With content-addressed computation we can work more efficiently and save time and compute power, all while operating in the decentralized web.

We break it all down here: fission.codes/blog/ipfs-thing-

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@matheusdev23 and I gave a talk about WNFS a couple weeks ago in Reykjavík; here's a little summary and the video :) twitter.com/FISSIONcodes/statu

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Oh this story is even better! One time we had a VC who insisted that we PRINT OUT the licenses for literally every piece of software in our stack. Like every piece of the toolchain: Linux, gcc, make, Apache httpd, EVERYTHING. I got on the phone with the lawyer -- and remember,

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if a tool came out tomorrow that was like Super Copilot and suddenly gave everyone the ability to be a great software engineer i would cheer it on because the world is not zero sum, there is not a lump of labor, and extending everyone's capability regardless of background is good

The structure of WNFS makes all of this possible for both public and private files. (3/3)

Learn more here: fission.codes/blog/ifs-thing-i

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See you all on Thursday @cbase!
PS: we closed the public "sale" (tickets are free) - but if you have a good reason to come to the event (e.g. have some CAIP to propose or input on outstanding issues/PRs) - please DM us & we get u a voucher!

Did a walk around the neighbourhood with @RachaelAshe before leaving for Berlin.

These are the fruit of the Pacific Dogwood tree, which is supposedly edible but described as “mealy”. Maybe I’ll do a jam test when I get back.

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Who wants a job? 😉🦀 angel.co/l/2xHi76

Prior Rust experience is nice to have *but not required*. If you want to learn Rust, now's your chance!

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There are no more tickets available in our pretix instance by default. But if you have a good topic to discuss or anything else to contribute - please let us know - we saved ~23 tickets for such cases.
Btw - also more details about the day here:

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working with @dvargas92495 on something important – @samepagenetwork. collaborate across notebooks without leaving your setup/using google docs.

today, you can share from @RoamResearch<>@logseq. @obsdmd's next. good days ahead.


Went to Hapag Ihaw-Ihaw Grill this week, great Filipino food on Victoria Drive. Thanks @rtanglao for organizing.

Photos: 1) @fmedeats poses in front of menu, 2) Pile of crispy pata to share, 3) Vegetable spring rolls, 4) Chicken inasal combo with garlic rice, pickles & slaw.

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I'm incredibly excited to share progress on my primary project: SamePage!

In collab with @balOShere, we're building a protocol where you could collaborate on shared pages ACROSS TFTs!

Initial demo is Roam + Logseq with more to come, check it out:



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Your entire room is a computer. Every surface a display, every device capable of computation. Malleable, interactive, networked, tactile.

You can move things around as easily as carrying a book from your kitchen counter to the dining room table.

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This talk by @expede broke down CRDTs in a way that was really eloquent. These were also the best slides I’ve seen in a long time, right alongside @chriscoyier’s yesterday.

I loved this talk!

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Your NFT should point at a thing, not point at a location. Learn what that looks like in this blog post: nft.storage/blog/post/2021-12-

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@kvistgaard @bmann @jessmartin @TfTHacker @RobertHaisfield From maggieappleton.com/tools-for-t
"The phrase was first used by Kenneth Iverson in his research work on programming notation throughout the 1950's and 60's. His first public paper mentioning it is Notation as a Tool for Thought published by the ACM in 1979 (dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/358896.)"

Leaving from Horseshoe Bay, and then half way across to Bowen Island.

It was a long, hot, half day of travel, with ferry shenanigans as sometimes happens.

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@joinsuperlocal @chrismessina the upload to your server is the anti-pattern.

If the code is open source would love to inspect it & give you a 👍👍👍

I think we can do this with (encrypted) matching, without the server upload step, but it’s not ready yet.

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Memo to sentient beings from @gordonbrander:

The internet is a tool for thought
and might as well get good at it.

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