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I'm Sumana Harihareswara, a woman in New York City. I have a consultancy, Changeset Consulting and provide short-term project management services for projects. I'm writing a book on maintainership skills and have accidentally developed expertise in packaging tools.

I'm married, a stand-up comedian & fanvidder, a frequent poster on & , Indian-American. Just moved from!

One of my favorite discoveries. We're wandering around the state park in Florida & here's a community weaving! Anyone can participate, there are fabric pieces on the table, or you can weave in natural elements.

This is community.

#FiberArts #TextileArt

We currently have two 6 month part-time gigs open at Freedom of the Press Foundation:

* an Education Consultant role, which is focused on helping us monitor & improve the effectiveness of our DigiSec trainings with journalists:

* a Software Developer role to improve the app for sanitizing potentially dangerous documents (very important for journalists, who routinely receive files that could be cool tips or malware!):

With my Changeset Consulting hat on: June 7th I'm speaking on "Cadence shear: Managing rhythm and tempo mismatches in participation" in open source projects.

I'll discuss some of the participant configurations that you see in this situation – paid plus volunteers, volunteers plus time-limited paid, paid teams in a consortium, and volunteers with disparate deadline affiliations – and some approaches to learning and addressing everyone’s expectations.

Free registration! If you give speeches that you're proud of, that you want people to think about & pass along so they can keep influencing people, you should get transcripts up ASAP.

Re-publicizing this post because friends are giving talks soon that I want to read!

You can pick your friends, you can pick your battles, but you can't pick your friends' battles.

Oh, get a focus? Just get a focus? Why don't I strap on my focus helmet and squeeze down into a focus cannon and fire off into focus land, where focuses grow on focusies?!

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After years of resisting (and, frankly, lack of interest) I've finally broken and started borrowing ebooks from the library to read on ebook hardware. What's the most free software version of this I can be doing?

As I said in December 2020:

I haven't had any email or calendar outages in the last week; I use Fastmail. No ads/tracking, customer support who replies knowledgably to email, a co. that contributes to the JMAP standard & more. saves you 10% for your 1st year.

Our parent org, Freedom of the Press Foundation, is now also home to Dangerzone, a tool developed by @micahflee that lets you convert potentially dangerous PDF files, images, and office documents into safe PDFs:

As part of this transition to FPF stewardship, we're also looking for a part-time developer for Dangerzone (6 month contract, $40K fixed budget, schedule is yours to propose). If you're interested, please consider applying!

The Wordle Post, which contains the sentence "Let the angels weep, then," is up on Set Side B:

“Google lets personal users stay on ‘no-cost Legacy G Suite’ with custom Gmail domain”

Google had been saying for a while that people who signed up for free G Suite for personal use in the past would have to shift to using a paid account. A lot of people were (understandably) distressed about that. So I’m glad to see that Google has decided to let people keep using their personal-use G Suite accounts for free. in a few days it'll be the 18th anniversary of @leonardr releasing the Python screen-scraping library Beautiful Soup.

[The next day: "Beautiful Soup's reception greatly exceeded expectations (I think I tapped a real market need here)"]

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They're gonna come for libraries and books even harder than they ever had before. Y'all better get ready.

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🇺🇸 #PSA for US folks:

:covid19: As of today, each house can now request 8 additional no-charge #COVID tests shipped free. (Total of 16 per house if you have not yet requested any.)

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Apr 18 Today @`runforsomething
is announcing Clerk Work, our $80 million 3-year plan to save democracy from the ground up by recruiting & supporting 5,000+ candidates for local offices in charge of election administration.

@`ec_schneider has the details:

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Been wearing one of these masks for months now and... it stays in place, seals well, lasts forever, mostly doesn't fog my glasses, and is comfortable for hours. If you're still questing for the best mask, this is the one to try.

Huge thanks to Quinn Norton for gifting me a mask and sharing the instructions.

great business idea:

headphones with built-in dental floss dispenser

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Crossed paths with Urvashi many times when I was working at LGBT orgs at the start of my career. She pioneered many of the strategies and supported so many activists fighting for human rights.

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"Urvashi Vaid was a leader, a warrior, and a force to be reckoned with," said @`TheTaskForce
executive director Kierra Johnson.

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If you're looking to return to DW after a long sabbatical or you're checking us out for the first time: welcome! We are a 100% user-funded site with no advertising, no venture capital, no outside investors, and a 14-year track record of putting our users first.

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