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If you are using WordPress, and you'd like to sync posts to the fediverse, as well as comments back to your blog, here's a new (beta) ActivityPub plugin for doing just that, by @pfefferle:

Via @nogoodtwts the amazing phrase “gaming surveillance systems in order to bend attention casinos to your will”, sharing @itsmeardenleigh’s post attempting to summon advertising

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Do you want more people to notice your posts on Mastodon and the Fediverse?

✅ Use hashtags on your public posts if you want people to find them. For privacy reasons, the only way to search on Mastodon is by hashtag, so if there are no hashtags the posts will not appear in search results.

It is totally ok to use lots of hashtags if your posts deals with lots of different topics! Don't be embarassed to have a list of hashtags at the end 😄

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #Hashtags

Our Saturday walk took us to the industrial waterfront views of New Brighton Park.

Plant life everywhere was crunchy with frost.

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In about 45min, our CTO & cofounder Brooklyn Zelenka will be presenting at Speakeasy JS, a #JavaScript "meetup for 🥼 mad science, 🧙‍♂️ hacking, and 🧪 experiments"

Her presentation is titled "WebNative: How to put a full stack directly in the browser"

Register for a free ticket

Slides are up at

Yesterday’s sunny walk.

Picked up a few things at Donald’s. They have a really broad selection of nice chocolate. I like how colourful the packaging is.

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Bluesky ecosystem overview document is live now:

Also an article about it here in The Verge:

FWIW though my name is mentioned, my main role in this particular document was answering clarifying questions about ActivityPub. This is really the hard work of Jay Graber, who put a ton of time and thoughtful energy into it.

Today’s meetings include people in Switzerland, Chicago, New York, Oakland, and Nelson, BC.

Plus chat, forum posts, and other connections across half a dozen more cities and countries.

Sometimes this World Wide Web is a pretty great thing.

What is great about meeting with note taking enthusiasts is that you get really good meeting notes!

I met with @flancian this morning, and he took notes in his [[Boris Mann]] page on his [[agora]].

I love that he captured my [[chicken fingers vs. tentacles]] quote.

Lovely live call with @flancian this morning. Nice to “meet” over video, I even saw [[Ocel]].

We’re forming a [[squad]] to work on one or more [[stoa]] which we’ll have some notes to share and call for participation soon!

How can federated social media, with its plethora of domains and dozen or so software implementations, leverage social media icons?


I prefer the WebFinger semantics that “look like email”:

Hmm. Tagging @viznut didn’t make it through posting. Thank you for sharing, a very thoughtful post.

I hope it introduces to many people the history of Eternal September and how that relates to today.

As tools of writing and sharing — and thoughtfulness — how would we redesign social media clients to go beyond entertainment?

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“Today, the 16th day of January 2021, is the ten-thousandth day of September 1993” — explains the concept of Eternal September, and with recent events how we might redesign “entertainment-oriented social media”

My sunny lunch spot in the Woodland Park community garden, and the @timbertrain smoked meat panini they newly have on the menu.

We stopped in at Smith’s Bagelry today.

Bought fresh simit (pictured), as well as a slice of San Sebastián style gluten free cheesecake. A bit sweet for me, but light & fluffy.

Licorice ferns along one of the Pacific Spirit Park trails. Many good doggos out for a walk.

I got to pet a Bouvier.

Don’t tell my favourite Bernadoodles…

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