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Hey everyone! I’m a recent college grad entering the world of software development. ❀️ ❀️ . Trying to contribute to more software. Also data science and visualization is fun.

Outside of programming and tinkering with I'm really interested in science, particularly . Music, reading, and are great ways to relax. Politics and social justice are frequently on my mind.

Toot toot!

I never got into the demoscene but I know it typically involves very low-level programming. So maybe someone here can answer this: is there a demoscene for web browsers (particularly using Webassembly)?

when youre reading the datasheet and cruel angels thesis starts playing

I return after an extended hiatus with a very important message...

Happy International Workers' Day!πŸ› οΈ ✊

This article is sticking in my mind and refuses to leave, I uncover new levels of the absurdity of the human condition each time I reconsider it, this is my L'Etranger, this nameless journalist is my Camus, this is the impetus for my existentialist awakening

γŠι’¨ε‘‚ ο½žγ€€οΌƒγƒ‰γƒƒγƒˆη΅΅γ€€οΌƒpixelart

"U.S. science education is like a mining and sorting operation, designed to cast aside most of the mass of common human debris, but at the same time to discover and rescue diamonds in the rough that are capable of being cleaned and cut and polished into glittering gems just like us, the existing scientists. This analogy accounts for exponential growth, since it takes scientists to identify prospective sci-entists. It explains why women and minorities are woefully underrepresented among scientists, because we white, male scientists have difficulty perceiving that those students, cleaned, cut and polished, will look like us."

--- David L. Goodstein (1995)

The drama around only reinforces my theory that the only healthy way to handle FOSS projects is via multi-stakeholder cooperatives where both devs and users have their say. The amount of bitterness I'm seeing right now is the most eminent byproduct of the "benevolent dictatorship" model which has been the scourge of the open source world since the beginning of times.

Turn Mastodon into a cooperative NOW!

In Firefox's addressbar, you can limit results by typing special characters before or after your term

^ for matches in your browsing history.
* for matches in your bookmarks.
% for matches in your currently open tabs.
# for matches in page titles.
@ for matches in web addresses.

Elon Musk, actual Nazis, birdsite 

Elon Musk uses and defends an anti-Semitic dogwhistle, is a white supremacist:

When you rewrite your university paper bit by bit until you realise none of it has remained untouched

the thesis of Theseus

Unix philosophy

Write programs that do one thing and do it well.
Write programs to work together.
Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface.

It's depressing how many times "TODO" appears in my company's codebase...

rust-lang drama 

Wow. Some users are so upset about universal impl trait that they opened an RFC to get rid of it _less than two weeks_ after the feature was stabilized.

I'm not a fan of imp trait in argument position either but the time for discussion is past. The decision has been made and it's going to be a part of Rust for the foreseeable future. If you don't like the syntax, don't use it.

mastodrama, pedophiles 

User A is clearly in the wrong and frankly good riddance to them. I thought Mastodon was above this type of petty argument.

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mastodrama, pedophiles 

Saw this unfortunate interaction take place yesterday.

- User A on .social calls for the execution of all pedophiles (which I would argue goes against .social's rules)
- User B disagrees
- Argument ensues
- User A takes screenshot of User B's profile and posts it, labeling them a pedophile sympathizer (this definitely goes against .social's rules)
- Admin is involved, tells User A to take down screenshots of User B's profile
- User A deletes their account

It's very important that this latest attempt to extend copyright terms fail so that Disney will be forced to invest heavily in spaceflight technology research so they can take the filmmakers behind Frozen and accelerate them to relativistic speeds in their old age so their copyright will never expire.

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