many researchers, entrepreneurs, open source sustainability commentators, et al. assume that GitHub activity is a reasonable proxy for FLOSS as a whole. It's not.

Goes over some examples, a marketing graphic that made my eyebrows go up, research about how unrepresentative GitHub can be, and some tools to try.

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