One of the few times I’ve stayed somewhere else on . Up on Eagle Cliff, looking out to Strait of Georgia and across to UBC. Wind and whitecaps.

I should log my epic sandwich from yesterday’s lunch. Sourdough from Tall Shadow breads, polish mayo, pickle slice, Roma tomato, havarti, and salami.

Spicy udon bowl for lunch today. Onions, ginger, garlic, some diced red peppers & carrots I had laying around. Diced Roma tomatoes. Miso. Soy Sauce. Samba Oelek. Rice vinegar.

When we went for brunch at Forage yesterday, I also bought some of their sourdough starter. Looking forward to waking it up!

Rachael won an overnight stay prize pack from VanMuralFest and the Robson BIA. Finishing our downtown adventure with a nice breakfast at Forage.

I’ve been stuck not really reading much. Gave up on the book I was on, and bought Sue Burke’s Interference.

I loved the first one, and have been happily reading this before bed.


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Looks like sites can now be part of the fediverse! Congratulations swentel!

The moral of this story is that you should definitely just include the torx kit from OWC when you’re ordering memory from them anyway

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I _think_ this Mastercraft Specialty Precision Electronics Bit Set has TRs that are small enough (but somehow labeled as TH?). None of these in stock at Grandview.

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TRs! But is the smallest one small enough? Couldn’t find it in the store (theoretically one in stock at Grandview)

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Do not buy this smartphone repair kit. Small torx, but no TRs.

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This kit (which I bought the first time and returned for the previous two) has many small torx heads, but again not TRs.

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This tiny screwdriver has very small torx heads. But they are not the “TR” kind with a hole in the middle, so they won’t work either.

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In case you’re wondering, even the smallest of these Torx “Tamper Resistant” screw heads are too large to take the screws out of the back of a

I shared the @plausible licensing change to the Artless Devices forum that I’m a member of, that discusses , , and maintainer sustainability.

It’s also the home base of the creator of the Parity / Prosperity licenses. Join the forum if these are topics of interest.

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Realized that the first picture the Rad Runner in green looks smaller, because of lens distortion / perspective, so took the other shot with the two next to each other.

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Ride out to our usual bench at Burnaby Lake was pretty cold. Got to get gloves and other gear sorted to keep .

The new Rad Mini in white has slightly smaller wheels, and of course no extended rear rack.

Pulled out some old achiote and made a turkey thigh stew plus did a trial run of savoury waffles I’m going to serve tomorrow.

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